Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
Sudden Strike series long been well known gamers, and write about him uneasy. Since the introduction of the first part of it caused bitter disputes. It took many years, leaked Sea of ​​pixel blood, and disagreements escalated into positional warfare in the spirit of the First World War. Wranglers lazily yawning, the shooting have long known arguments and do not intend to surrender.

But let's start with the source. In 2000 came Sudden Strike (in Russia - "Confrontation 3"). Then, like mushrooms after the rain grew the same RTS, suggesting dreary hopelessness. Sudden Strike has become a new attempt to break through the wall of endless clones of the works of the great Blizzard (so do not buy themselves the enemies of her new video card!). The developers wanted to keep the dynamism of the genre, but to get rid of the conventions of "the construction of villages." The idea was not bad, even the great Total War shares the strategic and tactical part, but Company of Heroes, unfortunately, did not have enough gunpowder to deliver company-level commander of the construction of sheds in the rear.

Thanks to the persistence and endurance of fans responding to every criticism: "And we like!" Episode, is alive and well. Appeared Sudden Strike Forever («Confrontation 3: The war goes on"), then Sudden Strike 2 ("Confrontation 4»), Sudden Strike: Resource War («Sudden Strike: The Battle for Resources). Moreover, the game is won even imitation: "Blitzkrieg" except as a clone called the language is not rotated.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
These ant - the Soviet soldiers who had just landed on the beach. A green border - our faithful companion and an "instrument of command" since the first Warcraft ... The old woman is still in service! Amphibious ships driven by another batch of cannon fodder. The Americans acknowledged that only with the invention of the famous landing barges, they were able to carry out large-scale amphibious operations - a landing in Africa, Sicily, France and Italy.

What's new?

Not to mention, gorgeous graphics, which started a series, although in fact the novelty is not too different from their predecessors. Traditionally here, and destroyed all the buildings and much more. We propose five campaigns: landing in the Crimea in 1943 (the Kerch-Eltigenskaya operation), the campaign for Soviet troops, Operation Overlord (painfully familiar Allied landings in Normandy in 1944) attempt German command to reset the Allies into the sea during the same operation historically ended Falezskim bag, and leadership by American or Japanese forces during the battle for the island of Iwo Jima in 1945. Selected speaks for itself: it is primarily amphibious operations. By the way, already prepared and add-on, on, of course, Arden.

From straight from the tin: The troops are allowed to specify the type of behavior - careful, aggressive or defensive. New cool enriches the gameplay, and now the warriors behave much smarter - of course, if the player acts clever.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
Corpse discipline lie in positions under the statute. Each army - its constitution and its attitude to the corpse. Plywood ship floats on water, plasticine. Very soon climb out of his hold Americans.

Tablespoon honey

So, in the arena of tactical RTS, has preserved all the main features of the series. We are still given a lot of troops, in which a mixture of men of different professions: the officers, snipers, engineers, machine gunners and flamethrower. Of these, we form a battle group the good old way: Ctrl + numbers, and frame. By the way, the game is very convenient system for adherence to the final group of new fighters. In addition, double-click on a typical representative of a particular kind of troops you can select all combat units of one type or even a class - for example, once the tanks and SAU.

And in the battle. Oops! Stop! Again, all killed! Developers have always stressed that simply attacking, the game will not pass, they say, have to think. This thinking, yes, and almost all the tactics in the Sudden Strike usually boils down to one thing: to derive the forward officers with binoculars or a sniper that allows our troops to see farther than the enemy and then destroy an unsuspecting enemy. Remember, after and before the combination of an officer and a pair of mortars operated almost flawlessly.

The remaining features of the game have ... shuteroobrazny character. In other adventures small disposable creatures will not name. Each of them loses his life and can be cured, each gaining experience points, so it becomes faster, higher, stronger ... In general, increases in the eyes of the command.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
Nightmare on Iwo Jima: the Americans had not even landed, and the garrison had already thinned cool. Shelling and air raids took their toll. Normandy: The Germans are preparing counter-attack. Insidious Malyavka got out of the "Gonomaka and now occupy the house.
Moreover, we constantly feel caretaker, look out for something which is bad, because the second plot - a game in dobyvayku. Any enemy: the technique can be captured and used. The developers recommend that act like this: catch up with an enemy tank to the "red" state, interrupted frightened crew, who will come out of the tank, and then quietly crept up to an empty car, took her to a safe place where initiative, providing a new crew - and more! Magnificent stratagem in the capable hands! During the landing at Normandy American players are advised to go directly Zatar good German tanks. Honestly, you feel whether the militia, but instead took the rifle mandate "'ll get a weapon in the battle," or a faithful disciple Tukhachevsky with his idea of ​​an operating base for the enemy's front line - supplies, they say, when it is, a stranger, his were not. Since so we capture not only the escheat, but also improve their own supply, it is obvious that the fuel and ammunition, which are very important, too, are mined in predatory. And indeed, from a Soviet tank crews to take petrol for Pz-VI, if not from the enemy bins? Yes, and the shells for 88-mm guns on its side of the front to get uneasy.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
Tarakashki is about to take over the stripped German trench. By the way, the option of "strengthening the hold" is very convenient. The result of bungled attack on the forehead: the tanks are burning ...
Keep up with a huge economy would be hard, we did not help me out a good old pause. And so on adventures fighters and capture techniques, and the treatment of critical specialists lack of time, and even one of the tankers can get out of the car to look around and increase visibility.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory This is sad
The choice of operations, to be honest, great upsets. It is very unfortunate that the post-Cold War world began to forget who bore the brunt of the Second World War. Still fresh in the memory of the shock of the Panzer General III no Eastern Front. Yes, the Marine amphibious operations on the eastern front was not so much, but certainly more than one! It would be nice to remember and Minor Earth, and the crossing of the Dnieper, a little different from the landing operation. Not to mention that the cost to pay tribute to the hardest evacuation operations, such as the brilliant rescue maritime army from Odessa, or the complete dramatic attempt to rescue the garrison of Sebastopol ...

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
Two raskoryachennye squiggles on the right of the village - this is not the barns French peasants, and the battery "Nibelvelferov" pretty spoiled blood allies. Dastardly Nazis prepared to defend ... Note, in almost any game, the cornerstone of the German army - motorcycles. A couple of these machines is in store for the defense here.

A barrel of tar

The author never understood why the series is considered to be "realistic" and suitable for the hardcore. Long ago in a distant galaxy thought that if cram into the game more physical parameters, we get like vsamdelishnuyu war. Then no one came to mind that unfortunate lieutenant in the heat of battle might not be able to assess most of these conditions. Therefore, look good games that are based on nastolok say Close Combat, which uses a system of ASL *, or Total War, many borrowed from the DBM **.

It would be nice to know precisely for whom we act. If a player in the hands of a company (and in Sudden Strike at its disposal no more than a hundred men), he must have the capacity of company commander, and not to conduct air strikes from the aircraft carrier, and not burden himself with thoughts about the experience of Sergeant Gromyhaylo from the third platoon. The level of company commander commander of interest in itself, because there is no need throw to Lieutenant General and Acting Sergeant, that conclusively proves the same Close Combat.

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
Small lumps in the middle of the river - is, alas, no Italian saboteurs-submariners. Simple deminers are going to fix the bridge. Motorcycles were burned in the first minutes of battle, not bringing much use. But isolated stripes gnats - are mechanics, soon three wrecked tanks will collect two tselenkih.
Ironically, the most difficult to give a command subordinate to muddle-headed, because the order can be obtained at the wrong time, wrong done, etc. Hence, it is extremely important to the location of the commander. But first and foremost for the authenticity of historical games - command system. We have not seen in normal Sudden Strike units, which can give orders! False-realistic, heavy micromanagement by the frame and the magic numbers would not be needed if the troops were divided, as expected, to offices and platoons.

And finally, morality (well, this, morale) ... The trouble is, perhaps, remains a very deep wound vargeymov (except, of course, games, Sid Meier, who knows everything and who is on the morality built his genius "Gettysburg"). Our troops still have the insane bravery of pixel men, and that forces developers over and over again, or rivet sheds behind the front, producing endless suicide bombers, or to make a game with an emphasis on robbery, medicine, repair, pause and record every three minutes. But the solution would seem to lie on the surface! Remember, after all pixel creatures have small kids or a sweet bride, make them lie under heavy fire, retreat, hitting a fire bag, give a hopeless situation ... and everything changed. Demoralized part will be to strengthen and encourage, the cards do not need to overwhelm the mountains of corpses ... The war, ladies and gentlemen, this is art! Very humane though: why harass patrons when there is a circle?

Sudden Strike 3: Arms for VictorySudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
At this point in Soviet films, would be to hear a scream "Taaaanki!". The column is set to counterattack. Medic - is everything to us! Therefore, his white bag to be visible from afar. Now proberetsya doctor in the German trench, and all will heal!
* Advanced Squad Leader - an extremely complicated and very interesting cult vargeym table.

** De Bellis Multitudinis - one of the best vargeymov the thumbnail, on the cold arms.