Republic: The Revolution

Game Title: Republic: The Revolution
Platform: PC, Xbox
Genre: Political Strategy
Developer: Elixir Studios
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Release Date: August 27, 2003
Minimum system requirements:
Pentium III 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 3D-graphics card with 32 MB RAM, 1 GB HDD
Official site:

Republic: The Revolution
Everyone knows that politics - the most slippery and dodgy people on Earth. It would seem, are doing what they say is so beautiful, but life is not getting any better ... It looks like the developers of political strategy Republic: The Revolution have adopted this line of the mighty. The game, which was published after three years of development, has once again confirmed the postulate that "the expectation of a holiday better than the holiday itself." So, from the screens of our monitors we are transported straight to the ruins of the Soviet Union. As conceived by screenwriters Elixir, after the fall of Soviet power in the new state Novistrana got tyrannical Stalinist Karasov, whose work went against the views of most of the population. In the end all and sundry, are beginning to create their own political associations (ie, party) and come up with alternative ways of development of the country and society. The player, of course, is just one of those "who are not lazy."

Having begun his political career in a provincial town with the great title Ekaterine ('m not a hint at Ekaterinburg developers?), You pass the laborious path of another two much larger cities, which, in theory, should end in a chair ruler Novistrana. However, there will be a ghost and a bright future, but first have to get hold of supporters even in a remote province. The first step - to develop an ideology. However, the design - it loudly. World Republic: The Revolution, there are three basic values: Strength (Force), Influence (Influence) and Wealth (Wealth). The ratio of your party to these three parameters determine its strengths and weaknesses, as well as methods of influence on others.

Republic: The Revolution
Interact with a sufficiently large, diverse and, to honor the developers, stylish world of the game are two basic ways: through Actions (analog special abilities in RPGs) and conversation. The latter is most often used to recruit helpers in the apparatus of personal power, and the notorious Actions (whose number rose past fifty) are used to directly influence the game space. For example, having the ability to organize rallies, you or your attorney will be able to gather a crowd and make a massive ideological pressure. And the ability to Hitman, which appears, unfortunately, just nearer to the end of the game, will make it possible to hire a hitman and remove high-handed opponent. True, do not expect to enjoy a spectacular roller with a shot in the head and spreads over the asphalt brains of victims. For all his effort to maximize reliably reflect the messy world of high politics, Republic: The Revolution retains ultimate political correctness. Minimum stiffness, the minimum of violence - this seems to be the motto of the game.Numerous commercials on the engine often demonstrate peaceful meetings, handshakes and conversation.

Republic: The Revolution
Fortunately, talking characters are not reduced to a mere dull splash, and are fairly original mini-game where you need to distribute a points between its arguments, the sides agreed to go to your party. Needless to say, that for successful recruitment need to learn more about the object of their interests? With complete information, you can always act in several ways: by bribery and persuasion, to the threat of force.

Republic: The Revolution
Overall, the gameplay looks pretty fresh and unusual (although sometimes tedious), which is not the game on the schedule. Making peace is undoubtedly a stylish: the developers have well studied the architecture of the Soviet period. But the engine itself, three years ago, which looked almost revolutionary, today looks mediocre. To observe the gaming space are several ways in the mode of 3D, as well as to examine it in two-dimensional projection. The most functional just 2D-view and three-dimensional landscapes with strolling people and vehicles scurrying play rather an aesthetic role. Although here we are waiting for a nasty surprise. Plenty enough of living their lives inexorably hinder the city going forward the time at which to perform a series of actions to strengthen its political position. Game day is morning, afternoon and evening. At each of these periods, there is one of your action (Action). As a result, much of the gameplay takes place in a schematic two-dimensional mode, leaving behind the scenes is not too pretty, but still three-dimensional space of "live" World Republic: The Revolution.

Another question - whether you need these same 3D-space? Yes, and whether the game at all? Before us is a classic case of protracted, who missed the point behind the realities of today and went out when a unique, fresh and interesting content has been left on the order of magnitude smaller than predicted. An unusual gameplay for some reason did not involve, and the schedule leaves me cold. Add to that the problems with the interface and the absence in the game any intelligible training regime.

If at the beginning of the development of Republic: The Revolution saw the conqueror of the hearts of millions, then after the release of "army" of fans of the game was reduced to a small group of stubborn young politicians, who may have it and prepare for future careers. Private as a gamer, give money for the opportunity to spend time in an exciting virtual universe, unlikely to be happy need a long and tedious to understand the vicissitudes of political life Novistrana.