Platform: PC
Genre: puzzle
Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
Developer: Plastic Reality Technologies.

I do not know why, but lately I began to attend the following thoughts - something not very good is going on with his comrades in charge of entertainment common people. Turn on the TV and there every day of transfer, appealing to the basest of human feelings. Here and computer games, among other things, not so far from such a "show". In shooters appreciated not only a realistic display of the game environment, but also how many vrazhin juicy parting with certain parts of their body. As far as, you know, "zones of destruction" is divided every single bird ... It is interesting because to know where the best shot at that little animals suffered longer and louder, emphasizing the process of parting with life abundant streams of bright red krovischi! At the same strategies when to kill, then scale so as not otherwise vigorous bomb and subsequent radioactive contamination of the motherland, Mother of foreign invaders. And then their tanks, tanks! Certainly tracked! Ah, what awaits us next? ..