Mor. Utopia

Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure / RPG / action
Developer: Ice-Pick Lodge
Publisher: Buka Entertainment
System requirements: P-3 1GHz; 256 Mb RAM; 32 Mb Video
Information on the Internet:

Politics major publishers like Electronic Arts or Ubisoft, it would seem, should be reduced to "no" to any attempts of developers to do something truly innovative. Major'ov easy to understand: for cartons with some NHL'06 their target audiences will decide that the stepping stones of any store. And for the sake of Darwinia? Chief Manager "Electronics" think-think, let him say his eagles: "Look, we're a contract with DreamWorks signed ... Exactly half expect you to playable version. As in similar situations to be unhappy non-conformist?

Mor. Utopia
Completely different situation is with the Russian market. Even the flagship 1C encourage any creative endeavor, shelter talented developers and will be parachuted into a monthly glossy magazines advertising pages. "Mora" uniquely fortunate. It turned out exactly the way it is intended. No pop-simplifications, most original and fresh ideas.

Inexorable time
No matter how many questions like "What kind of genre of your game?" Asked the developers nor the answer for them remains unchanged. Title: "More" genre: "Utopia". After the first glance you think it is such a disguised RPG. In fact, we explore the city, get new jobs, traveling from one character to another. However, the expo is missing here as a class, and heaps of features and abilities that require a timely manner to increase, there is also not there. On the contrary, some parameters rapidly decrease, while critical of some leads to death. Unlimited freedom of movement, however, are not. More precisely, it is, but only in space.
Mor. Utopia
Time here - your main opponent. Whatever you do, but after twelve days of gaming (or 24 hours real time) you will see the final movie. Multiple endings, but we have one goal: to survive, and possibly save the city from a terrible disease. Begins to seem that in front of you is a real survival horror, and the second word sub-genre can be discarded. Although scary happens here quite often. Rather, even scary: carnage, walking at night graveyard, scary deserted streets - all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of fear and hopelessness. According to the degree of "pressure" on the player's "More" can compete with many of the aforesaid genre, including a Silent Hill. A similar feeling arises when reading, say, "Crime and Punishment" or "House № 6. Scary feeling of doom, a sense of impending misfortune, which can not be stopped. Characters, with great characters spelled out, just stir up passions. From the outset, we warned "no one should believe. Even me. "

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What to do when two familiar people mysteriously die? How to be when you hunting for the entire city? Where to start if you already know that the epidemic in the city and how to fight it? These are the questions the player will have to answer, having played for each of three characters: Bachelor, Bachelor and impostor. The first is coming to town, because it supposedly dwells immortal man - our hero is very important this meeting because of their activities (thanatology - the study of death). The second arrives in a strange place, in order to obtain the inheritance, but the fate assigns him the role of an outcast who tries to restore its reputation. The third heroine knows what happened and just wants to help the city survive. Despite the fact that the action of "morality" is in the same place, playing style for each character differs radically. The plot is constructed in an interesting way: passing game follows a hero, you see the events have already happened, but under an entirely different perspective.
Mor. Utopia
For example, a Bachelor of adventure for the third time you will seem no less interesting than the first. Its role in this play and the literary component. At once, native project boasts a galaxy of beautifully constructed and interesting conversations. Read will have a lot of (text, alas, not voiced) and very carefully. Miss something important - blame yourself. Almost every line there are several answers that affect the development of the plot. Here and there, of course, can and jeered, but the excessive cuteness does not promise anything good. At the same time, some individuals do not deserve respect for yourself.
Mor. Utopia
Secondary tasks is enough. Their execution - cause optional, and the heavy burden they are unlikely. Mentioned time limit goes around comes around and here. Midnight - all assignments are void. Managed - good fellows, not yet - it can not be helped. Perform absolutely all the quests, even for 24 hours is impossible, so that before you is one more argument in favor of repetition.
A few basic parameters: the life, reputation, fatigue, hunger, immunity, infection. They are all interrelated. Fatigue can lead to death, famine gradually reduces life bar. If you decide to sleep (and this is the only way to combat fatigue), make sure you wake up with an empty stomach. Will be supported by water from springs and eating in nearby eateries. The better you are targeting in the city, the better your chances to survive.
Mor. Utopia
The character in the presence of a fairly roomy backpack is divided into several divisions. In the basic set of novice fighter with unknown include antiseptics, drugs and weapons (though, to use the barrels have a fairly rare).

Do not look me in the eye
From the look of "Utopia" are a mixed feeling. Yes, sometimes even behind the image of Morrowind'a: the character models resemble tuched wax figures, and the houses look too much alike. However, the interior "core" buildings performed very well. Well turned out and local attractions. So, you definitely recognize the City Theatre, railway station, slaughterhouse and a polyhedron. Over the last design in general can be forgiven a lot.
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With the sound design of the case a little better. Effects themselves, however, did not produce any impression, but the music matched perfectly. Gloomy songs more deeply immersed in the gloomy atmosphere of the events. Voice acting is virtually absent - until the beginning of the dialogue the characters something to say and fall silent, leaving us alone with thousands of characters. Immediately reminded of the good old days of text adventure game.
The interface is not particularly convenient. To call the characteristics and tasks necessary to open multiple windows. Management - a standard for action WASD-layout, though the combat system performed very badly. Fortunately, the shooting will have only a few times. Inventory is low, similar to the properties of objects fall into the same parts of it, and the identical findings are grouped together.

Mor. Utopia
The appearance of this game in our time must seem strange. Especially in a country where domestic quests firmly associated with "Petka", and role-playing games - with the "Prince" yes "Zlatogor. "Mor" compares favorably with these creations, being much deeper and more serious project. Simple appearance, ill-conceived battle system and crooked management can not outweigh a great story, gorgeous and unusual dialogue, but no less interesting, the gameplay. This is really an adult game will appeal to those in the virtual world prefers requiring intellectual effort of entertainment.

Gameplay: 9.0
Graphics: 7.0
Sound and music: 8.0
Design: 7.5
Estimation of the author: 8.5

Outcome: 84%