Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Action
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Project website: http://www.konami.com/gs/mgs3
Released: March 4, 2005

Sitting down for this review, my mind is constantly whirling an obsession with the phrase: "Everything has a beginning has an end." Publicity stunt, you say? And you will be partly right. And now we can easily invert its meaning: "Anything that has an end must also have the beginning." For it is not always clear why the hero of a game goes that way, his motivation is often a mystery to us. Innuendo, hints and ideas to the hearing.


The Cold War

The Cold War, which began so suddenly with the words of Winston Churchill, has divided the world into two equal parts - the communist and capitalist idyll of paradise. Winning the arms race becomes a top priority of both sides, and no country wants to give way under the sun to its named to the enemy. But the war is highly unusual. Soldiers on it - spyware that finely drive each other's nose, hoping to beat his opponent. Both powers are doing in this race, bet on nuclear weapons.
Brilliant Soviet scientist Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a specialist in its field. He dreams of rockets and space flight, but a tough situation in the country, forcing him to leave their dreams and do something more down to earth. His name - "walker", an infernal machine on tracks equipped with a huge number of nuclear warheads. Falcons becoming afraid of his creations, and also tries to escape to the west, but will be kidnapped and returned to their homeland. People who kidnapped a scientist, not the country of the Soviets, and the photographs clearly seen his face contorted with horror. So who are they, why they Sokolov, and where he is now? Political mystery with a very bleak and uncertain future content.

You'll be Snake

He's too charismatic to just disappear from our screens. No one could suggest that the third part of a remarkable series to throw us forty years into the past. In the end, just a curiosity tormented us during many years only one question: Who is Big Boss? If this is the father of Snake, then why he wanted to arrange that memorable nuclear explosion back in the 1995th year somewhere in South Africa? Nedogovorennostey with time to first MG on NES was even greater. A clue, it's always somewhere nearby, but always escapes our gaze. Maestro Hideo Kojima bravely agreed to answer all our questions, dispel rumors and show us the truth. And she was not so beautiful.



We should also praise the talent of the developers for such a vivid three-dimensional images and characters. This is just one of those rare instances when the main character becomes your friend and enemy - your own enemy.You feel anger along with your character, you're afraid the same thing and he was crying about the same as those who were not saved and you will be shocked by the betrayal of those who have been your faithful companion. Jack, your protege - ironic to the point, courageous and brave, Eva - saucy seductress with his trump up their sleeves. Ocelot, our old acquaintance - a young and inexperienced, but not ambitious in the extent and masterful revolvers, Colonel Volgin - paranoid and sadistic, but devilishly cute, Boss - a wise and dangerous woman, with a deep sadness in his eyes. The game does not accept pacifiers. Sometimes it seems that the characters are really able to think about something else, and the emotions so easily read on their faces. It is this reticence, and paints his canvas Kojima. He holds the brush firmly, not letting us (as well as the heroes of MGS3) to learn the truth before time.
Stylization - it's what creates the Metal Gear Solid 3 a unique viscous atmosphere. And not without reason the playing calendar crossed the figure 64. The first flights into space, the classic horror films fifties, jazz and films about James Bond. All of this, one way or another, will play in the plot of its specific role, as a quarter of the game will take place in conversations on the radio. Charming doctor will stuff you with stories about the views of its films. Snake as a man far from it, would be naive like a child. A mysterious Eve literally come down to us from the screens of the new film about the great 007. This Bond girl.


New MGS3 shocked immediately and certainly. Not for nothing that the phrase Snake Eater was proudly announced in the subtitle. Once we have jungle Pakistani jungle, then be kind, the player, make sure you survive in such unusual conditions! Snake - not a killing machine but a living man. And nothing human is alien to him. Characteristics Stamina depends on how hungry Snake, as well as affect its combat readiness. He was tired and often misses the mark and generally express my sincere dissatisfaction with what is happening distinct rumbling stomach. We need to catch snakes, crabs, rats, birds, fish and even insects, to satisfy his need for food. Another question - how much this meal he will have to taste. Snake could poison even if the meat, for example, is already beginning to rot, and a spider in appearance seemed so nutritious, will be poisonous. And so we gradually approach the question of personal medicine. Our hero will not heal their wounds himself, now this noble mission rests entirely on our conscience. If Snake burned, is injured by shrapnel grenades, gunshot or stab wound, it should immediately be treated with all available means: a bullet removed from the body with a knife wound to handle an antiseptic, cover the burn ointment, and leeches corny burn cigar. Green growths give us a huge advantage in tactics. Snake learned humanly use camouflage (forget those damn boxes) and for each particular situation will suit your particular version, the choice of which depends on the behavior of the sensor detection. The better you make up, the more likely that the enemy is stupid pass by without noticing a strange dark shadow in the hollow of a huge old tree. And each shape is ideal for its location. Being in the jungle, it is best to dress in all black and lie on the ground (as an option: all green and your abode will be the tall grass). And in the blue water is practically not visible. Great art - the right to enjoy their benefits.


Got it?

As a result, we see that a series of MGS from part to part is getting smarter, deeper and more beautiful. This happens seldom enough for today. Kojima-san has created something new out of nothing, added color to our everyday reality. And this world do not want to leave. The heroes are so close to you that the final line in the credits in your drives the chop - the story is gaining momentum and should be continued.And Snake Eater - just a small piece of the puzzle, whose name Metal Gear Solid. We do not say goodbye, we say "goodbye."

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 9
Sound and Music: 10
Design: 9
Estimation of the author: 9.5
Outcome: 95%