Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood

Call of Juarez: Ties of BloodCall of Juarez: Ties of Blood
Enemies have burnt native hut ... That is, of course, the family home. Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms! ", An illustration of page 34.
Summary of the previous series: Call of Juarez, 2007. Polish studio Techland proves to the world that she can do not only arcade rally simulators (Xpand Rally, Xpand Rally Xtreme) and failure-ambitious shooters on alien negnidogadoidah (Chrome, Chrome: SpecForce). The story of the priest reads passages from the Bible in a cursory firing six-shooter, had become, it seems more fans than all the American igrovesterny put together (most recent noteworthy except that Gun). The world is not mad, and Americans have forgotten how to make games about his cowboy past - just in Techland got a little better.