Cold Zero

Cold Zero: The Final Countdown
Genre: action
Publisher: Jowood
Publisher in Russia: Russobit M
Developer: Drago Entertainment
Requirements: P-3600, 128Mb RAM, 16Mb Video
Recommended: P-March 1000, 128MB RAM, 32Mb Video

Cold Zero - terrible synthetic drug. Its effect: immediately after admission to a person wakes up unbridled fury. Implications: To take the fear of losing and goes all the smash, and after he shared his brother's death. Price: sky-high. When the creator of the drug went into another world, not without the help of jealous rivals, of course, the recipe for Cold Zero, and took with him. Upper Light Drug rushed determine the composition of the drug. Someone Martinez, having captured the last lots of drugs, has made this the greatest success. And the world would be mired in the mud, if not ...

Cold Zero
John MakAffri - the police, the sniper. His office success could be the envy of all. The Government instructed him to make public the importance with which he easily mastered. But a fatal accident has destroyed all these years, John built. Day then went wrong from the outset, there is still a challenge and a night. His hand trembled just before the shot. A stray bullet struck the wrong target. Hostage killed and MakAffri removed from service. Forever. Opening his own detective agency (and then another and another) has promised to settle at least one issue - funding. But the bureau did not bring profit. Lack of customers, lack of ability to pay his secretary threatened closure of yet another John "Lucky", if not ...

Gallop around the world
The game's plot is consistent with the level of ordinary Hollywood blockbuster. Performing another task, MakAffri ran way the Italian mafia. Someone Don, big shot and seasoned mobsters, who visited the agency office immediately after the "accident" staged by John with a choice: work for him or say goodbye to life. Actually, you know, no there was no choice. Once in the criminal world once, turning back is not found. Our hero is well understood.

Cold Zero
And then it started: the story of the photos, then the statue, preserved since the reign of Nicholas II (yes, sinful thing zaneset and Mother Russia). There will be more and hostages, and the sea of ​​important documents. For some time he climbed into the skin of the sapper to save Chinatown from a devastating explosion. "Hospitable" will open the door in front of us military bases and underground labs for them. Get some dust Mexican El Coro. A warm welcome and ensure that in the Guatemalan town of Yapala. The chance "fraternize" with the left-and right-handed Martinez, Toothy and Ramuelem on the way to the main villain. And in the end we shall receive the test "a la the Americans in Vietnam" in the Hacienda. As aptly said local mercenary, when he received the task to get our heads: "He did not even understand what's what!". Yes, we are here really have hard time ...

Have to actually move to the touch, guided mainly by using the card. In addition to the areas on it are shown by red triangles opponents. That is, you can always determine which way the eye is directed adversary, and choose the most opportune moment to attack. You can get close to the victim from behind and stun. Experience for such a focus is given much more than a banal shot. Most need to fear enemies with a sniper rifle and kill them should be first.Otherwise, in the worst possible moment a sniper with a light feeding can induce a fight against you, and you do not even realize what had happened.

RPG + Action + Tactics = Cold Zero
Cold Zero
Enemies become "stronger" in proportion to your development. "Stronger" in quotes because it did not increase their performance, increasing quality of ammunition and weapons. Our hero is the same for the experience can lift its own parameters, which are divided into four basic (power, shooting, stealth, technology) and five combat (melee, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles). Everyone is free to develop John as he pleases. Depending on what style of game will follow - the quiet stealth, or passing game in the style of "kill-them-all." I, for example, relied on stealth and shooting (the parameters of the seemingly incompatible), and a gun developed machines. Although, as it turned out, no less important are the techniques that will help players quickly open a door or a safe deposit box without the need to he studied the entire level in a desperate search for the key, and strength, a high level which will carry much more equipment to John.

And unnecessary or have served weapons can be handed over to the weapon shop where you can also buy ammunition vests and, if necessary, first aid kits. But all the other stuff we carry in the pawnbroker pawnshop: he will eat and supplement requests. Arms purchase in the city is not: on the stage with corpses can take khalyavnykh and more advanced. Different instances are more than a hundred. All transfer will not, but it is worth noting that the weapons of the Russian dressing unconditionally dominates. As the number and deadliness strength and compatibility with all sorts of useful things, such as scopes, silencers and more spacious cages. I gave preference to our Kalash and hassle-free went through the entire game.

A problem may arise. Weapon overheat, wear out and just break that visually displays the strip "Life in the panel below the selected trunk. If necessary, gun repair, or parameters such as range of a, and damage significantly reduced.

In addition to the strips of health and armor are also indicators of secrecy and the noise, each of which affects how easily we can see opponents. And he and the other can be reduced in different ways. To make John less visible, go into the shade, hide around corners, climb into the back of a truck or under it. It depends on the situation. Also in store you can buy a camouflage for the forest, and for desert, there is a special night suit. Published by noise depends on the type of surface and style of movement: creep, walk cautiously, walking and running.

Cold Zero
The game world is interactive, Cold Zero is limited. That is where you need something to open, hide, push, take, etc., it can be done. In other cases - no. And do not need. Go to the game engine no claims. Even on a weak (below the GeForce 256) cards he gives excellent picture quality. Water, explosions, lighting, drawing the natural landscape and other objects can boast of high enough quality. A little pumped up models of people and John in particular, is particularly unpleasant to look at the blurred face. This gaffe developers deliberately allowed per high enough camera (freely rotating with the ability to scale) and the blindness of players, some spoils the overall impression.

Cold Zero - one of the few games that I was really sucked. Three nights for which CZ I tore from normal life, I confess, were unforgettable. I do not know about you, but I expect to continue. Ending the game suggests that the sequel, or at least supplement yet to be.Head of the syndicate, the elusive Martinez, are on trial, but after a few days of headlines they write that the head of the Mafia was arrested on false charges ...