Genre: action
Platform: PS2
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Zipper Interactive
Number of Players: 1-16
Game site:

Sultry tropical forest, the temperature at 90 Fahrenheit, the hiss of poisonous snakes, malarial mosquitoes buzz. But here suddenly the heavy breathing commando, slowly rising from ambush, interrupts the quiet idyll of exotic flora inhabitants. In the field of view disguised fellow gets dilapidated bungalow on a vacant lot ... Some a couple of minutes later he knocks out the door with his foot and heavy fire from the U.S. will stop and frustrated a deal the two gangsters. And after a successful mission, he returned to his home country house on the coast of Costa Rica, where he was waiting for a beauty-wife and a bath full of expensive champagne. Ah, life is good!

That is probably just a small episode in the life of the hero of a Hollywood blockbuster. Unfortunately, we do something you know that in the real world things are not so nice. Well, okay, after all afford something like this can, and we - that is what we have SOCOM II.Razrabotchiki bungled deadly cocktail, managing to twist very organic elements of stealth-action and FPS, laid on the basis of Syphon Filter. Want to continue the extraordinary Metal Gear-get! Like Medal of Honor, - please! Total output have sturdily built product designed for the very mass market.

In the world of video entertainment has its axiomatic themes from the discharge of the eternal. Certain genres of video games ruthlessly exploit this theme for the second decade. For example, the fight against terrorism, the world's narkokortelyami and the Russian mafia. Culprit of today's review is no exception. Somewhere in the depths of abstract Kamchatka two powers that agree on the crossing of a nuclear warhead. Consent comrades was not originally, unfortunately, and soon one of the solid dyadechek trite lost their nerve - he shot his partner in crime.

That tie future mishaps you loved as part of a special detachment. Yes, yes, detachment, consisting of 4 persons, where everyone has a unique outfit. I'm amazed at how calibrated tactic management team - is only the enemy try to shoot as it immediately was packed your companions. Truly, the team spirit is strong! As expected, in a purely male environment was a place and a beautiful girl, let it not be seen. A gentle female voice instructs the operator constantly your squad. I advise you to follow the directions as to fill up a mission - a trifling matter. So, I rushed into the hut with some krminalnym authority, but accidentally slammed and hostage - the job failed. And do not think that losing one of the characters, you can safely move on. Each member of your squad has a different military gadgets. I had to mine the two warehouses with explosives, and my partner Wardog was killed. In the end, I had only one charge and an unfinished mission into the bargain.

As far as high-quality performance, so it flawed. According to the law of Lomonosov-Lavoisier, that if something, somewhere, will be taken away, then in another place must be added. And here: very smooth character animation allows gentlest way to raise the still warm corpse and move it to pre-brushed from the burden of heavy ammunition.But it is necessary to peer into the face of the gallant young man in camouflage and you'll understand what a catch something - a model quite weak. This is not the tears streaming down her sweet little face Una! And the design of landscapes could be a level higher: faded trees and angular buildings, at a distance, breaking up on the texture, not very pleasing to the eye. Once even in the best traditions of Lara Croft, I was a prisoner front wall.

Bold arithmetic cross game receives the most realistic Stealth-elements. Live target gently rocking to the beat of your breath, which is very difficult to her killing. Sneak up on enemies undetected is extremely difficult. I'm waiting for the enemy around the corner, never thought he would be attacked first, and cut the throat of my fighter. But just wanted to jump and shoot neatly reptile.

Great help for quick orientation in such games is the starting point. It can be love or hate, but still have to learn. Censure is an extremely unfriendly interface of the initial options, where you can get information about the job and equipped. When you see Pestryaev set of cursors, the head starts to go around. Before each mission you will be offered to distribute equipment among your team and the most preferred weapons for the current job, but you can leave all the default - it master's.

Clicking the mission aki seeds, leading a barrage of enemies in an open area, (or firing from the shelter) will not work. I even after the "trial" approach been building a strategy of warfare. On every job you have to adjust to the situation: either something to undermine (as I mentioned above), or use your weapon is an enemy to neutralize him. And what is possible and such a decision. For example, a notice fixed machine gun, crawled neatly to her and had shot the whole hostile to living creatures in sight.

That musical component remains completely faded and inconspicuous except for the effects signal the approach of enemies. But then just some audiofobiya begins: the soldier has not yet appeared in range, and tight instrumental forces to rush in search of an optimal position.

Finally want to touch is not very pleasant for a Russian gamer theme multiplayer games. In the United States and Europe are gradually improving, the number of users is growing every day, and we as always "ahead of the rest." SOCOM II. US Navy SEALs was initially focused on online gaming, and it is unlikely the majority of gamers will be able to enjoy all the amenities of a multiplayer game. A pity, because such a variety of weapons (from gas grenades to sniper rifles), simply-designed physical model created for a realistic duel with a live opponent. After all, not MGS 2, or James Bond: Everything or Nothing can boast such a realistic physics. Well, unless it can be by jumping from a balcony, seriously cripple? But here in the inept conduct on the battlefield and suicide will not be difficult!

Yes, gentlemen, lovers of high quality tactical fighters, rejoice! Except for small gaps and high graphics game firmly established among the more expensive luminaries of the genre. Will have little poobvyknutsya with the physical model - well, never mind, is sheer nonsense! Take it, do not regret any time spent rubles.