Comanche 4

Platform: PC
Genre: Action / Simulation
Developer: Novalogic
Publisher: Novalogic

Comanche 4
Any simulator in the process of its creation, is undergoing many changes. This is due to the fact that the developers of such games are often confused about the set before the game ends. They strive to please both arcade fans and prosimulyatorschikam. Meanwhile, it is virtually impossible. Since the arcade simulator and professional simulator even though the same aircraft / helicopter - it's like two different things, two different games, with radically differ from each other, despite their close proximity and similarities in the gameplay. Novalogic acted very wisely, he did not chase two hares at once, knowing that the race would still be losing. He defined the orientation of his future projects at once, keeping its position unchanged until the game's release. Novalogic has determined that the fourth part of the Comanche will action'om, beautiful and discreet action'om with a slight taste of the simulator.