Name Game: Vietcong
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS
Developer: Pterodon
Publisher: Gathering of Developers
Release Date: 26.03.2003
The official system requirements: Pentium III-500, 128 MB RAM, Rec. 3D-accelerator.
Link to the official website:

Repulsed from the stinking Gukov (political correctness is not relevant here) - is the goal of the game!
No, too expressive started ... And the goal, the truth is that much depth. Vietcong - is "based on tactical missions team 3D-shooter, which takes place in Vietnam." Sounds something like an official statement. All of whether it's true? Let's be clear.

After a week's acquaintance with the game I would venture to take responsibility and say exactly: Yes, the action game is set in Vietnam. These jungle thickets which permanently spit bullets domestic production ... constantly mruschie first American fellow-soldiers, which, as it later turned out, we can even manage a little bit ... the tunnels infested Vietcong - progressive claustrophobia provided ... Vietnam, definitely. Since this is not deceived.

Mission is also available. Each job has a strictly defined set of tasks that must perform a self-respecting Ranger. Moreover, the list of tasks is dynamic - in the implementation of some blatantly get out more, burying your only nucleated hopes for an early departure in the home state, his wife and children. Explicit targets of a series of "Soak all on the map" has not been noticed, and this is certainly good. What else is good? Very sensible and balanced simulated weapon. Trunks, and among them there are both American and Russian models, plump, Bach and klatsat wrong. I'm not a pro at such things, but for the sake of this thing, believe me, consulted with spices. Special welcome was given. Shoot on health.

Now let's talk about the "tactical" and "team". So, apart from our gallant sergeant, whose eyes we see the decaying reality Vietnam meat grinder, which, among other things, call Steve Hawkins, in the Vietcong a significant role played by his teammates. Each of them is something professional, and knows what you do not know how other members. Downright Commandos, yes. Medic, seeing the wounded, rushes headlong to it, in order to return to the United States battle-worthy one. The wireless operator has a remarkable ability to provoke the enemy positions air strike. The Heavy mass "Meta" bullets, etc. Everyone is busy in the business. We are Steve and his people are free to give simple commands a la "Whoa, do not move, your mother!" Or "For me, for America!". The result - really a team shooter. No Rainbow-Six-and-Ko, of course, but still cute.

Voiced by all this joy is also quite successful - rock compositions of 60-70s between missions, gunshots and cries of dying - within the missions. The combination proved to be extremely organic. With the voices of the procedure - Stevie gromoglasen and steep, and the Viet Cong Balakay in his native Vietnamese, plus sometimes - our native English, with a funny accent.Well done.

On the visual. Visually Vietcong produces contradictory impression. On the one hand - like as beautiful. But looking more closely, we see that it is "beautiful" in the main - the merit of designers. "Levels", if it can be called a huge tracts of jungle, which are on the jeep-it is not quickly obedesh, not to mention walking, modeled with love. Varied landscapes palmochki-villages, bushes, the Viet Cong, dzhipiki-Tanchiki - eyes seemed to be happy. That if you do not focus on details, since the engine - sucks. He is, so to speak, the old, decrepit and disgusting optimized. Objects mainly curves and oblique, and the brakes act graciously often enough, and to not be the last configuration. And finally, for completeness, the game can easily take off or even reboot the machine, which, to put it mildly, is also not conducive to comfortable shooting Vietcong. Rarely, but neatly. So that the shooter, he certainly, 3D, but it is not the first freshness in terms of this most 3D - be careful.

And since we're talking about the bad, here's another "happy" news - AI also strongly interferes with enjoyment of the game, as well as clumsy code. Our brave warriors can simply ignore this command to them, and enemy fighters is acceptable behavior only at a distance - is to approach them closely, like iron drain comes screeching halt. Or, say, such a situation: Vietnamese, enthusiasm caught sight of his Dragunov, one of our staff, forget about everything until the "remove" its target. You can come close to him, show his middle finger, to give the behind the knee and the release of all in the head of M16. He will not mind - he was busy ... and all that. Unpleasant.

And finally - back to the good. On the multiplayer. That is where, comrades, a meat grinder. It's clear that you can play for Gukov as well as for States, and certainly here - do not stand next to. The quality of the connection is not too picky about Vietcong, and the server is already running - shoot - I do not. 7 multiplayer modes. That's where grace, comrades.

It is time to strike. Ambiguous Toy of voynushki. On the one hand - the right level design and balance shafts, and with them - the atmosphere and fun multiplayer. On the other hand - the numerous AI-bugs in the "single" and a lab engine. Without this "other side" could have made almost a masterpiece. And so - simply good middling. Meet me in Vietnam?