Platform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: 1C
Developer: Nival Interactive

I do not know whether it was considered "Etherlords" hit long before the release, but the professionalism, craftsmanship and innovation Guys from Nival Interactive "no doubt. The game was supposed to get at least a qualitative and become a worthy representative of its genre, though, if we set strict limits, that "Etherlords" totally individual, unique in its kind, all perfectly natural - there is no, with what would be a problem: whether the menu, the management or the structure of the game. Despite his personality, the game combines the best of strategy, RPG and adventure games. Still game genre name is extremely difficult, and because developers are not puzzling, identified gaming accessory "Etherlords" completely abstract and ambiguous - a strategy. Yet it is precisely this definition is the most accurate reflection of what we do in the "Demiurge." We think. Yes it is. Tactics of warfare - the main thing in the game.