Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PSP)

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The PSP is not having the best of times - publishers, if supported platform, rather hesitantly, but most of the games that did appear for a portable brainchild of Sony, rarely jump above the mark of "satisfactory". Nonetheless, in announcing the development of The Force Unleashed, Lucas Arts company agreed to include the PSP in the number of supported platforms, and even try to get rid of this version of "poor cousin". Despite the small increase, Pocket The Force Unleashed and it looks quite convincing, and play it at least interesting. Before us is a spectacular, albeit not very original, a representative of the genre hack'n'slash. See what happens in the third person, chop enemies in melee, lightning fry, we suffocate, we press the rubble of buildings - in general, perform usual work for any Sith. Notorious Force Powers considerably diversify passage, moreover, they can eventually "bleed" and open new ones. In this case, you will not make constant use of "force" method - where the power is really needed, get help from QTE-team - so you are free to decide when and what tricks of the newly learned into practice.