Mega Man 9

First, Capcom proudly displays the ability to make modern remakes, featuring Bionic Commando Rearmed and Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, and then suddenly changes its priorities and has announced Mega Man 9 - a new part of the legendary TV series in the guise of "Game of the early nineties." She looks exactly the same, looked like eight-bit console era hits: all the pixel - from the main menu via the entrance video and two-levels, and up to the final credits. Modest animation, lack of relevant technological innovations, such as physical models and bright visual effects ... And all this - on your expensive HD-TV, apparently, did not adapted for such pictures. But this was not enough for developers, and together with the appearance they have suffered in the game all the features of gameplay inherent in the old platformer. Thus, the main character is absurd move, unusual jump the gap and does not shoot diagonally. And yet there are no checkpoints: reached the end of the level, jump over the precipice, and she suddenly jumped out of a terrible monster but how tsapnul hero by the foot! Negative life begins anew. For people who missed the other editions of the series (at least on the same PSP), this seems a terrible injustice, others may wonder, asking to count on Capcom, releasing such utter "a guest from the past" in our progressive age. The answer is simple. True Mega Man has always been difficult, "hardcore" game that requires experience the passage of old-school platformer, iron endurance and perseverance. And as for "dishonest" and bosses do not be offended: it is a tradition of the series, which you just need to understand and accept, or else did for Mega Man did not sit down. But those whom the passage of nine parts, no matter what, bring pleasure, Capcom already offers downloadable content, which inter alia includes the new bosses, new stages and an additional level of complexity, Japan is not without reason called the Hero Mode.