Marvel vs. Capcom 2

One of the most anticipated games this summer should be familiar to anyone who enjoys comics and played the Dreamcast or PS one. This is a crossover fighting game, in which the heroes fight with Marvel characters, Capcom, and are not necessarily trained fighters. For example, in the number of available characters is Jill Valentine, seemingly fit only for the punishment of starving zombies. But no. Jill, as well as Megamen, serves a master of martial arts and strength is Wolverine, Colossus and Storm. Of course, adjusted for the relative simplicity of the combat system that allows beginners to quickly find and organize spectacular duels experienced gamers. The first of the game need a little more popular and not superheroes, and that they can be changed on the fly, and even methods of colorful, with bright flashes of what "serious" fighting games do not indulge. All this here is. Passionate same Fighter, by contrast, are interesting long muvlisty with combo bundles of ten actions and grand finale - an explosion, for example - so you can brag to your friends, they say, looks like I can. Without this in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is also not done.