Disciples II: Light or Darkness

Name game: Disciples II: Guardians of the Light, Disciples II: Servants of the Dark
Platform: PC
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Developer: Strategy First
Publisher: Strategy First
Release Date:
June 14, 2003 - Guardians of the Light
July 18, 2003 - Servants of the Dark
Minimum system requirements:
Intel Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM; c card 8 MB RAM, 200 MB HDD
Official site:

Do you remember the Disciples II: The Dark Prophecy? I am sure many will answer in the affirmative. Without pretending to originality and accomplishment of any revolutions, published more than a year ago, the game is an example of good make, and hard work of talented programmers, artists, composers and writers. It seemed that the idea of ​​traveling on the global map with the capture of resources, urban equipment and turn-based battles in the local arena has exhausted itself in the line of Heroes of Might and Magic. But it is unlikely Disciples II: The Dark Prophecy someone seemed boring. Interesting history of confrontation of the human Empire (Empire), Mountain Clans Dwarfs (Mountain Clans), the demonic Legions of the Damned (Legions of the Damned) and half-rotten Undead Horde (Undead Horde) coupled with a qualitatively elaborated gameplay ensured the project a solid fan base.

Disciples II: Light or Darkness
Naturally, there were add-on'y, with just two. The developers decided to clearly delineate further conflict in the light and darkness, good and evil. As a result, gaming community received Disciples II: Guardians of the Light and Disciples II: Servants of the Dark. As you might guess, the first offering to speak on the "good guys", ie Mountain Clans and the Empire, and second, respectively, focuses on the "bad guys" in the face of the Legions of the Damned and the Undead Horde. Progress will agree, very original, but in terms of marketing - and even profitable. Licensed versions of both add-ons are priced at $ 20 each, but here is justified whether such costs for the average player?

Disciples II: Light or Darkness
In the best traditions of preparation add-ons on'y from Strategy First are only quantitative, but no qualitative changes. On the drive to Disciples II: Guardians of the Light contains the original game (sic!), two new campaigns (for the "good"), about 15 fresh script maps for multiplayer games, the random maps and a script editor. To the credit of the creators, grown up most of the cards in sizes up to 120x120. Nevertheless, a set of standards to the resident in the stomach. Disciples II: Servants of the Dark offers a similar kit with a campaign for the "bad" and other multiplayer maps and scenarios. Neither you of new buildings, or innovations in gameplay. However, I will lie. One important innovation in the gameplay will still be seen: the opportunity to automatically complete obviously winning or losing the fight. Only here is misfortune, this possibility can be added in the original game with an absolutely free patch. I almost forgot, the video settings the opportunity to exhibit at 1024 * 768 instead of 800 * 600.Delighted? In vain! Since the only change is the resolution map, leaving everything else intact.

Disciples II: Light or Darkness
Of course, I could be accused of boring pragmatism and offer a look at all the more poetic. Submit, for example, the emergence of add-on'ov as a new round of interesting stories. Fortunately, the screenwriters were paid back on their bread. For example, empire after the war in the original game was plunged into a political conflict between fighting for the throne of the three factions. Gnomes in the mountains with their grief in half to rebuild their shattered economy, incidentally trying to establish contact with their god Wotan'om. Undead intensified under the leadership of the goddess Mortis ... Here are just interested in all these twists and turns, rather, only for fans of the game, closely followed developments in Disciples II: The Dark Prophecy. They, in fact, designed add-on.

Disciples II: Light or Darkness
Another proof of that - severe restriction on participation in the events of add-on'ov characters with a level below 10. And it is not surprising. Picturesque land inhabited by two additions though not changed in appearance, but fattening to shine in the eyes of well-fed and 12-level monsters. It is assumed that you have already passed the original, postponed for a year I've found with circulated a hero and look forward to continuing. Meanwhile, I'm sure most of the players immediately after the Disciples II: The Dark Prophecy gently remove it. But do not despair. On such a special case of each of the two add-on'ov has cleverly hidden in directories and subdirectories "pumped" fighters at level 12. You just need to dig into a text file, so find out how these tough guys cram into the game.

Disciples II: Light or Darkness
True, it is not clear why this process is so complicated. In general, it seems that Strategy First viciously mocking the players. Judge: release a supplement with a minimum quantity and the complete lack of quality innovations, and even ask for each of them $ 20, while and the Servants of the Dark, and the Guardians of the Light would have got on together peacefully on the same disk . In add-on'ov and there is a common name - Gallean's Return. That is exactly what a two toys, once on a single computer. Why, he wondered, was to organize the representation of light and darkness? The answer is simple: to help our purses with you. The most interesting thing that the fans be happy to facilitate. All the rest of us go on about the developers do not recommend. Not worth powder and shot.