GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ninjatown proved that the genre of tower defense easy feeling, where heavy RTS simply can not turn around. It demonstrates the wonders of dexterity on his platform, showing itself equally well to what one or the other. Designers tried to cheer - everyone from many different ninja, on the one hand, looks like a Gingerbread man, on the other - simply different from their counterparts on the craft. The whole story is fed between missions with the help of amusing dialogues Old Master Ninja (the main character, by the way) and someone of his race (Cast: Ninja-Mer, Ninja Consultant Ninja businessman, etc.). Gameplay from other games of the genre is not significantly different: it is necessary to construct various buildings, which should stop the waves of enemies. Just beat the enemy is not the buildings, and the ninja, who live in them. Fortunately, always know which monsters go in the next wave, so that you can pre-build housing Ninja or Ninja Sniping Foresters (as an option: to pump available). In difficult situations, rescue Special Forces of the Old Master Ninja - he can blow away enemies in the right direction, and burn their ranks caught magnifier sunbeam. At each level, many possible strategies, and find the "right" is sometimes difficult. However, this process is so fascinating, that defeat in Ninjatown quite annoying, but just try to make more and more.