Tomena Sanner

In 2009, many indie developers have been particularly keen on the idea to create a strong game in which you want to press only one button. It is advisable to play at the same time to get interesting. Some succeeded. A successful result can be seen, for example, in Canabalt (www.?canabalt.?com). Character hot on the crumbling skyscrapers, and the player you want one thing - time to press the button to jump from roof to roof. The idea is simple, but implementation delays instantly. In fact, Tomena Sanner exploits the same idea, except that here nothing is falling apart and a running man to not only jump, but the squat, dodging cars and dinosaurs, "give five" other occurring characters, dancing with them, break dance, a run to beat them in the forehead, and do many other strange things in a few words to describe would be quite problematic. What specifically needs to be done - a businessman Hitoshi Susumu solve itself, because you have to do only one thing ... yes, time to press a button while running.