No Time for Dragons

No Time for Dragons

Our world - Wrong Side, where there is a boring technology. Obverse - Natural Born World, beaded magic. The fabric of the universe - the middle world, where the thread intricately intertwined: the magic elements coexisting with steam engines, newspapers printed memoir, "Seventy years Hird, swords cut enemies and watermelons, and a book on his fists and Young believe in fantasy. Created by Sergei Lukyanenko and Nick Perumova universe - a great place to role play. Because of its secondary and fenfik-style ("Elfiek not always enough for everyone!").

Sources of inspiration

Accuse the authors of "The Emperor of illusions" and "Ring of Darkness" in the secondary - not new and not original. They should be praised! After all, "No Time for Dragons" - a wonderful place for a RPG. Effervescent, lively, fun of genre cliches, but beating bow before the icons of the genre. Alas, the game in Minsk team Arise out like a book, sturdily built of the standards and stereotypes.

Setting no one should confuse: "No Time for Dragons" only to them and looks like a magico-technological Arcanum. In fact, the gameplay is the same as in Diablo: without undue zaum in the dialogues, with strong interest to drop out of the opponents of the junk that junk character's bodywork and the exchange of junk into gold. The system of professional development of characters borrowed from Diablo 2 - at your service skills tree, the branches which have to hang glasses. Looks like the proverbial game Diablo 2, only our own, Russian, Voronezh - "Magic of Blood." No wonder: the latest "No Time for Dragons" borrowed engine. What is noticeable: game locations are spacious, and the movements of living creatures, which they swarm - unnatural. Korotkolapye fat bunnies are moving with the grace of the toad, and the hero and his companions have plastic representatives of the people of the Forsaken World of Warcraft.

No Time for DragonsNo Time for Dragons
Imposed on the plot fights dishonest and tedious. From the outset, the monsters are attacking us ... mobs in packs.

By the way, "No Time for Dragons" provides nourishing food for thought about how WoW has changed the world and minds of developers living in it. Strongly changed! Head giving quests character overshadows the first questioning, then, to fulfill your tasks - exclamation points. Monsters running around and attack in groups. With the so-called crowd control, there are some problems, especially early in the game, so it makes sense to do both in WoW - do pull.That is to entice the opponents one by one, as "suddenly" it turns out that they are two to three levels above your characters, and a way has to spell the Unknown Clan, though (as if!?) Borrowed from the arsenal of any Warlock'a.

Completing the list of games that inspired the developers "is not the time ...", we mention the Baldur's Gate - the first, classical, abounding woodlands with some optional adventures. And Oblivion, borrowed from a compass pointing to the place of performance of an active quest, in the Middle World, he looks like an arrow on the map.

No Time for DragonsNo Time for Dragons
Toward the end of the game the protagonist of Victor becomes a powerful sorcerer. Battered opponents then take the spectacular poses, then cut into circles.

The sleepers

"No Time for Dragons

is a book of primary sources in interesting ways. If you do not read netlenku - it is unclear why the main character at times is not shy in expressions. If you read - it is clear too much: what cues to choose whom to live. Far away from the familiar story in the adventures side does not work, and feel like. Occasionally you may be asked to recall their high-school physics, and so - "'ll get fifteen leopards skins", "Bring seven rat tails." Again, the influence of WoW! The process is called "Grinding" ... beaten to the hero characters - real comrades: loyal, reliable (in general) and the undecideds. Talk to them "for life" just will not work;, including games, which equals "is not the time ..." there is no Planescape: Torment, or KoTOR, or Baldur's Gate 2. Languages ​​NPC is able to unleash a story for a long time walking along the railroad tracks dwarf. Littered the path and the bridge collapse cause in memory of a game genre, Syberia 2. It is no accident: though in a classic quest, "not the time ..." you can not choose your own way. We carry out the job and look forward to the next scene, the station where the next event. And here's another peculiar quests rather than role-playing games, feature "No Time for Dragons: An abundance of items subsequently prove quest. They need to make sense, as a rule, PVOKi - are items misplaced at the point of acquisition. For example, a zombie's head in the canvas bag, lying in the shelter of bandits.

No Time for DragonsNo Time for Dragons
Spell effects veiled our eyes, but the characters cope with the normal enemies and on autopilot. Sculptors from the Middle of the world comes from the inside and saw the "Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson.

In "No Time for Dragons" has at least one winning line. A lot of pleasure can be obtained from the flow of the protagonist. In role-playing games often frustrating the need particular specialization of the character. To try all the possibilities of its development, it is necessary to pass the game several times."This is no time ..." mercifully relieves you of a similar fate. Firstly, there is no contradiction between the study of magic and technology, as in Arcanum. You can tuck the protagonist in the armor of the steam go (wearing the proud name of "slop") and throw spells caliber. Second, the hero's magical abilities are not balanced vulnerability to magic: the ability to lift up objects and resistance to the elements up to heaven. Third, the hero has a skill tree garden, which grows from initiations into the mysteries of different schools of elemental magic. The fruits of various trees consist of a delicious fruit salad, cook that's easy - just carefully read the descriptions of skills. Dropping out of reach of every third level (as in Fallout) and discordant in Russian "perks" are very powerful. Output - the magician with protection from magic, with lots of "hits" and with a machine gun at the ready. A balance? To hell with it! Who needs a single-player game? This is not WoW.

No Time for DragonsNo Time for DragonsNo Time for Dragons