Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Genre: Skating Sim
Developer: Neversoft / Beenox (PC)
Publisher: Activision
Publisher in Russia: SoftKlab
Project website:
System requirements: P-3800, 256Mb RAM, 32Mb Video

A series of games licensed by the glorious name of Tony Hawk, was not born yesterday, and Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (THU2) is the sixth of its representative. It is difficult to say whether Tony Hawk Pro Skater pioneer of the genre, but it is obvious that he has become home to a vibrant and original gameplay, and successfully continued in the next games in the series. Many believe that each new Tony Hawk became the breakthrough of the genre. There are those who believe this sikvelostroenie likely extension of the "old songs", echoing the idea of the predecessor, rather than a real sequel, privnosyaschim in gameplay something really new. Argue here, as can be seen, it is meaningless, but there is a third point of view: this series of each of its continuing perfected the original game mechanics. And judging by the fact that in the five parts of us are not that bothered, but quite the opposite, the mechanics of it - That's it! With this third - gold-median - the position we consider the next "Hawk."

Look first. Graphics

Well, here the changes compared to the first Undergound'om, much less everything. True, this applies only to the quality of the picture.
Stylistically, the game has changed, and, in the direction that the zealots of realism might find inappropriate for a simulator of a skateboard, and, though: the characters THU2 look somewhat comical. And the source of the sentiments found an extremely simple: the game tells the story of "a world tour of destruction" between the teams of Tony Hawk and Bem Margera. The latter, in addition to skate talent, known for a very specific sense of humor, a class "merciless jokes" (as the passage of Story you do not just become their witnesses). In this visual transformation has another side: figure skaters are noticeably smaller. And this, again - someone will seem inappropriate, but otherwise - very even, for a purely practical advantage, opening up a great review, and thus giving somewhat greater control over what's happening.
Animation tricks, and falls are still at a height that is not surprising, because the motion was not with anyone anyhow. However, a slight drawback, at times degenerated into mockery shaped, the animation is still there, and it is connected with the movement out of a skateboard. Sometimes, in order to reach the desired ladder must be far greater dexterity than the performance of long combinations of tricks. Fortunately, that moment is very pedestrian goal of the game is not so much.

View the second. Sound

Soundtrack series has always been famous for high-quality selection of alternative-rock band, performing songs of moderate severity. However, there was also a hip-hop, and rap was. But what was not, it's Frank Sinatra. In THU2 he is. As well as The Doors, whose song Break on Through accompanies starting spot and, indeed, is the main theme of the game. Otherwise, a compilation of performers seems to be more or less familiar to the series, introducing the above genres, as well as punk and outspoken thrash metal, which is included in the category of "rock and more." And I must say that the overall impression of musical accompaniment leaves more than a positive, adding swirling dynamics and atmosphere of extreme skiing. But for the layered adherents of any one direction it is possible to adjust the playlist, at its discretion by excluding individual songs or entire categories.
As for the sound, everything is fair. Sound board varied depending on the type of surface, savory sounds of the falls and the atmospheric noise of cities - all running on the proverbial sense of presence. Well, it goes without saying that all the star skaters speak their own voices (well, and the unknown - someone's else).

Looking third. Gameplay. Perspective first.Story or World destruction tour

So, we got to the heart (it is also, in this case - "flaming engine") games. And here, as so often happens, the most interesting changes have taken place. As mentioned above, as a background story the game has a world tour of the two competing teams skate. In the beginning, you - inexperienced newcomers - will join a team of conservative professionals - Tony Hawk. However, subsequently, resulting in a kind of drawing you are lucky enough to visit the camp and reckless Bem Margera (travel, by the way, with his deeply unhappy father - Phil).
Each level is filled with all sorts of Story jobs, each of which costs a certain amount of points needed to further advance across the globe. The spectrum is wide enough, though hides some standards (for example, not all the same - throw the Spaniards or Americans tomatoes and apples). But for the most part the job is very varied and based on the implementation of various tricks, and even more - their continuous sequences. And, of course, do not forget that this world tour of destruction. Therefore, from time to time have to make some correction in the face of visited cities ... However, failure is not always the result of successful assignments. Often, they occur on your free action, allowing access to new parts of the level, at other times - and new jobs. But for those who plot the passage may not seem too interesting, as well as for everyone else, there is good old regime - Classic - with finding the secret tape, picking up words skate and other time-tested jobs.

Angle second. Game mechanics: the old and new

If the heart THU2 (like any other game) is the gameplay, the heart of its gameplay are the tricks. Holders, slides, flips, retaining the balance - all of this, naturally complementing skateboarding is an extremely exciting and, in fact, determining interest in the game. Last but not least, this is because that level design is very well thought out and allows for a virtually infinite number of combinations of tricks authentic. In other words, ride on the same city for the tenth time can be as interesting as the first. As for the proper arsenal of movements, as always, it is vast, and even has an opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of his own stunts created.
Innovations THU2 are two interesting movements. One of them is called Sticker Slap and executed by double-clicking on the jump in the direct flight to the wall. Thus, the skater jumps in the molds on the wall sticker, and pushed off, thus, a hand on the wall, with a turn going up again. In addition to the spectacular visual performance, this motion can be used as part of a series. Suppose you drove on the rails, jumped in the manual (hold balance by hand without typing speed), got it to turn the benches, drive on which jumped a wall made Sticker Slap, and the final departure from the wall had yet to scroll by themselves board. The second innovation is a FREAK OUT or an act of rage. After a bad landing, you'll see on the screen display of anger, which is recommended to fill the rhythmic click of a button. The more will have time to collect, the stronger your mentee will come out of themselves, and the more points you get as a result of abuse over the board. But this fun does not end, because points are received for the FREAK OUT, for a time kept on the screen, hinting at a continuation of the series. And if you're nimble enough - you will be able to crank on this basis, the next stunt combination. In general, both innovations seem to be rather impressive, and at the same time, add a new pair of glasses gameplay.
And finally a few words about the remaining modes. Of greatest interest after story, and classic in THU2 present mode of playing together, that is, split-screen and online. It is true that the latter is represented only in versions for both PC and PS2. Conceptually the same networking capabilities sufficiently varied and original, and not only retain many of the regimes of the past, but also added a few new ones. The following is Free skate, as well as "create mode".And you can create a THU2 much: from skater authentic form (there is even the possibility of imposing their own photo on the face of his virtual representative) to its own park with their own jobs and, as mentioned above, exclusive of tricks.


Thus, by considering the moments of novelty and sum them under the sign of general interest THU2 was more than worthy of a skateboard simulator. And let fundamentally new in the game is not so much, she still holds and manages the bar for the sixth time appears to be completely original and extremely entertaining. Probably not to all fans of the series with a storyline like innovation saturation favorite, however, in general, this line of development seems to be quite adequate. All lovers of fast riding, skateboarding and fantastic stunts dedicated.

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