Devil May Cry 2

Game Title: Devil May Cry 2
Platform: Playstation 2
Genre: Action
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: 28/01/2003 United States, Europe, 03/28/2003
Official site:

Capcom firm has long been famous for their special passion for producing the light of all of its sequels just a little bit serious projects. Game series this company fatter with a terrible speed, and a couple - three years, grown to an impressive size. If we remember those "fat" game series, as Megamen and Street Fighter, then Square with its eleven (not including branches from the main line of games), "fantasies" just resting. Recently, however, Sapcom some slow down, focus, apparently, the mental effort on the lookout for new ideas.

Devil May Cry 2
The result so deep reflections became hits Onimusha and Devil May Cry. Both of these games 2001 issue - the real gems in the collection of games for the PS2. But if Onimusha turned out kind of a samurai version of RE, then the DMC proposed quite an innovative approach to gameplay. Giving the hero game Dante superhuman (or rather, demonic) powers, arming him with a sword and a pair of pistols, Capcom has created one of the most stylish and charismatic characters of the modern action genre. Dante put on a par with some Kastelvanskim Alucard, and the latter is unlikely to be claimed. Gameplay DMC ingeniously simple: latch on the stages, going from one room to another, and make a horde of different monsters, dared to stand in the way of Dante. Chopped down all and everything, meet with terribly strong boss, renting it for scrap - and turn to the next level, where it all over again. All this would be very boring if it were not for the mass of tricks and combo attacks, which allow to arrange dismantling such a chic and bang that the Matrix would not even dream. The only serious flaw DMC was weak and the unintelligible plot. However, the action - it will not RPG, the more so because, despite so-so syuzhetets, developers, however, managed to create an attractive image of Dante, a kind of a tough guy who is afraid of except himself, and anyone will beat the demon at once dur from the head. Frazochki type of "let's rock, baby" immediately made it clear who's the coolest. So, the toy came out terribly interesting, dynamic and atmospheric. Gamers have expressed their Respect for developers and waited for continuation. What is it happened just the other day, and we hasten to tell you what is a sequel.

Devil May Cry 2
Would normally want from a sequel to the hit? I guess that everything is bigger, better and entertaining. And developers to fill holes of the first part. All this waiting and the Devil May Cry 2. What actually happened? In fact, it turned out that Capcom, in general, failed to meet expectations of gamers. First and foremost, I must note that the game was released not anyhow, but on two DVD-ROM, which is caused arising during this time opportunity to manage not only to Dante, but his volunteer assistant Lucia (Lucia): located on the first drive of Dante, and on the second - respectively Lucia. You can play for any of the characters at will, ie, the ability to have Lucia (sounds ambiguous;) - approx. Ed.) is not associated with the passing game with Dante. It pleases. Not happy about something else: the plot.Developers from Sapcom clearly pored over them day and night, since so crazy and vaguely described the history I have not seen for a long time. I will say more: to understand the intrigue is a difficult task, unless you catch someone from the developers and not extort from him the whole truth. Screensavers instead to expound some coherent story, suffer confusion and obscurity, leaving behind only a feature story about what to do next. However, and this is obtained as a bad thing. Worst of all, because of this whole mess masters Capcom managed to completely demolish the style and image of Dante! No more than a tough guy, who with the words "Don't speak, just die" created a hell on earth. Red cape, sword and pistols survived, but the charisma and style have leaked into the funnel of talentless savers, which for completeness terror backed by the loss of any logic levels. We are in an unknown castle, then suddenly transported into a skyscraper, then just as suddenly find ourselves at a factory ... What we have forgotten it - is unclear. Remembering the first DMC and crying. In addition, steps have lost a unique gothic atmosphere of the first part. Now we are basically waiting for the skyscrapers and all sorts of streets which are not very much to face DMC2. Of course, there are a couple impressive steps, so to speak, the echoes of past glory, but in general - not impressive. It is not saved and solid growth in housing - that is, the size of the levels. Remember the small room full of enemies of the eyeballs, narrow corridors, where already waiting for an ambush, and a contact battle with swords and fists, dressed in ifritovye gloves in the first part? Firearms are used mostly for combo attacks, and not as a primary means of destroying the enemy. In the sequel, everything is somehow boring. Due to the vast territory, the enemy can easily mop up shots at a distance, without even thinking about the near fight - sometimes they do not have time to run up. But in principle, with opponents generally can not communicate, heroically running away from them. Catch up with you they can not - it is checked. Plus, the level was even lower than in the first DMC. At this time Dante got 17 stages, and his friend battle - only 12. As a result, in order to have finished firing the two characters, only takes 6-7 hours.

Devil May Cry 2
The combat system has not undergone significant changes. As before, the characters are armed with the means ranged and melee. Dante always uses a sword and pistols, though this remained true to himself and Lucia are operating a pair of short swords, and an infinite number of throwing knives that perform the same function as the guns of Dante. Unfortunately, a variety of weapons is very, very meager: Dante - all three swords (including the original) with some suspiciously named Rebellion, Vendetta, and Merciless. Personally, I want to ask, Where are the Alastor, Found a hero in the last game? Where ifritovye gloves? Sold at a flea market? And why could not save the arms of the first part, adding a new one? Strangely it all ... Firearms are presented only four species: Ebony and Ivory - two pistols with which Dante begins his path, then you can get hold of shotganom, a pair of small machine guns and rocket launcher. Alas, no exotics like the Nightmare Beta in the first part, we do not find here. In Lucia's similar number of murder, that of Dante, the only other species and names. In short, sadly, but Arsenal do not inspire.

Can not be said about the diversity of techniques and combo series: here the second part passes its predecessor on all counts. Now Dante can perform almost the fusion triple jumps, run on walls, pull back and fabricate other tricks that are inaccessible to ordinary mortals. A dogfight was generally a constant element of gameplay. Of course, remained a possibility of turning into a demon (Devil Trigger): After completing the relevant scales can take non-human face and show everyone gruel. It looks very impressive. Much steeper than in DMS.Although the system "dzhaglingov" suffered badly: juggle apostates are now much more difficult.

Preserved and the system upgrade weapons and purchase of new techniques and different useful objects. To currency - the same red Orbs in abundance scattered throughout the stages and gangster, extorting money from the enemies. In addition to them there were the so-called Heart (Hearts), giving the possibility of using the special charms to get hold of very very cool abilities. Total number of hearts in the game hidden away in September, and if you collect them all, the hero becomes a truly unbeatable. All the more so compared to the first part of the difficulty of the game has fallen sharply. Either Capcom pushed this way angry gamers, or something else is not specified, but facts are facts - the usual enemies die meekly packs, bosses are dying the same way.

Devil May Cry 2
As the curtain to tell a little about the plot. Which sometimes became worse than before. Dramatically increasing the size of the stages, the developers of powerful save on texture quality and detail that has led to poverty and lifelessness of the environment. Enemies, parting with a number of grounds, gained a hefty clumsiness (although the diversity of species is impressive). Fortunately, the animation of the main characters at the height of: admire the soft, smooth step Dante punches, jumping, waving in the wind hair and cape. But the camera has remained just as nightmarish as the first part. Angles change dramatically and unexpectedly, the survey, designed to create a cinematic effect, only confuses. Sometimes the camera behaves so hideously that he did not see where enemies are and who to beat. Well, at least there avtonavodka.

As for the music, the heavy metal during the battle, turning into an elegant orchestral music gothic style to accompany a calm, rather complements the gameplay. Sounds as ringing of swords, pistols and whistles Babakhanov missiles to some extent surpass Ryki, squeaks and howls of enemies, but, in general, if we exclude such a trifle as several unnatural voice voice actor, the scale of the game quite harmonious and artistic.

So what we have in the end? Very good exciting game in itself, while very weak sequel, not lived up to his expectations. If it was not a great Devil May Cry, then DMC2 hardly would have been under fire. In essence, Capcom could not even repeat what was in the first part, let alone an improvement. Unlike Onimusha and Onimusha 2, where progress is so strong that simply amazed, DMC 2 does not become worthy of the original. I'm afraid those who have played in the first part will be pretty disappointed, but who began his acquaintance with Dante in DMC2, receive unforgettable impressions.