Red - Dead Revolver

Red - Dead Revolver
Genre: action
Platform: PS2, Xbox
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Number of Players: 1-4
Game site:

Almost forgot a couple of decades ago, genre westerns creeping back to life. The company Rockstar Games offers to our attention an interesting project - Red Dead Revolver. Romance of the Wild West in all varieties: crazy shootouts, fights in saloons, beautiful women and atmosphere of this cinematic westerns - all assembled in the new game.

Together - we have the power!
Red - Dead Revolver
The authors decided not to torment us a long prelude, and went straight to the point. The young family rested peacefully at his ranch, when suddenly there was a gang of robbers and shot the teen parents. Grabbing my father's revolver, the young man bravely slew of bandits. Dissatisfied with this revenge, he decided to devote his life to fight tyranny with the gangster. Riding faithful horse, our hero with the proud name of Red Harlow goes in search of adventure. Such guileless tie the game.

In the fight alone has long been unfashionable and boring. During the passage you will meet many characters, too, decided to challenge the evil gangsters. Sometimes it seems that the story constantly switches to the secondary characters, but in reality, passing game, you will understand how their lives intersect with the main line. Each of them has a little background, from which it becomes clear - why do these people have a grudge against the evil gangsters. And for every one of his friends you can play yourself. This battle kovboysha protecting his ranch, and a gallant Englishman, whose own accounts with one of the ringleaders of the gang, and even general peacemaker, trying to personally settle the armed conflict. That is, in fact we have non-linear action!

Red - Dead Revolver
The main part of the game, you still take on the role of the valorous cowboy Red Harlow. Over 30 missions you have to protect civilians, to rescue the girls, to help the sheriff of the town - to do good deeds. Special flavor to the game bring cinematic scenes. During some scenes perspective is built as though you're watching an old black and white movies. Most of the time you shoot the evil cowboys and Indians. In some missions will have to act tactically (hiding behind rocks and carefully postrelivaya a gun), while in others you can make a real massacre, armed with a pair of pistols. Sometimes the game and did become interactive in nature - when the whole mission was built in a duel on a train. Who first drew his colt - the winner. Incidentally, the duel in the game reserved seat.

Clint Eastwood of our time
Red - Dead Revolver
Imagine a scene from the classic westerns. On a deserted street near the saloon two converge. CU - impassive face of the protagonist and malevolent villain face-Mexican. Duelists face each other in the eye, the hand of each lies on the holster.The next moment they draw their guns, shot and sounded ... Mexican with a frozen face falls lifeless wonder ... Do not be surprised - in the game, such episodes will occur often. At the time of the duel image changes, you slowly hover over the left analog stick cursor on the enemy and then shoot. Please note that until you hover the crosshair on the target, the opponent takes out his gun.

Much the same way you can punish enemies and bosses. In the lower corner of the screen builds up a scale in filling that can activate the Dead-eye (something like the special attacks for each character). For example, Red Harlow Spaces target areas on the body of the enemy, and then thrust the queue, and Annie Stoakes shoots a powerful charge from a shotgun so that all nearby enemies instantly sent to the forefathers.

This cowboy is to be forearmed, and - preferably - is dangerous. In the avarice of developers did not reproach: the choice of ammunition is enormous - the most exacting taste. Here is everything that we've seen in classic westerns: from simple revolvers and shotguns to a steady six-gun, carefully installed by someone at some levels. And if true colt is out of date - not a problem - before the next mission you will be able upgrade weapons.

Well, of course, what Western can do without a fight? Some missions are that you are using the materials at hand discourage girls from arrogant cowboys (in the end, though, you end up mediocre shootout). Unfortunately, the arsenal of techniques is small. You can spend a good hook so kick the enemy until he is knocked down, or just break a bottle on his head. For greater entertainment.

Multiplayer for the poor
Red - Dead Revolver
Level of complexity does not make you a nuisance to throw the joystick. AI opponents are not particularly high. Bosses, of course, are able to more than just strafe, but the rank and file enemies usually do not take the quality and quantity. Nevertheless, you can finish the level with two ratings: "good" and "excellent." "Excellent" to pass easily. You have to use as little as possible lechilok and try to destroy opponents with the least amount of rounds (shot in the head). The better the finish the mission, the greater the reward will get. And it was on matsredstva you can repair / buy weapons and rare items for the regime Journal.

The fact is that besides the main mode Story mode in the game, there are two additional ones. First - Showdown ("Disassembly"). In the best case - is the multiplayer for up to 4 players, but for our region, deprived PlayOnline network - just a battle against the computer. After completing the mission you get a new location (or character), which will gradually "open up" in this mode. You can put up to 4 opponents, and choose your favorite location and arrange a tournament. The second additional mode - this Journal - a diary, which contained information on weapons, characters and plots. In some stores there are items buying that, you open the pages of the diary. Opening a diary in full, you will learn the history of the town, a biography of the characters and be able to better navigate in the choice of weapons.

Accompany their intelligence
Graphically, the game is not as good as we would like. Simple design of landscapes, rough character animation and useless gestures leave an unpleasant aftertaste. As if the creators are simply flawed graphics engine the game. But we must pay tribute to the more powerful Xbox. Version of the game for this console for obvious reasons, much more impressive. And the special effects, and texture - all this is done much better than the version for the PS2. Another serious drawback of both versions - the annoying orange hue, has the most missions.

However, even if you close your eyes on the graphic flaws, one is struck by how well thought-out mechanics of the fight. For each body part the enemy has a certain loss.If you're stupid to burn on the legs, the result is not good, but wasted ammo, do not wait. And vice versa: if the shot in the head - just get the corpse.

But the sound design was pleased. During the adventure you are constantly accompanied by country music. And then during a fierce exchange of fire guitar melody gives way to anxiety and minor scales - all in the best tradition of the famous Ennio Morricone. And the voice of characters perceived "a great success." Even the wandering through the town NPC actors' voices are heard quite clearly.

That's how pleased we are a company that produced the great GTA and controversial Manhunt! If you do not pay attention to the mediocre graphics and annoying sometimes poisonous orange palette (although in some more colors can be made Western?), Then you can safely take on this game. It is quite fascinating and is not devoid of originality. And how often do we have the opportunity to play in the Western?