Galcon Fusion

Last year's success Eufloria (when we wrote about her, she still called Dyson) has contributed, among other things, the fact that a series of temporary toured Galcon on the iPhone. There is no place like home: after working on a mobile platform, new game mechanics, Phil Hess decided to combine them in a sequel to the original Galcon for the PC. Who played in Eufloria gameplay will seem very familiar: a small rectangular box strewn planet, which players and to capture. This is done by ships, which are made on the player owned planets - and what they are, the faster the supply with fresh fighters. Newly manufactured vehicles are for the time being on the home planet and able to defend it from enemy attacks. A slight wave of the mouse the player can send a fleet (number of ships it controlled wheel) with one or more planets in some other. In a planetary battle no tactical element there: the strongest wins, that is - a larger fleet. But in the general field of competent opponent (computer or alive) can only take cunning. To find such work will not make - Galcon Fusion sharpened by the multiplayer, single player game it is mainly for training. And online rating once every ten days reset, forcing the play again and again. Monotonous pulling troops on the field, although in some point in time to get bored - the scope for strategic variations in the wrong. Somehow helps to cope with this serious set of game modes: their nearly eight pieces. But, as expected, fundamentally from each other, they are no different - in a mode Billiards, for example, the planet shy away across the field, while in Stealth enemy ships disappear from sight shortly after takeoff. Another thing - the bonus is not the regime, not the modifier Retro. Thanks to his graphics in the game instantly becomes ASCII'shnoy, sounds - like a PC-speaker, and management of text. Practical benefit from it no, but it looks great.