The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Genre: Action / Adventure
Platform: PC, PS 2, Xbox, GameCube, GameBoy Advance
Developer: Surreal Software
Publisher: Universal Interactive
System Requirements: P2 450, 64 MB RAM, 3D Accelerator

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
An interesting way to read books dictated by the modern fashion. We take a solid three-volume Lord of the Rings, escaping from a good part of his narrative dialogues, tear to pieces the scene of pacifism and, having a thin reading, begin to study it. It is worth noting that the product will very preinteresnoe - and the intrigue of upcoming events, and the number of dead orcs page of printed text. If, having read this far, you have not yet iskroshili of confetti home library, it makes sense to stop. Universal Interactive has done it for you, released a marasmic short thriller based on the first part of the trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Forget about the ring - Fellowship of the beats in the bone!

Sometimes smerknetsya slightly
And hear the noise of his footsteps,
But at dawn on a long journey
He left without another word

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
The game's plot is not replete with specific innovations and pulled straight from the book. It was torn, because some noteworthy elements of author's ideas have remained in an accident cover. The role of the patch fell to the director's retreat "Later". This inscription appears everywhere, fortunately, nothing was a good party fleshy orcs. Man, do not read the original, and there are many, just do not understand why the passage through the mountains was impregnable, and "friendly" dungeons of Moria were the only possible solution. And this incident is not the only one. Moreover, as a result of inexplicable manipulation of literature has suffered and faktika, and those elements that have to suffer, in general, and should not be. For example, after rescuing the hobbits Tom Bombadil advises them to visit the tavern "Prancing Pony", although known for certain that it was Gandalf.

It turns out that the previously agreed upon meeting place with a warlock, and then with Aragorn, is completely dependent on the chance the Met Tom. I understand, a trifle, but after all of these details and general impression about the successful or unsuccessful project.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
So after all fiction or mistake? Such doubts are not peculiar to the plot, but the few adventure elements. A striking example - an escape from the Shire. Halfling Frodo Baggins, instead of immediately dangerous to leave the land Hobbitanii, idly strolling through the burrows, uncomplicated quest resolves the problem. The latter, incidentally, will serve as an excellent example of how you can develop no one specific topic from almost nothing.Avid hobby is not willing to leave his hole without supervision and decides to sell her Lobelia, this player will have to wander through the countryside in search of the deed to the land. More - more. Protagonist Frodo does not leave in the lurch of the old miller, who dragged a man vitally important device, but still there is a farmer with his yo-yo. In short, spat in the upcoming Nazgul, the savior of Middle brazenly stretches the already not too happy hours of playing. Such an approach is not limited to Frodo. In the role of Aragorn we have to run on Bree in search of Sam, and then find the required for the construction of the scarecrows.

The apogee of conceptual distortions are dungeons of Moria. Compulsive Surreal Software Croft turned to the notorious product gnome art in a monstrous maze dotted with buttons, levers and disguised passes. However, it is worth noting that, unlike Tomb Rider all the levers in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring are in close proximity to open the object, and return to their places of former glory can be regarded as nonsense.

In their brave journeys
He knew a foreign language
All tribes and nations
And the fiery dragon's roar

Although there are some quest items, most of the game you have to fight with orcs, therefore, should thoroughly investigate the combat system. However, apart there is nothing special. Each character has a melee attack and one for long. Frodo is fighting the rod and uses a limited set of stones to attack an opponent from a distance and repel Nazgul. Can be worn for a limited time ring and trite lam. In addition to the standard shots of Aragorn with a sword can be used and a knockout kick. Svalennogo down enemy hero pierces through.

Gandalf was more generous to all sorts of tricks and has five spells. Fire a shot and lightning to attack the opponent at a distance, hit a stick to stall, treatment, and the most interesting magic trapping, forcing opponents gang up on each other. However, the fixed control three characters are not limited to duels. At some point in the game to help Aragorn come the hobbits, and by controlling Frodo, we are lucky to fight side by side with Gimli. Unfortunately, to play for nothing Gimli or Legolas for us to not give, a clear delineation of plot falls down only when showing game clips and inserts, where the legendary Brotherhood is present in full strength.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Not bad (I did not say good) coped with the work the designers. High level of detail was blurred characters absolutely worthless Nazgul. Very high quality look giant spiders and orcs. Before the invasion of horror to them, of course, still far off, but at least the overall impression of the game will not spoil, which can not be said about the plot insets. Those that are modeled on the game engine, performed well, and sometimes even delight, but, unfortunately, there are others. Rolls with pre-traced landscapes and scenes create sustainable impression that for this game they have nothing to do and are taken straight from a completely different project.
Criticism deserves more and the camera, which by their natural lack of talent does not look the character behind his back, and sometimes even runs into a brick wall.

It is time to write a resume, but to make this absolutely does not want. The first major implementation of Tolkien's tome on a PC largely lost purely prefixal "The Two Towers" from EA, akkurat performed in the film. Criticize? Read the riot act to the developers for a failed plot to too large deviations from the book, for the unforgivable flaws graphics does not make sense. Perhaps, this first step on the path to perfection is not the last, and the possible "return of the emperor" would be more compelling and logical. Time will tell.