Platform: PC
Genre: Action / Racing
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Syst. Requirements: Pentium 450, 64Mb RAM, 3D Accelerator with 16 Mb VRAM, 500MB hard drive

Ca. Ed.: While on our site have already been published two reviews prefixal version was discovered demand a separate article on the PC-version of GTA3. Please!

Came in and out components of the gaming festival - came out on PC Grand Theft Auto III. Previously, we could just licking their lips at pristavochnikov who managed to get acquainted with Siim creation as much as 7 months before. But we solemnly swear to skate, otgrabit, otvorovat and otugonyat its full. That is only to master this little non-standard views, with these awkward shooting and beating fast cars ...

So what are we waiting for, and what happens? At first, everyone wanted a new three-dimensionality and the old form at the top. Then, when the public saw the picture a la "NFS and his followers," is firmly lodged in the brain thought: "What about the old and the gameplay is so dear?" After the vision of screenshots from the man like Max Payne, ingrained sense of that from our favorite GTA want to make another slow-witted 3D-Action. Soon the new details: there will be multiplayer, but it will be GTA 4, freedom of action will remain, but will be subject, etc.

As a result of innovations is uniquely can only say that the first two GTA then little is left. Terribly uncomfortable, but still present "for show" top view, the old atmosphere in slightly new interpretation of - almost a full list of what will be found after a long search for the most hard-nosed fans. Well, everyone else will just play in a brand new GTA.

Those who had the three digits in the name of a favorite game, has rushed into the store. Those who stayed, tortured question that the game is still similar. I'll be brief. Most GTA III is similar to a mixture of thriller four years ago Urban Chaos and popularly beloved, but silly simulator hijacker Driver. Oh yeah, under "similarity" should be written and the hero looking like uncombed and unshaven Max Payne. The gameplay is somewhere between these three games with a bias in the ability to drive cars. Game is still about the hijackers.

Since most of you reading this story gamers had to read the reviews holes platformers versions of GTA III, will leave behind a positive article quality by examining some of the shortcomings of the whole game and the differences from the PC-version of the console counterparts. Get started!

Many kind words for Rockstar North in person made ​​me say the control of a hero. Skirmishes in the game and did cause enduring hostility to the programmers who created these things. At a time when hostile mob chase you into a quiet dead-end place to walk away from the police, not the time to miss, firing ultrasound. A miss! That's because the sight of leaping, like a madman, and the aim is great difficulty, and the camera continually changes its angle just because it seems so better.And I do not think so! Inevitably have a large portion of villains to destroy the bumper and windshield car, getting out only for the selection of bonuses.

Slightly surprised by a new approach to life, death and the arrest of glavgeroya. If in the earlier parts of GTA in this regard was pure arcade, the third part of the developers probably decided to claim a higher level. Doctors for the N-ную amount you podlechat, zashyut, on its feet, clean, and yes even nadushat cologne. Therefore, we can not be afraid to sink, burn, explode - just die. In the worst case, after you provide first aid you will only lose the mission.

Police, much to the surprise and behave very courteously - trying to arrest, rather than shoot. And nothing about the military, which appear completely filled with the scale of tolerance ", and say nothing - they never give themselves a courtesy by white hands forward you to the site. And even if some stray shell fired a tank will get into your car, you just end up in hospital, for further see above.

Many were probably wondering what PC-version differs from versions of platformers. Few, only some of the specific computer features done. For example, in a specially designated folder, you can put your favorite mp3-files, and the game will be a new radio, which will be exclusively "on your order. Or wander through the hundreds of fan sites, scattered here and there around the world, and get interesting gizmos like new skins for cars or new facilities, including a variety of cars.

Play the GTA III! No matter pristavochnik you or adherent PC. Game, despite some imperfections. Play, win and play again. A GTA III among other virtues, surely go down in history more PC-games and how most high-quality port with the console.