Dungeon Siege II

Platform: PC
Genre: Action / RPG
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Publisher: Microsoft
Project website: http://www.microsoft.com/games/dungeonsiege2
System requirements: P-4 2.2 GHz; 512Mb RAM; 64 Mb Video

Experienced players have long known the following axiom: hope to get Microsoft's something really innovative - is like an agonizing wait for Duke Nukem Forever, or even Fallout 3. Unnatural waste of time and effort. Once the reservation that Dungeon Siege II - not the exception, just another high budget confirmed the reputation of the creative team to them. Bill Gates. The new word in the cloning of a clone of Diablo II, no more and no less. But you're still in it's going to play, right?

Dungeon Siege II
Forget Jason Steytmana!
Probably the only thing that could not boast of the first Dungeon Siege, was a fitting scale bloodletting enemy plot. The story of avenging the farmers whose Villains hacked to death his wife and child may like the look a respected film director Uwe Boll (Uwe Boll) - now it just right deals adaptation of "Dungeon Siege". This time the guys from Gas Powered Games to fork out for a writer Susan O'Connor (Susan O'Connor), composed the well itself adequate, even banal (you do not forget who is the publisher of the game?), History of fantasy world.
Dungeon Siege II
The action of Dungeon Siege II takes place about two hundred years before the global sweeps dungeons semi-divine farmer. All, as in the ordinary books of foreign fiction mid-90's: originally evil king found in the depths of the world's incredible power sword, resulting in "poplohel" even stronger and began to enslave the entire population Aran. Guess who will teach wits before the final credits?
The hero, incidentally, was originally on the side of the army, Valdis (so called main adversary), but after a failed campaign and the traditional act of betrayal, falls into the camp of "good", which takes the local cultural values ​​and is on the other side.

Dungeon Siege II
The farther into the woods ...
Start Dungeon Siege II once more daunting. Most starting areas like the nondescript monotonous scenery from the middle of the first part. But walking along the narrow chute of the plot in the wilds of the game, you find that sometimes come quite tolerable surroundings, which need to look exclusively at the highest position the camera. Otherwise you ready to spoil the fun unpleasant jerky angles with unhealthy patterns - both game and wards.
Oath of Chris Taylor (Chris Taylor) at E3, about consciousness the stunning graphics, did not materialize. Clips, which you so admired, were normal prerenderennymi clippings from the game, nothing to do with the gameplay lacking. Moreover, the player's side to distinguish from the first Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege II does not always succeed.Boring and sad.

Dungeon Siege II
The key is to start
Fortunately, praise Gas Powered Games still have something. Management of party members, and without that shone forth in Dungeon Siege, now and at all brought up (in a whisper) perfection. The successful arrangement of keyboard shortcuts, pulling frequently used skills in the quick bar and stuff, stuff, stuff.
Some transformations undergone and role-playing system. Making the choice of 4 available classes (fighter, archer, mage, healer), you thus choose for themselves further gaming lifestyle. Because at the same time trying to succeed and in healing and in perpetration of bloody bath will be terribly expensive. Gas Powered Games has introduced a system of pumping of certain skills instead of squeezing out traditional practices and its subsequent distribution among the players' interest skills. In Dungeon Siege II Character, hunted wild boar shooting, eventually gets a point for the acquisition of special skills, typical for his profession. It may be possible to fire two arrows at once (the archer) or discipline possession of two swords (the fighter). Thus, attempts to grow "generalists" in the world of Aran will be very disadvantageous for playing too.

Dungeon Siege II
Quartet tolkinistov
By the way, the vacant space in your party, it was decided to cut back. Playing on the «Easy», you're free to have authority over no more than 4 fighters, and to get more hands have to go all over again on «Medium» and «Hard». Of course, nobody forbids to cut the catacombs in splendid isolation, but in case of untimely death no one will be able to submit you a helping hand - to resurrect and return to duty. And the trophy barahlishko with friends is much easier to carry.
Dungeon Siege II
The number of available zverushek also increased. Now in the stall next to friends you sad donkey from the previous series settled fairly impressive spiders and golems. At the beginning of these prosecutors will be the minimum, but if you feed them regularly fall out of minions Valdis swords, shields, chain mail and drugs, eventually they manhood, and will bring tangible benefits.

As a postscript
Despite the general secondary, minimal differences with the first part, annoying pompous and symphonic tracks and stigma "clone old Diablo», Dungeon Siege II painstakingly selects the hours of your free time. In the booze in it, though, will not play, but as a means of mental relaxation - at the time.

Dungeon Siege II
Gameplay: 7.0
Graphics: 6.0
Sound and music: 6.0
Design: 8.0
Estimation of the author: 7.0

Outcome: 70%