Hotel Dead Mountaineer

Hotel Dead Mountaineer
Write a prestigious detective quest for the product - not an easy task. Although at first sight everything seems easier to nowhere, because the genre has to collect evidence, and the persistent interrogation of suspects. In fact - the work is quite difficult and thankless. For example, the maestro Lee Sheldon did not succeed even at the third attempt, and he tried a lot of options, trying to please everyone: changed the ending, introduced new characters, diluted effect of far-fetched mysteries. And still quite computer-adventure based on the books of Agatha Christie ultimately was not very much. The more interesting creature Electronic Paradise - and suddenly, a little-known studio will turn out better than the venerable pros? Consider everything in order.

If you read the book, and in the course of history is not quite successful attempt Inspector Glebskii rest in a small hotel away from civilization, at first your mind will certainly stop any and all details, such as the number of skis, located at the entrance, look of the characters, their clothes or replicas. Something matches the original text, somewhere there are some deviations, but in general Electronic Paradise bad labored over by the hotel and its guests. Perfectly transmitted and the atmosphere: this applies both to the appearance of the hotel building, and musical accompaniment, ranging from oppressive electronic compositions before romping guitar gash - depending on the current situation.

Hotel Dead MountaineerHotel Dead Mountaineer
When looking at this picture of players with experience immediately rush to seek a newspaper and some object to push the key out of the hole. Do not do that - the developers will make you find a much more elegant solution. Diary of a protagonist quite uncomfortable - notes and incident Glebskii not sort, and sometimes not so easy to find the desired entry. Well, that did not have to do it very often.
When the euphoria passes from the first meeting, open your eyes to the shortcomings. A lot of them here. Initially, visible only mere trifle: some items do not disappear after Glebskii them have already put in your pocket, you can not select a slot to save the game (but if you prefer to save every 5 minutes, then for you it will be a big problem, since have to distinguish between preservation exclusively for the date). More - more. The game often suffers from a scripting error - for example, you can easily get stuck tightly due to the fact that your character will refuse to continue the conversation or to yourself to come to logical conclusions when it is necessary for the plot. And if you do not know what is really going to happen, it can be endlessly circling the beautiful locations in the search for truth.

Hotel Dead Mountaineer Unusual product
"Hotel" Dead Mountaineer "is considered one of the most unusual works by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Indeed, this story was noticeably stood out all the classics of art and social science fiction. Most of my friends fans still see before them only a banal detective ( albeit with large patches of fiction) from those for whom while away Housewives. But in fact, the book raises very important question: are we ready to face the unknown worlds and civilizations? The current readers of the story "Hotel" may seem somewhat trivial, because in the past years we have been asked this question to ask yourself after watching dozens of movies, computer games and other literary works. However Strugatskie were among the first - in any case, the former Soviet Union (1970). So, if you were not aware until this moment with the book, and storyline you did not come to taste in principle - do not rush to reproach the authors, but just think about what was said above.

Hotel Dead MountaineerHotel Dead Mountaineer
Du Barnstokr - a mediocre opponent, so it hardly will be interesting to while away winter evenings with him playing blackjack ... ... As well as with Simone Simon - too hard to win against him in the pool at least one game. The author of these lines was to prevail about the twentieth time.
However, there are far more significant problems. The first half of the game presented to a great invention, so that there is a desire to convey greetings to the fiery Lee Sheldon and his entire rewrite the script with the words: "Learn, Mr Sheldon - here's how to do this game in the books!". Riddles and puzzles do not seem far-fetched, our hero does not drag you into his pocket all that is bad, and take only those things that can really come in handy in the future, and mini-games quite appropriate and not necessary to the passage (which is really really brilliant find for the genre - Why did no one else has thought of this?). And no fictional characters with such an approach simply does not need to - here you will not find them. It would seem, here it is - the perfect quest for the book! But the farther from the beginning - the worse, and at some point you want your "hello" to take back shyly. Most of the puzzles after the first third of the game to be extremely commonplace, and is the request for "Bring-Bring" yes short interviews with all the guests one by one. This could be like if the conversations were on the order of fun, and everything that happens to remind interactive cinema. After all, except two or three points near the end of the game, choose the answer question or rarely affects the course of the story - everything is already determined in advance.

And the end comes suddenly and completely. If you go to the particular, the developers have managed the second half of the book to squeeze in 15 (20 - if you think long) minutes of playing time! All anything, but that's just the name of the second half of the work more intense and interesting, because basically gives first look at the very hotel, and guests. Besides, the promised extra ending totally shocked. Moreover - disappointing. One gets the impression that it was added solely for show - kind of like was promised during the first announcement, so as not to deviate from his plans.About the ending, which most players will stumble at the first passage by chance - better keep silent. She leaves a dozen questions from anyone who has not read the book, and it is a misunderstanding that exists.

Hotel Dead MountaineerHotel Dead Mountaineer
During numerous interviews, the developers have stated that many items need to be combined with each other - it is not so, combine accounts are not so often. But even without that there will be many interesting puzzles. Not very nice screenshot, right? There could be a beautiful movie, but it's just a case where we should dream up - we observe is not the only one.
Thanks to all of the above, the current "Hotel" Dead Mountaineer "leave conflicting impressions. Like, Electronic Paradise and tried, but that's only managed to not do so much promise (we will not focus attention on them - if you're interested, read the preview) and so much lubricate the ending that put a high estimate, we simply have no right.

Hotel Dead Mountaineer New Year rush
All buyers will first run were victims of pre-New Year rush: if the game does not want you to run, do not hurry to flee to complain to the seller, but just try to append to the end of the CD-key is a symbol - A. But it is also widely believed that this is a cunning PR-stroke - news about the absence of a character very quickly spread through all the portals, making the game play more interested many people.

Hotel Dead MountaineerHotel Dead Mountaineer
Most of the characters close-up look just ugly - for example, Mrs. Moses more or less pretty exclusively in statics. Looking at the unnatural movement of her lips and body, you will surely decide that it's a bit out of it. The developers left a lot of surprises for which have to work hard. And some - not even pass the game again. The problem is that they want to replay for this one.