Grand Theft Auto III

Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: DMA Design

Grand Theft Auto III
It is believed that deep in everybody, even if it is the most pious members of society, hides a ruthless sadist, waiting for the right moment to break the shackles of civilization and escape. And I think I tend to agree with this view, otherwise how can we explain the stable attractive for us to violence as such. Even the ominous letter "M", which in our time play tag, intended solely for adults who actually performs the opposite role: it attracts the attention of no worse colorful covers and high-profile advertising slogans. Realizing this, the developers happily walked up to the consumer, creating more and more violent games. One of the latest developments in this area - Grand Theft Auto III (GTA3).

I will confess at once, the first two parts of GTA does not cause me special delight. This crime epic, quite frankly, was designed for the amateur, but implicit in the concept it might well hope for successful development. That is what happened. Feeling the full potential of next generation gaming, DMA Design Team has undertaken to raise the series to a new level by putting everything that happens in a fully three-dimensional world.