Aquanox 2: Revelation

Game Title: Aquanox 2: Revelation
Platform: PC
Genre: action
Developer: Massive Development
Publisher: JoWooD Productions
Publisher in Russia: Russobit M
Release Date: August 2003
Minimum system requirements:
Pentium III 750 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 3D-graphics card with 32 MB RAM, 1 GB HDD
Official site:

Aquanox 2: Revelation
It is no secret that the mysterious depths of the seas and oceans for centuries attracted people, no less than the azure expanse of the heavens. Over time, the thrust resulted in diving suits and a giant submarine, which played a significant role in armed conflicts. In this age of high-tech battle submarine steel giants have been reflected on the screen. However, it now will not at all about the next Sub Command. For all its originality and fascination of these simulators submarines were interesting not for everyone. Probably pushed unhurried gameplay and management complexity. Thoroughly examining the situation, visionary Germans from Massive Development took an interesting solution: combine the mysterious atmosphere of underwater depths and the dynamics of the genre action. So there was Aquanox ... The game quickly gained popularity thanks to a strong plot (Krass engine is one of the first demonstrated loyalty to the pixel shaders) and faster, action-packed gameplay. On the one hand, we swam under water to a compact U-boat, admiring the algae and fish, with another - fighting with the crowds of enemies, without shunning the usual Streif and generally controlling the underwater unit WASD-layout. In short, the game failed, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that my CD-ROM drive is now fairly crackled with its continuation.

Aquanox 2: Revelation - such is the proud name of the sequel - the very first minutes of the game gives the impression of a more serious project and, if anything, soundly. In the courtyard in 2666. Your name is William Drake, and you are very dissatisfied with their lives. Yes, and that it's good? Ongoing work irretrievably lost, money, as they say, not enough to swear by, but then there was the thought of Dad, missing a year ago under mysterious circumstances, absolutely jammed. Attack of the evil pirates on your mood of the underwater vehicle, of course, did not improve. Nevertheless, the reason for joy yet found. Drake'u saved lives and given the chance to become a full member of the gang. Here is the brief background. The story takes you.

And develop, it must be said, is nonlinear. More precisely, it is not linear. If the first Aquanox after tedious dialogues with grotesquely caricatured characters (which in the sequel turned into normal people) assumed only one course of action, then Aquanox 2: Revelation gladly puts branching structure of the missions. Of course, progress through the story will allow only one of the offered job, but the other will be an excellent tool for the bourgeois-capitalist development, that is to say their own enrichment.

Aquanox 2: Revelation
The economic system of a sequel is not much different from the original and still rests on universal credits. These currencies are spent in the shops of beautiful underwater cities to purchase equipment and weapons for your underwater vessel. However, there is an alternative - trophies (do not forget, you are a member of the pirate gang!).If, during a mission you do not manage to destroy the enemy, but only to bring down his "boat", then the enemy's weapons after returning from a mission goes to you. Ask how you can defuse underwater bathyscaphe not gouging him to bits? Believe me, the developers thought out ways.
Weapons in Aquanox 2: Revelation is divided into torpedoes, ballistic and EMP-guns. With the first two categories is clear: luptsuem of all the trunks and torpedo mines, leaving a wet spot on the adversary (pardon the pun). But EMP-guns are more accurate, damaging an enemy submarine power systems and conclusions, ultimately, it failed. For the most desperate pirates there and very very exotic thing - Vendetta Sniper, a kind of underwater sniper rifle (to the question of reconciling action'a and diving). Shot of this thing in the cockpit of a small unit immediately bring it down - pure and tasteful.

True, always use this trick will not work. During a large-scale hot battle you just do not give aim. Meanwhile, hot battles Aquanox 2: Revelation contains a good deal since in some cases, the player goes on a mission, accompanied by the brave companions. Unfortunately, the very mechanics of the battle from the time of the original game has not undergone significant changes. Maneuvering is still reduced to one-sided strafe, and the enemies again not particularly anxious to avoid the hit, often almost specifically "grabbing" the body shells. AI of your teammates is also, alas, is unremarkable.

Aquanox 2: Revelation
Can not be said about the graphics performance toys. What really pleased the eye Aquanox, but his successor has surpassed all expectations. Underwater World, made in dark brown tones, contains a lot of minute details, and literally filled with fascinating play of light and shadow. From the surface of the ocean make their way slanting rays of the sun, reflected on the bottom of oscillation of water masses, swaying seaweed, in general, everything is as it should be a reality. Boats and static objects pleasing to the eye the highest degree of detail and the presence of colored lights. Explosions - separate song. Thanks to the proper use of particle effects, they have turned out more beautiful and believable than the original game. Repeatedly improved interior vessel. Now the device cab subs are different, no less than the exterior. In short, all connoisseurs of fine Aquanox 2: Revelation to viewing is highly recommended. Incidentally, the high visual quality toys evidenced by the fact that, based on its graphical engine Massive Development has developed a benchmark-program AquaMark3, testing the suitability of your system to the modern game design.

In general, the impression Aquanox 2: Revelation leaves very positive. Beautiful graphics, detailed game world and the musical themes in the style of techno creates an exciting atmosphere and cause a desire to again and again sink into the ocean depths. And let the artificial intelligence has again brought. Let not shine with originality Mech combat. Let not quite perfect mezhmissionny interface. The main thing - the appeal, a kind of charm and style. And they Aquanox 2: Revelation has in abundance.