The Great Escape

Platform: PC, PS2, X-Box
Genre: stealth-adventure
Developer: Pivotal Games
Publisher: Gotham Games
Release Date: July 23, 2003
Minimum system requirements: Pentium III 933 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 3D-graphics card with 32 MB RAM, 1.6 GB HDD
Official site:

In the insanely far away, but for many, sure immemorial in 1963 saw a light action-motion picture The Great Escape with Steve McQueen in the title role. The film narrated about a daring escape three buddies from the well-guarded Nazi camps. Despite the complete lack of modern special effects (from x to tackle them in 1963?) Movies look attractive, and to this day. In the very near already in 2002 the world of computer games has replenished interesting stealth-adventure project Prisoner of War. No connection with the aforementioned game film did not have, but was devoted to the same subject. Prisoner of War came many to taste through exciting gameplay and stylish design of the surrounding world.

The Great Escape Today. Employees studio Pivotal Games, repeatedly reviewing the film The Great Escape, and repeatedly having made a successful escape in a Prisoner of War, decide to make a contribution to the genre of stealth-adventure. Combining "the best" that was in the movies and close to her in spirit to the game, Pivotal Games releases The Great Escape. Would be better if she did not do ...

The Great Escape However, the first minute of the game left a most favorable impression. You "find yourself" in a padded aircraft fleeing from enemy fighters. Terms of panic and confusion reigns. In all this chaos, you are invited to take the place of a tail turret operator and try to defend from Fritz. In the end, battered airline still churning, and you find yourself in a film ... This ends a fascinating introduction, and begins, alas, is far less exciting game.

The Great Escape Gameplay The Great Escape for the most part reduced to a crawl in the dark, noiseless and collecting various items and their subsequent use. All you have committed acts aimed at organizing an escape from a Nazi camp. However, do not expect high-profile shootings and the game of fierce battles. The most that have the heart to the main character, is to sneak up behind the sentry and stun him. On the other hand, Prisoner of War, we had to do roughly the same, however it was interesting. The secret is that the AI ​​opponents in a Prisoner of War makes us really worry and fear for their lives. Fritz behaved quite naturally, to ensure that the effect of the presence of even rather weak schedule.

The Great Escape Here on the face full of decadence. Graphics by today's standards rather homely, suffering from pallor textures and cruel lack of polygons. Artificial intelligence situation at this time does not help, but rather the opposite - driving a nail into the coffin of the game, because zaglyuchen to impossibility. For example, how explain the complete omission of the enemy when you're sticking to it as an eyesore? And how do you want to understand the alarm when Fritz worth to you back, so even on a decent distance? Personally, I'm in my eyes at the back do not believe ... Actually, my impression is that Pivotal Games consciously tried to eradicate in the gameplay even a hint of excitement. At least, the lack of your "silent" that's great to contribute. Remember how it was convenient to navigate in Splinter Cell? The player knew exactly how he saw the others and can act accordingly.Here you yourself have to wonder if there is enough darkness in one or another corner to hide in it? Now imagine that you accidentally turns out to be too exposed to low levels of brightness. It turns out that the angle for Fritz was not dark, you can see at a glance, anxiety, shot, load the game. A conservation, among other things, all three on the level, so do not poburzhuystvuesh.

The Great Escape Does not save The Great Escape and developers attempt to diversify the gameplay riding on a motorcycle. The One with the Runs under fire enemy made really good, but he remains just a small speck on a rainbow background of melancholy gray background. Frankly, it is unclear what the expected creators of the game, releasing a project with the frankly weak graphics (even in the PC-version, which looks better than the console, thanks to high resolution and several new special effects), boring, sometimes annoying gameplay, buggy AI, mediocre sound and music. Wanted to go to the good reputation of Prisoner of War? Stupid, The Great Escape inferior to him in all respects. Hoping to succeed at the expense of Fame movie? To the credit of the developers, the connection with films really felt. The protagonist of the game, looks like even Steve McQueen, is found in the dungeons of the fascist character of the movie. In this case, we can not even manage to learn something new about each of them. However, to build on this success throughout the game very serious, because the motion picture released 40 years ago and most modern gamers unfamiliar. In a word, no matter what plans or bore Pivotal Games, they were all illusions. The Great Escape has once again confirmed that the strange glory of their own well-being is not ensured.