Who will look after Ranger?

When Alan Moore (Alan Moore) back in 1986, sat down to write the script and dialogues for the comic book Watchmen, he had no idea that creates one of the greatest works in this format. Abroad "Keepers" can hardly believe no more successful than "Spider-Man," "Batman" and "Fantastic Four".

As soon as the sun disappears below the horizon, Keepers of the covered defects mired in filth, sin, and obscurantism of the city, the country, so that there - the entire planet! Moore meticulously described bleak picture titled "The U.S. and the world in the mid 80's, masterly make out the images of superheroes, mercilessly criticized the political system, affecting the fundamental philosophical questions of humanity. What is good and evil? Is it possible to build a world of lies? What really does a person need?

Rorschach does not care who stands in his way - all go to the expense! No, it's not Dark Knight. This is a night owl, our new hero. Meet.

"Moore and Gibbons have demonstrated just how deep and capacious might be the format of comics," "intelligent, emotional story of" Watchmen "proves to us that comics can be called literature" - spill compliments reviewers. The result: a place in hundreds of the best comics, according to The Comics Journal, 13th position in the ranking of Entertainment Weekly's best novels of the past 25 years, the only graphic novel to the list of 100 best works of all time, according to the magazine Time. Moore and Gibbons created such a fine, unique and costly matter for a long time, it is simply afraid to break the transfer to the big screen. Decided on such a risky venture Zack Snyder (Zack Snyder), directed by "300", but only after more than two decades since the publication of novels. That he came out, many of you probably already appreciated. We also discuss the indispensable companion of any cinematic blockbuster - a game that came exactly one day before the wide-screen premiere.

1996 Copenhagen, Denmark. Long-cherished dream come true Simon John Anderson (Simon Jon Andreasen), he began producing the game in its own company Deadline Games.

2005 Leaves the most famous in today's draft Deadline Games - fiery third-person shooter Total Overdose.

2009 New milestone in the history of the company. Release of Watchmen: The End Is Nigh, playing for a certain license - a real challenge for Danish development.

Costume show

Contrary to expectations, Deadline Games did not make of The End is Nigh tracing tape Snyder, which itself is almost a verbatim transcription single frame source. Interactive "Keepers" - a completely self-sufficient product, not so profound and philosophical, as a short story by Alan Moore, not as large and spectacular as the film Snyder, but couched in the spirit of the universe of alternative American history, which protect the interests of society are costumed heroes.

Action of the film and the novel is set in the mid 80's, when elected for another term, President Nixon prohibits superheroes. The events of the game has its origins in 1972 when the keepers are still standing guard over the law. Rorschach and Nite Owl - the main (playable) characters in The End is Nigh - are in prison, Sing Sing, captured by revolting prisoners. The fire, raging crowds of prisoners, a huge hole in the floor ... Brutal duo quickly realize what a colorful performance - no more than a show, arranged by someone to distract attention. The mutiny quickly fizzles and disappears from the camera head enclosed - The owner of the ditches, head of the mafia gangs. In his footsteps and go all the six short chapters (one must say that this uncomplicated story - just the first episode in a virtual life Keepers, and that is the essence of the episodic game is due to its short duration and "budget" price).

Spectacular "Fatality" Rorschach can savor and relish.

The path to the main boss, as is usually the case in the games genre beat 'em up, will have to lay on the corpses. Sweat, blood, broken limbs, raskvashennye faces and lifeless body, accepted the absurd situation in the dark corners of dirty gateways - faithful companions cheerfully marching to victory heroes. One of them - Rorschach - a man with a keen sense of justice atrophied, and compassion. Elbows, knees, finishing off the dirty - it's fast, but because of complete lack of protection of vulnerable. Offset by the use in combat of various items: cans, bottles, a wrench, beams and pieces of pipes, knives and clubs. Anything goes, which helpfully will bring the arrow to villains. Besides, Rorschach in extreme cases stashed two superpriema: "bull" and "rage." In the first case, the hero in the mask bears the vrazhin, felling of those on the ground. In the second - began methodically hand out cuffs, causing much greater damage than in "quiet" state. Night Owl - the guy too much though, but much more gentle and peaceful, as it is possible for a fighter against crime. It is slow and practice powerful, weighty beats pood fist, protected by dense polymer compounds. Night Owl prefers not to dodge attacks opponents, and sternly, like a man to block them.Foreign objects in the battle does not use in difficult situations encourages vrazhin knocked down an electrical charge.

Carbon monoxide and high temperatures do not interfere with the boys admire the view of the burning jail. The owner took the ditches tactically advantageous position and is about to start firing from the flamethrower.

CURTAIN! Intermission!

Back to back winners of the friends come from every dust-and then pass a few dozen meters, push the lever here, turning the gate there - and history repeats itself. The enemies are becoming stronger and masterovitee: tolstyachkov shvyrnesh not so easy on a wall, dressed crooks do not take simple combo. We have to go on maneuvers, block, roll back and counterattack. A list of methods and combinations can not be called extensive, but it at close range The End is Nigh enough to spare.

Spectacular time dilation, juicy finishing fatalities, quality gloomy picture - perhaps require something more from a small supplement to the film and not worth it. But then there is, let and children, but the puzzles, there are scenes between chapters, made in the spirit of the comics, there are familiar from the original source and the new heroes that shed light on the past history of the Guardians. In general, fans of the original source, which with the film has become even more is that posmakovat. Albeit short-lived. However, by the publication output of DVD-movie Warner Bros. promises a second episode of The End is Nigh.