What do those gamers who do not have neither the strength nor the desire to fight with retrograde drop in the turgor, and play into something unintelligible really want? And for them there is entertainment no worse name Sublustrum («sublyustrum", stressed on the "w"). Graphics excellent, catchy story, run frantically splashing lymph, will not have to. Whirl a camera, go over the points in the best traditions of Myst, to solve the puzzle. People living in places even show ... Beauty!

Although, if it were that simple ... No, can not be all just a game, whose name suggests the very specific two-and even trehsmyslennosti (see sidebar). Difficulties (not only in the game, but with the game) is complete, and name them: psevdopsihologizm, cunning and logic obrazovanstvo. To get the most out of a series of fun puzzles, you should know in advance where the scattered reefs. Here are some tips that can be reduced to a minimum of frustration.

With this device connected a very curious puzzle game that uses movement in the conditional time of that strange place where we collect the key. The fantastic world of the mid-game. Floating in a blue void the wreckage of buildings reminiscent of cool is not it strange design "Mora.Utopii", not the sleep-modeller varhammerovtsa.


Immediately warned - turn off all "graphical prettiness", which can, as soon as they get access to the menu. As a small "corrections to the schedule" special effects look flashy, but with constant use ... Camera shake causes bouts of motion sickness in people exposed to it, "the effect of old film is able to half an hour to kill your retina, and an improved transition between screens is ready to argue with pokemon screensavers for first place in the war against epileptics. Have a look - and forget! Here and without them there is something to crush the gamer on the brain.

For the hero of it all starts with the news of the death of his brother, who left the apartment, full of obscure instruments and vague references to the great discovery of the century. Corridors it is so gloomy that the first quarter of games want to immediately drop everything and strangle (we hasten to assure you that more will be easier). The authors of both overlie a subconscious sense of what is happening, even in people with three diplomas in psychology may distress *. For more or less familiar with the "science of the soul" people story "Sublyustruma" particularly dangerous: every now and then to the brain hot awl pierces the thought: "Where they dug this old? Do they not see that Freud with Jung in one is not installed? That the great psychologists have quarreled once three sheets, does not know today just lazy! Yes, and who now sees other tenets of the founding fathers seriously, but the ladies magazines and self-taught from a remote outback? Even Anna Freud, continuing his father's work, the first thing reworked a couple of his most tendentious statements, and that was back in the forties of last century. Where has since stepped into psychology - and terrifying to contemplate. And they are all one and the same. "

The remedy for dark thoughts of this kind - one. Not even worth trying to grasp the logic of the authors of the script.This activity is in the same way as a useful and effective, as the discussion of philosophical ideas of the Black Square by Malevich. Maybe she is, but have pity on her head. All the same, the outcome of one - or "touches" or not. This, in turn, depends on whether you tune in on the same wavelength with the game designers. For the puzzle here, too, with podkovyrkoy.

Sublustrum Strange word
You're wondering what this strange word is the name of the game? Us too. It's funny that the developers provided him with a transcription, and symbolic, that did not provide transcripts. For the picture is amusing. We conducted a small investigation and are willing to share the results. Well, about the prefix "sub" probably all heard of. It means "under" - the submarine, subleasing. But with "lyustrumom" complicated. At the word two meanings. One - the lair of a wild beast (or a brothel, apparently, in a figurative sense). Another - a special ritual. Every five years, the Romans gathered in the Campus Martius, to sacrifice to the god of war to prove that they are one people, faithful to the old foundations and honor their pantheon. In the plot of the game there is nothing similar on the first interpretation, nor the second. The only reasonable hypothesis - the name is emblematic of loyalty to the team of developers to the ideas of Freud (and sometimes Young, as it were wildly inconsistent and it did not look in the eyes of a psychologist) and their intention to continue to carry the analysis of the old school to the masses.

Here again, developers flout the laws of physics now. Initially, this tram, letting his whiskers, antennae, gently wound around the wire on all sides, then slide on rails, easy access to places where wires are attached to the rails. Lack of imagination or high psychological sense? Toward the end of the game we will meet a mysterious character - AnEmus (here's another example of "obrazovanstva" Animus - the word of the theories of Jung). Why Anemus sits like an exhibitionist of jokes in one coat, and shines out from under him with bare legs, the game does not explain.

Dodgy logic

Announcements promise us "associative" way to a showdown with local puzzles. I would like to know what it is. Say, the logic is different: the classical and non-classical, multivalued and fuzzy, modal and relevant, female, in the end. And in all varieties (except maybe the last) has its own laws. So when a player says that the "puzzles are made ​​in mathematical logic" - is enough to observe its rules to solve everything. Associations just trouble. They are different from those of logic that is not verifiable. In each they own and, unlike the thinking of blondes, "svoyskost" and uniqueness - not a lack of association, and dignity. So - in theory, of course - it is unclear how such a puzzle to solve.

In fact, it turns out that the logic in the puzzles there, just ... Well, not a woman, of course. But no less peculiar. Musicians (namely the so-positioned team creators) - creative people, so many things, immutable for mathematicians, considered conditional. Gamers should be prepared for surprises.

For example, do not be surprised that when transferring data from one device from another decimal scale on which the figures are not visible, but there are only ten notches, you will need to make allowances for the fact that zero, which is in the digital device, on the second machine is not preceded by one, although there are also divisions of ten.Whether the creative genius of the developers allowed them to forget about the clue to such an important nuance (especially given that have to find the right number for a few scales), or the humanitarian focus of thinking completely supplanted the value of "zero" out of their minds, replacing the usual type of digital keyboard, For example, cell phone, where the cherished number printed after the nines.

The plot unfolds in such a way that, after a brief stay in a gloomy apartment, complete stimpankovskih devices, our alter ego (aside to think about Young **!) Is transferred into a series of fantastic worlds (each of them has a psychological interpretation, but to delve into this, hopefully, we you have already advised against). In one of the worlds is a puzzle game (read about it in another sidebar), whose solution is so obvious that even the brute force of his will not be able to play. Luckily for gamers, it's - those few moments, in which the game is stalling in the rest of the puzzles are solved in a measure vigorously - just enough to first experience the misery of their own inability to move forward, and then - bliss and pride in themselves when a decision Finally, it is found. This is called catharsis. "But" - you will achieve it only if the bear came down from your ear, because many riddles are connected with the sounds. And those that do not relate, yeah - cause difficulties. "The zone of actual development" *** developers clearly shakes.

The game even has a little Silent Hill. Included in the room light, and Silent Hill 2 will turn into Silent Hill 3. The developers got carried away the idea of ​​mechanical analogs of wildlife. But hear whether they accepted that those who are similarly depicts nature, sent to a psychiatrist?


As you may recall, during the Renaissance ideal of man was "mnogostanochnik. So it takes math, artists - medicine, and together moved the science forward. Follow the ideal of the Renaissance - is commendable, but in the modern world make it increasingly difficult, because the sum of human knowledge has grown enormously. It is very easy, are scattered across many disciplines, to get into comic situations. For those who are afraid of Forest Fire discover his ignorance with an intelligent face broadcasts nonsense, invented the Internet. Much can be verified, the main thing - do not be lazy. Otherwise, critic (with equal success Tesha his "I", heaping pile of buzzwords readers) to see the text on behalf of a university professor with a reference to wine Chateau Bardo **** too sever for an alternative history. Alas. "Bardot" - it is our case, and not only. On a strange combination of Jung to Freud, we have talked. There are other small "dirty tricks", toxic effect.

This, along with a leisurely gameplay, the main difference between "Sublyustruma" of "turgor". Turgor, the apt remark Ashot Hakhverdyan (a great connoisseur of art), is a good parable, and not very good game. Here, the opposite is true: the game has turned solid. With Q graphics, alternative, but understandable (especially blondes) after explaining the logic. Gameplay it slowly, but precisely in so far as to motivate the naive lover of the quests are not burdened with a university degree in psychology, to seek passage in the colorful new worlds. However, from a position of knowledge - the most perfect vinaigrette, a monstrous violation of the well-known academic and not facts. If conscience allows you to put up with it - "Sublyustrum" will give a couple of amazing evenings, it replaces several performances of some absurdist theater.

Sublustrum SECRET!
When find yourself in the wilderness, in the midst of rubble in the center of which stands a tram, one of the tasks will be to restore electricity. Nearby there are 2 flap. The one near the fountain, open, figure out how to open a second, almost impossible. And make it so. Once in the slot on the door handle is inserted (it is just easy to find nearby), set the sliders, which move along arcs in the lower position, and horizontal - in the middle. Twist handle (once!), Then swap the horizontal slider to the far right. Click on the handle lock.

* Distress - the stress associated with severe negative emotions can be caused by excessive exposure to negative and shocking experience.

** Alter ego (the Young) - a symbolic representation of our repressed desires as an individual.

*** "The zone of actual development" - the term LS Vygotsky. What the person is able to without help.

**** Bordeaux (Bordeaux) - Province of France, wine is usually called in honor of local castles (Chateau): Chateau Margaux, Chateau de Seize.