Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
When you first look at the girl on the cover of "turgor" catch myself thinking that poluletet, polupadat for this half-dressed creature is on the verge between impressionism and surrealism, it is quite normal. Spray paint, scattering in all directions, at first seem to be hair, and after - splash of emotions, replacing the expression on his face. Ring at the bottom reminiscent of the well, giving birth to the idea of ​​eternity. Not every cover'll be treated with such interest.

But all of this - only a prelude, and then go diving in the gap - a world of oddities, allegory and paradox, being, according to developers, somewhere between life and death. The philosophical idea behind is not only the plot but also in gameplay. The question that everyone will ask himself - is the question of price, the sacrifice, which is ready to go man. Sometimes the choice comes between life saving and the achievement of its existence - are you ready to solve such a dilemma here and now?

Yes, "turgor" claim to your attention, gently at first, but gradually taking up more time. Hours spent playing, and those gamers will spend on thinking about it, are quite comparable. The creators offered sufficiently bold decision, denying any clothing of some Sisters. Venture to suggest that such a move is associated primarily with a desire to make possible the personal, mental-intimate perception of the project. But once the reservation that such an attitude to "turgor" does not necessarily typical, and not all gamers.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
Tutorial part in "turgor" - not a formality, and the only way to find out what's what. At the beginning of the game is available only a couple of Hearts.

Between Heaven and Earth

Intro video shows us a dying woman - one of the so-called Sisters, which teaches a character that is in between the biggest sin - the art of giving. The fact that the sisters are under the control of the Brethren, which protect them, but kept on the edge of survival, providing a minimal portion of lymph (a substance, is replaced here by all kinds of energy, including life). Brothers strictly prohibit the use of lymph for personal purposes, so that the girls obviously have hard times.

Looking around in this strange world, unconsciously want to quickly get out of here in good time. Threatening his presence subjects here are everywhere: the stairs like a species of flora and trees - to the guards. Gardens - deliberately monotonous maze shrouded in mist. Surreal landscapes here in the order of things: the universe does not obey physical laws, friends from school. But it was under it and have to adapt to the character.

The developers of the Ice-Pick Lodge define a genre of its creation as a survival adventure. The fact that this is one of the most memorable game of adventure, beyond doubt, even when looking at the screenshots, well with the survival of all is clear - it will be our main concern.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
Flowering trees have not yet yielded the first crop, but soon it is already possible to gather a bit of Lymph.

Dilute black and gray tones prevailing in the gap, not only possible but necessary. The whole gameplay is just based on the fact that the character passes through a lymph, ie, if necessary (which occurs very often) takes a vital substance, it sprouted in the heart and after giving. What is interesting, to confiscate the energy can not only depleting the world, but also ennobling him in the gardens.

Lymph - color, which is the only form of energy in the gap - and serves as a stock, and weapons, and characters - to put it simply, but her "turgor" there are no resources. Each of the seven colors has its own properties, but are then only those colors that are currently in the hearts of the characters. In fact, the colors are similar to features in the RPG, but more ambiguous, as it provides not only a positive effect. And we have to consciously make a choice in favor of either side of the palette, because clearly there is no better option: a means aggression, the other - the indifference of ... based on your goals you will fill the heart desired at the moment with paint, for example, to avoid confrontation brothers, seldom use red. But gold plays a positive role - helping to win the interlocutor.

To color germinated in the nerves that have become fit for further use, it should be placed in one of the Hearts and wait, and only then returned to the Gap. Doing this will have to create on-screen mouse unpretentious figure. This is the cornerstone of the gameplay "turgor": drawing on the screen, we are fighting with the enemy, communicate, create golems, revives the trees and perform other equally useful actions.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru) Novice gardeners
The gardens are used for cultivation of lymph, suggesting the only way the reproduction of a treasured resource. But to harvest the trees provided, it is necessary to engender in their lives, because originally they were dead. Collect the fruits of their own effort can only once per cycle, but remember: time is only when you are on the map and navigate through it, in the locations it is worth. This approach is explained by the fact that every corner of the Gap - is a subjective perception of the character of the place where no one is able to penetrate the given moment and where nobody can leave. Therefore, wander through the locations and spend all sprouted in the hearts of lymph, do not forget to pay a visit to one of the gardens.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
Met my sister, to flavor lymphomas and here's the result - it has recklessly gossip.

Blood relation

Sisters in between play the unenviable role and forced to obey all the brothers, but they will help us get out of this eerie world: a sly, sweet girls kept the keys with which open new and new levels. But beware: constantly teetering between life and death, the sisters must try to lure the hero at least a fraction of the sacred and off limits to them Lymph.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
The more deeply immersed in the gap, the more open the hearts of the hero.
The brothers also believe that the gap is "the last station, and impossible to get out of it (though the fact that they are wrong, it is clear already from the name of peace). Eleven of these creatures are trying to control all the lymph, allowing just keep the color, but do not use it. And explain this approach because with each new cycle in the gardens comes less and less lymph and soon she could do to stop appearing.

All the slow pace of gameplay, associated with the drawing figures (the only active action to which the hero is capable of), makes itself known when it comes to battles with monsters and brothers. Council on ordinary creatures to find easy, but with eleven "bosses" will have to tinker. Each brother has a unique ability to help deal with "troublemakers". That there is only one that is trying to plant a hero in a cage, which is himself. And if that brother will succeed lymphomas in character quickly end that in the gap can easily lead to death. However, the win is so unconventional enemies is possible - enough to find a weak spot and good for him vdarit, moving on the screen once the symbol for the attack.

Want to fight myself not always, and, realizing this, the developers have given us the opportunity to cause all sorts of creatures. Naturally, doing this is only in extreme cases, but, calling, for example, the Golem, and saturate his lymph, you get a powerful and strong guard, capable of long time (before the expiry of an energy reserve) to fight on your side. The victory also bring you a little more lymph, although the call to another Golem trophies is hardly enough.

Freedom of movement is initially charming, but sometimes repairs and inconvenience. By the time the first battle with one of the brothers in the arsenal simply may not be necessary for victory sign. And here's another example of this imperfect mechanics: in the heart may not be available color, you want to win over her sister. The game lacks a certain guide, so confused in its understatement Gap difficult.

Speaking of "turgor", one can not say some flattering words about the graphics.All that is required today, in the place: dynamic lighting, shadows, and character models, made on a fine scale, without any discounts on the game genre. The only thing that can push the first - is the lack of facial animation, but this decision is justified by the plot, because in the interval taken to communicate color, which, in turn, creates a sound and gestures would have looked not quite appropriate. This technique further contributes to dive into the world, his understanding and awareness.

Powered by creating an atmosphere and the music, complementing work of artists and scriptwriters. It does not distract from the gameplay, only exacerbates the sense of illogical events. Strange, with a subtle melody of the music sets up on a mysterious, almost mystical way. By the way, all statements voiced characters in the game and carry the philosophical subtext, even though that person is trained to answer only the displayed characters on the screen (interestingly, the color with which you communicate, the foregoing indicates intonation).

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru) Parallels and Paradoxes
In Russia and the USSR, creative people have always sought to create not only new forms but also to transfer through it deeper meaning. The emergence of such projects as "Mor. Utopia "," turgor "and" Sublyustrum, namely we do not look strange. If you recall, for example, the history of animation, the animation Yuri Norstein or Alexei Alexeev seeks not only to formal discovery, as to the transfer of personal stories, and sometimes - autobiographical. It is thanks to Norstein animation art ceases to be marginalized. Play the same - just another way to uncover talent writers through the expansion of the concept of "game". And in this case, the work of designers, so often criticized the press, is no less important than the work of screenwriters.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
Each Sister has a dominant character trait, his vice, where you can learn about on her appearance and monologues.

Adventure instead of entertainment

Studio Ice-Pick Lodge has not yet begun to do plain and simple game, so definitely recommend it to all of creation is impossible. Gamer, choose "turgor" - people think and feel in the first place. The game of fun for him turns into an adventure, and instead of the usual waste of time before the monitor can give you some food for thought, and even open new traits. No wonder that the issues raised here are not uncommon in real life. Psychological and deep thoughts of the sponsors, passed through an allegory, complemented by music and design, create an atmosphere of reticence, even after the final.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru) Cause of bygone days
Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
The debut of Ice-Pick Lodge - «Mor. Utopia "- was adopted ambiguous. Press scolded the game for the poverty and monotony of the gameplay, not the most advanced graphics, lack of normal voice acting, but also praised for his extraordinary story and an original atmosphere. Guest gamers also varies: some admired idea of developers in the field of communication of real and virtual time, other hayali for unnecessary fripley. Nonlinearity of "morality" really often acted on his nerves when he had to run from one end of town to another many times in one game day. But it is in some measure was "chip" - the character was tired and felt a sense of hunger, and we had to carefully calculate the displacement.

By the way, there are several things that unite both the creation of studio: the atmosphere of impending doom and imminent defeat, or perhaps a sense of mystery and majesty, hiding behind the plot. And the relationship between game and gamer are formed on a somewhat different level than is usually accepted. Still, the main thing in the papers Ice-Pick Lodge-impressions based on personal experience. Hopefully, the studio will not lose the author's handwriting and in the future.

Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)Turgor (review Gameland. Ru)
Battles take place in special arenas, so it slip away under cover will not succeed. Any meeting with Brother would hardly be pleasant.