Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
Have the game and signs trash, mainly arising from the desire of the author to say everything at once. Enki, the renowned French designer cartoonists of Bosnian origin, had fallen into understandable sin stale director - he Dorval! And the strongest gesture stuffed into one movie almost all the characters and plot his own trilogy about the adventures of frostbitten rebel Alsida * Nikopol. Frostbitten in the literal sense - his thirty years of "hibernation" in Earth orbit for crimes against a totalitarian government, and then he fell from the sky, then it moved in an ancient Egyptian god Horus, more ... But there is better to stop, otherwise a review of the game will turn into a thumbnail like the movie.

Let's talk about something else. Another famous Frenchman, Benoit Sokal (itself also a painter, novelist) once again picking up the creation of games for some reason did not invent all by himself. Today his studio White Birds turned the story of M. Bilal in the game.

Nikopol: Secrets of the ImmortalsNikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
In the future everything is very gloomy, and, despite advances in technology, the terms of devastation reigns. The protagonist is not similar to drawings of Enki, or an actor from the movie. However, savers are stylized comic.

Those who are not ashamed to dress up in fur

Here we will once more return to the political, religious and erotic jungle fantasy Enki. Should still explain what relationship Gore and others have for adventure gamers.

The protagonist of the game does not that Alsid, and his son, who was dashing negativist managed to patch up some Clemence Morganidon (among other things, the tip!) Rovnehonko before sending to the country of ice dreams. Same age, so, dad and a replica of his father. And his name is - surprise! - The same way. However, it is a law-abiding poor painter, and not revolutionary free-thinker. When a certain monster in the police service is trying to arrest a hero instead of Nikopol, Sr., he understands that Dad leaned out of orbit and, without pausing for a minute rushes to find a loved parent.

And all around - a solid futurism, twenty-not-understand-what century flying cars retrodizayna, cosmic jellyfish is at the highest skyscraper in Paris and the prophet a dictator at the head of caste society, whose members are on Mondays orderly sent to confess sins to a special institution of the confessional. And a flying pyramid above the city, where the naked Egyptian gods with animal heads and without genitalia (as in the comics were!) Are incomprehensible to subversive activities, playing the destinies of people and her together.

Set design is repeated more movies, not comics. Three-dimensional models like gods fled from the program in which they produced for the film.

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals Enki Bilal
Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
Enki Bilal (Enki Bilal) quite famous in Europe, mainly due to graphic novels. Some of them ("Legends of our time", "Sleeping Beast") can be found in Russia at an amazing price of a thousand rubles for the book. Given that the phrase "vague philosophical sense of" best describes the creations of Enki, the cost in rubles per unit of meaning is obtained by non-winning. A style image - the amateur. Someone, say, a person the actor Bruno Ganz, who became the prototype of Nikopol, seem courageous and trustworthy, but for someone it would be too simple, rough and not suitable for the rebel intellectual. Yes, and favorite type of women Bilal somewhat an eyesore. These are now referred to as "Mukla" True, our author, they also exaggerated "gothic". If you still work Enki you are interested, try to get "Bunker Palace Hotel", the first film, directed by Bilal. Or enjoy the view of the world in the Name of the Rose "with Sean Connery - on this film, he worked as a painter.

Nikopol: Secrets of the ImmortalsNikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
With Anubis, that Gore - rather unscrupulous citizens, do not disassemble the means to achieve his goal. However, in this version of events Anubis suddenly become fair and honest. Cemeteries of the future are shelves with cardboard boxes, and the eastern branch of Christianity, finally stepping down in the underground, has merged with Manichaeism and Gnosticism.

Normal characters are always in the crawl

What is nice, the history of the game its not quite like a vague hint of Bilal. In its more concrete and more obvious moral that, as would be desirable to reverse lovers of "freedom of thought," is the story of Nikopol in favor. In two ways. On the one hand, gamers using it much more convenient to keep the discussion about what a useful teaching the game, because it perfectly illustrates the postulate of "absolute power corrupts absolutely." And, of course, produce an educational effect, proving the failure of corrupt rulers. On the other hand, use the corrected story line is that in a structured way it is much easier to feel really great, substantial philosophical history, and not the result of predawn compensatory and erotic fantasies of the author.


Yes, and gaming is not podkachala. Land in the swamp Paradise, White Birds quietly swim out there: first, Sinking Island, now that's a family adventure Nikopol ... Mysteries of the extent puzzling, the creators do not forget to alternate our classes, forcing the players then run away from his pursuers, then break into electrical devices, then cut down the evil police in the correct order. If you still remember the year in 2004, was a very unsuccessful play Atlantis: Evolution, fed, however, some hope. Beautiful story in the spirit of Jules Verne, played out in a nice looking scenery, ruined monstrous management, non obvious problem and the ugly mini-games. So, adventure Nikopol Jr. cool looks like a revised "Atlantis."Manage little buggy, complicated tasks just a little, mini-games are well written in the chaotic universe of Bilal. Generally, "Nikopol" - one of the few games today, where almost always, and without the "Diary of the hero", it is clear what to do next and even how. Sometimes it's hard to catch in the sight of "a couple of pixels, in charge of the active subject, but the puzzles are logical, and fight with the interface when the hero in danger, do not have to. In several episodes, where the wrong player's actions may lead to a tragic finale, the dying cry Alsida Jr. has a clue as to secure the player teleported time narrative where the hero still has a chance to get out.

The masterpiece, however, the Sokal with Bilal came out. Gambling problems are commonplace, the story is too vague and not swinging at once. However, an interesting project average, surely get.

Nikopol: Secrets of the ImmortalsNikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
* The name of the hero Alcide - French version of the name Alcides, Heracles was given at birth.