Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
Fortunately, this time, moving to Jerusalem, we will not have along the way to build stables and make up swords - after all, the end of XI century, all the necessary long-invented, and the era of "gunpowder and Spears have to wait another three hundred years. The authors are pleased: here it is, the campaign in the original sense of the word - we have a small army, gain experience during the war, growing in size and acquire special skills.

Footsteps of Alexander of Macedon

The campaign is organized is simple: a dozen missions, and in between, you can recruit new units and improve the skills of old. This principle, unfortunately, now rusty developers, fascinated saraestroeniem and primitive "state control" (a la Total War), but because it allows to better focus on the tactical side. The benefit of historical (and fantasy) armies spend months away from home, do not count - here and campaigns of Alexander of Macedon, and Hannibal in Italy, and the English expedition to France during the Hundred Years War. In short, such an approach in the military and tactical game is much more logical and more reasonable than trying to reduce all action to a series of seizures of provinces or cities in the style of "Civilization".

Incidentally, examples of this principle a lot, and it is not a project for a narrow circle, but a cult games - this is Warhammer: Dark Omen, and Myth 2: Soulblighter. Therefore the choice of developers is welcome, especially since they managed to add zest to the passage of the campaign - between the missions you will not get bored. You can not just make up the loss (not free, of course, and for hard cash received during the execution of tasks - what to do, gaming convention), but in addition to purchase new units. It was just as usual, more interesting: in addition to the basic problem, we offer more and more orders. They give constant gnawing each other chiefs of the crusade, and the intrigue is that the noble gentlemen often contradict each other. Pursuing these missions (by the way, is not simple), the player receives money, troops, and most importantly - respect for one of the leaders, which gives different bonuses. Say, the automatic replenishment of the main unit. Respect - the thing ... the incoming and outgoing, you overcome them a couple of new jobs - and just-good-bye, France no longer loves us and does not appreciate, and therefore no bonuses.

The second interesting point in the game - this "faith". She also extracted during the mission, its amount depends on how powerful relics will be extracted (similar artifacts). Very nice item!

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom ComeCrusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
The game has very beautiful scenery - especially the sunsets and sunrises, night battles and dust storms ... Of course, it is not so important for the strategy, but still nice. In crossing the fighters move much slower and get tired. Unfortunately, when they go in a dense construction, they do not mix and the system does not lose.

One is, perhaps, not a warrior, but - force

Mission in the game are organized, rather, to "operational" level than at the tactical.If you resort to analogies, they are similar to the job of Myth 2: Soulblighter: first go there, then here, here otbey attack and so on. By itself, this scheme is not bad at all and it is a right to exist, the more puzzles in the game is really trivial and poraskinut brains have, or do not have time to do everything planned.

Alas, here's the start principal misfortune. Acceleration time in the game totally inadequate - too long to have to yawn in front of the monitor, waiting for us at last loyal troops doshagayut on a beautiful card. Unfortunately, while there is no automatic discharge speed when attacking the enemy - in the beginning of the fight have no troops to control and slow the pace of events.

The second trouble - bugs. If your team arrives to the rendezvous is not from where, according to the authors, it should appear, a division of the enemy completely ignore your troops. There are tricks and pohlesche, for example, the last survivor of the faithful is currently in the middle of maps and mustache is not blowing - to attack the hero alone can not, and therefore his party is not considered destroyed. The only way out of the impasse - to pass the new mission.

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come Small power
For some reason, decided to give the player small force at the beginning to the end in his hands is a huge army. This principle roam from game to game, and often the authors do not even think how it corresponds to the task and the general sense of what is happening. It is believed that a small number of troops to help the gamer a better command of the troops and facilitate the development of the game. However, if the management have more or less standard and well-known for other projects - why such a simplification?

After all, how nice it would be contrary, to go with 12 troops from Constantinople, and watch as the troops matereyut ... and melt! The complexity will increase as teams will be less and lose them all to be dangerous ... and that between missions, players had the opportunity to develop the army - he could pump the survivors. Lose the horses when passing through Cilicia during the rainy season and a half knights remain without horses ... sorry, that in Thy Kingdom Come is impossible and we have to deal with the standard scheme.

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom ComeCrusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
Infantry moves much faster in loose formation. And less tired. This is especially noticeable when driving on rough terrain. Window of the mission. Pay particular attention to the paladin with ridiculous double-edged ax in his hand. It looks as if just came out of Lineage. Probably wants Crusaders podsobit.

If, yes if only ...

Tactics is done, they say, "at the present level." Management units are very detailed and easy: You can specify the order and the behavior of, say, attack aggressively or not, and ordered to give archers - to shoot or run away. There are types of damage that are suitable for different situations: the wedge, wall panels, open construction.

Although, of course, and here there are some oddities - the authors somehow decided that a dense system is more vulnerable under fire. But it was not an artillery shell in the midst of soldiers flying! Imagine a warrior with large shields, standing close to each other. They're much better protected from the arrows - the edge panels are closed. And after the big board - this is a common foot soldier equipment of those times, and the authors for some reason did the soldiers with their different type of infantry.On actual fact, the main difficulty of the era quite different! Poorly trained infantry holding system, necessary for the "wall panels (under fire), or" forest of copies (for cavalry attacks), only standing still. Starting to move, even gray mustache veterans quickly turned into a disorderly crowd, especially when driving over rough terrain. And, of course, the use of this factor in the simulation of tactics would decorate the battle is much better than, although good, but several kinds of troops podnadoevshaya game.

Generally speaking, just kind of troops in Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come upset the most. It is unclear where it came from many horseless knights in the very beginning of the visit? Or light cavalry, which was not at all, and could not be in the army of the Crusaders? And, most importantly, why to invent dozens of various units, with difficulty equalizing the balance, given that this diversity is completely indistinguishable from one birth to the troops? 5.3 would be quite enough history - knights, spearmen, archers, crossbowmen, but the army would differ much more and the player's choice in the formation of the army would have considerable importance. Incidentally, the tactic would be enriched, because the player would have to really struggle with light harassing attacks of the Faithful.

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom ComeCrusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
Marvel at how beautifully styled, this card! By the way, each mission accompanied by a beautiful description of what happened to the Crusaders. So as not to praise localizers for their good work. Eternal evil medieval strategy - uniformity in armor and ammunition of soldiers. Just Grenadiers Napoleonic Wars some! It is clear that in another way to make difficult, sorry.
It is very strange in the game made the archers. On the one hand, it is encouraging that they did not prevail on the battlefield. When these soldiers are retreating, they are absolutely harmless to the enemy, and when facing death, killed in melee. It's all right and it is historical, and game balance is met. There is another problem: the local arrows have the ability to shoot a canopy ... impunity, right? That's just get it and the enemies, hidden behind some or other obstructions, and standing behind their brothers in arms! Thus, the archers become deadly mortar batteries, hidden in the folds of the terrain and there firing into the enemy. Given that the radius of shooting at them does not correspond to the map scale, it lubricates the gaming experience.

If we are talking about cons, let's add something else. Unfortunately, we face again the war till the last soldier. Detachments never run - generals past would envy unprecedented durability local soldiers, because if teams do not run away from the battlefield, and then panic in the camp, which arises because of traveling companions, impossible. Your soldiers or enemy soldiers systematically slaughtered each other, and then, in spite of any losses, survived detachment is accepted for the following division. Sad picture in the era of Total War!

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom ComeCrusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
Wedge swords prepares to meet with a light infantry Saracens. Oh, no big trouble to her! "Victory! - Said to myself, Bilbo.- Well, sad as it turns out, the thing! "
Thy Kingdom Come is really good, fans of the challenges sure to be pleased to smash his head on the job, and replayability, like most such projects are very decent - in fact want to go through the main mission of "pure", and the additional not forget, and try all types of construction. Alas, many minor bugs, and sometimes just careless use of stamps is not allowed the game to become a masterpiece. But a start has been good, so that the Hungarian studio Neocore pay attention.

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come Completely incomprehensible
It is absolutely unclear why the authors did not wish to "pay his due" real ringleaders of the First Crusade - Raimundo of Toulouse, Bohemond Tarentskomu or Gottfried Bouillon, whom invited to play at first as for some small rytsarishku! Instead, we face the faceless "country" (the choice of which too surprising) - France, Lorraine, Provence ... a pity.

Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come
Figures of warriors drawn carefully enough, not forgotten the much-loved people detalyushki, but with the animation of fighters trouble. If you bring a camera, you will notice that the melee they mindlessly cutting down on all sides, or sadly shove.