TrackMania United

Initially, the first TrackMania seemed uncomplicated arcade racing: short-lived trip to the tracks catchy, funny "bandwagon jumping" cars and nice, but quite inexpressive schedule. In addition, TrackMania saw the light, almost simultaneously with the Need For Speed ​​Underground, around which a flash crowd of fans, not noticing anything, except his "neon" idol. When the hype about Underground has passed, the players were surprised to observe that missed an unusually amusing fun, unpretentious under the shell which hides an interesting gameplay. It would seem to drive quite a small track with a good result - what could be easier. But this principle TrackMania (plus the unusual route, reminding old-timers times Stunts) came to taste all without exception - the game is slowly but surely took possession of the minds of gamers.

TrackMania UnitedTrackMania United
Five seconds - normal flight. Say, the machines do not ride on two wheels? Even as go!
On the wave of success of the first part of the company Nadeo hastened to give the fans continued - TrackMania Sunrise. Despite a brand new engine, you can draw a truly eye-popping pictures, as well as the opportunity to shoot three entirely new landscape, TrackMania Sunrise was perceived ambiguously. Unlike the original bid was made on the vehicle speed and duration of rounds, so the views of the second part is divided. Some fans of TrackMania and did not want to see Sunrise. However, continued without much work has found admirers.

At this time staff Nadeo have taken into account all past mistakes and tried to appease fans of both sides. TrackMania and TrackMania Sunrise contained three different landscape - and the United combines them into one (on the engine, Sunrise, of course). The developers did not make the pot boil, and transfer the old highway in United, and have created about two hundred fresh tracks on the familiar landscape. And it is worth noting the new routes are not inferior in quality to those that occurred earlier. Incidentally, newcomers would be useful to know that the landscape in TrackMania - not just a set of graphical objects. For every personal thought system of races, with a special type of cars - respectively, with individual physical model. For example, cityscapes given to high-speed car, and mountain serpentines - a small but brisk machine.

TrackMania UnitedTrackMania United
Not without its familiar modes: time trials, races with a limited number of attempts and puzzle mode. The first - the core of TrackMania: competitions, which are devoted to the sleepless nights, being with the expectation of a second. The main and the only enemy here - the time, but in multiplayer mode - the results of other players.Second - confusing road races on a limited number of attempts: raced without a single mistake - get gold medals, several times missed by the platform and the stone sank to the bottom of the sea - would cost the bronze. The third mode - perhaps the most original, and at the same time complicated from the fact that offers United. The player is given the opportunity to complete most of the track editor and shoot through it with as good result. The number of possible blocks for the construction of the route is limited, but how they will dispose of - a private matter. However, if you wanted to build something special, not limiting themselves proposed blocks - please. Tool for creating your own levels is not very convenient, but with proper dexterity allows you to create (and save, and share with friends) trail of your dreams.

TrackMania UnitedTrackMania United
But with all the weighty virtues and flaws found their place. The most significant of them - the musical accompaniment. Freeze one for a short-tunes each landscape (perhaps that is attached to the Stadium three) - Shaped bullying by developers. If the game was required to spend one or two evenings - it would have been enough, but the long days and nights of friendship do not have to listening to looped short segments. Despite this unfortunate misunderstanding, like any other game in the series, Trackmania United player is ready to grab a prehensile arms and not let go until dawn.

While some companies each year to increase cash infusion into their series, Nadeo is going backwards and puts on the gameplay. In TrackMania no luxury videos from Playboy model in the title role, the soundtrack is not a member of the major hits of the season, but the schedule does not make pick up the fallen jaw (and run for a new filling for the system unit). All this does not prevent gather around each part of the throngs of fans flying in the same breath a few hundred lines and traveling to set world records. Just try it at least once to participate in these competitions - and you will be caught on a hook. Like thousands of other players.

PS According to our records, Nadeo spent on the development of United more time than on any previous game of the series. Draw conclusions.

TrackMania United Living on the web
Multiplayer was confident to go forward even in times of TrackMania Sunrise. Although the final dot the i followed her TrackMania Nations - a version designed specifically for the Electronic Sports World Cup 2006. The game was distributed for free (among other things, highly skilled PR-stroke) and contained only one new one, but an excellent landscape - Stadium (do not worry, it is present in the United). TrackMania United is also aimed at the audience, "live" on the Web - that is where the game reveals itself fully. Ability to share and acquire tracks, cars (on the earned its own blood and sweat glasses) to view the best races, competing for the best results among the thousands of players across the planet - it's all there in the multiplayer mode TrackMania United. But be prepared to update the game to the latest version: for example, the version that went on sale worldwide on DVD, is no longer supported. The update is free - will have to pay only for the volume of downloaded data.

TrackMania UnitedTrackMania United