Any reader "Land of Games" can easily come up with a plot for a RTS, like SunAge. Earth after a nuclear what? - Properly, a catastrophe, people live ... where? - Right in the dome; poor who flooded the planet? - But that's not true, not cyborgs, then you do not have Comedy Club, not cyborgs and mutants. And this zavarushku intervene ... who? Evil aliens. Fresh and original, readers, let's go for a fee!


At first glance the gameplay wont. Extracting resources, erect buildings, and they are building units. Resources, according to the latest fashion, characterized by rare - rarer allow you to create more advanced units.

But these parts energy - like a sip of fresh air. Locals built the tower, allowing transmission of energy from the generator to other buildings. Cutting down a single tower, the enemy immediately cuts off a whole block of buildings on the network - and work in them stops. No reason to object, they say, and it is junk, because the wires can not be to throw units! Let nothing new, but such a scheme is somewhat enlivens game.

Battle formations of infantry, moving in tight formation, a very strange look. Phalanx phalanx of machine gunners and grenadiers ready for battle. Scary, right?


But it complicates the great management! Instead of the usual scheme, when selecting a building, it was necessary to click on a building site in SunAge used their own, alternative management. Order to build a building, you should select it, click the right button. With the move to get used to this system is not easy. Even worse, it works with the units. Previously, we chose a soldier, click the right button on Malware humanu - and our green-skinned hero was about to go hack it into the cabbage, and so it would not rest until they mop up. In SunAge is not the case. If the enemy is outside the radius of the fire (but kindly shown on the screen), your units after this operation is not something that is not to pull, do not even look at you! For the attack to choose squad, then go to the distance of fire, and then give the order to shoot (although proud Marines themselves may be able to open fire, to their credit).

Funny picture! Marines have given orders to go, and they rod right through the crowd to shoot at them the enemy. But the building, and in general the picture - not pumped up. The interior of the dome itself is quite impressive, and create an atmosphere.


There is an active construction of power lines. Stroke, may not be new, but it works very well. Instead of one enemy base, or "key points» WH40K we have a network that allows you to make a lot of interesting maneuvers.
However, this strangeness, which the authors wished to marry innovation, not exhausted. For example, the units are made not by one, and not troops, but something in between. This means that you specify the sequence of production "- let's say, 12 Marines - and they are," samozarodivshis "form a unit. In general, very comfortable and allows you to create the required number of units. Just to be careful and have already formed unit to drive away to the side, and then the newcomers will be merged with the old man.

Unfortunately, this system does not combine different armed forces or equipment of several types. Sadly, because one could create a very interesting battle groups or even to pre-determine the composition of mixed teams. However, they were more flowers, berries - to come: because of the system units for some reason does not work properly green frame. Each unit has to order separately! Imagine, that turns into a simple stage, say, four or five connections across the map, with the militant groups that have different speed and they will come to a point "X" each in his time? Apparently, this is some deep meaning, but we never find out.

Another problem is the inability to share the finished units. A player with good intentions, fails once created to parse the crowd on a handful of smaller ... Do you understand? On the one hand, you need a lot of teams, for example, to protect the base (due to the scattered energy system, among other things, all over the map!), On the other - the story of a crowd in a massive attack is impossible. Yes, this game can not "circle of the frame and the attack." But not because the fight difficult, but because there is no scope at hand!

SunAge Innovation
As a useful innovation game authors propose to change the type of detachment system. Frankly, plus a strange strategy for a fiery battle.The author of these lines initially failed to come up with only two types of system used in modern warfare: battle group and the archaic chain ... But maybe they can lie and disguise? And here and there! We have a very handy tool for changing the depth and width of the building - that is, detachment is easy to deploy in a line or a couple of mouse clicks to gather in a narrow column of assault. Add a chain pioneers and quads - and get the cool stuff, which is so lacking ... in games on the Napoleonic Wars! And yet instead we see on the screen frightening picture - a deep column of machine gunners in tight formation busily firing "from the stomach." For the honor to say, one such image in a game dedicated to a fantastic battle, we must deny the title of the developer, bestow a beautiful orange vest and sent to sweep the streets!

Modest joy

However, there are nice things. If a group of special order to attack a specific enemy unit - it "remembers" the purpose and will continue to primarily attack the opponents of the same type. This system is simple and very witty, great enriches the fight, allowing much of his plan, because the units are quite reasonable - grenade throwers attacking the enemy machines, etc. The only pity is that the tool does not allow to advance in a peaceful environment, choose from a list recommended by the enemy.

Another feature - the majority of units have two types of weapons and ammunition dictates a particular tactic. For example, infantrymen armed with machine guns for close combat and sniper rifles, beating at a greater distance, but from their seats. The player can switch between modes, choosing which feature at this time is more relevant. To do this, however, need to go into the menu squad, which is not too convenient.



So, we have the usual RTS c some trinkets. Whether they are better thought out and done with great taste - maybe a revolution in the genre and would have occurred, or at least the game could get quite interesting and original. And so ... Hey, fans of isometrics! If you have - here's a gift!