Death to Spies

Death to Spies
Soviet spy is not hiding in the shadows, he proudly walks around the enemy's rear, pushing the personnel of the Wehrmacht, they say, do not get underfoot. He can go to Berlin, to break into the Reichstag and strangle Hitler, if the authorities suddenly put such a task. Soviet spy clean and neat, it does not stick to dirt, he did not moknet the rain and do not freeze during a snowfall.

NL wonderfully captures the spirit of television militants agitok past. Branchy cranberry, native since childhood, is infinitely serious splint without a single nail - a glance at the screen enough to see who's the protagonist without fear and without reproach, and who is the villain, the invader to be quick and quiet destruction. The enemy can easily give a circle around your finger, we again came out victorious from the most hopeless situation. Poster - it's the same comic, but consisting of just one picture. Painstaking ligature psychological credibility - nothing before the omnipotence of will square jaw. Do not have a Soviet spy, "I": the hero is the archetype of the poster, all at once and no one in particular. Even the passing game until the end, will not come without a hint to remember the name of the protagonist. It does not matter, as that is who exactly are your enemies: Hurrah, we is broken! Bend ... Swedes? Incas? Sith? The first few missions, fed us Nazis, but the player must get tired of the same uniforms, whatever their Hugo Boss or kroil. So for a change we unleashed on the allies: the protection and get a British diplomat, and the U.S. military. Elijah of Murom anyway, who will fall under his mace.

Death to SpiesDeath to Spies
"Now you know me in person, and I'll kill you!" This soldier does not see anything suspicious in the fact that some people like to walk on his heels. Ur tolerance!


The authorities put before us a variety of objectives: capture the language, the release of captured agent, the destruction of high-level enemies, photographing classified documents, the undermining of the bridge pile of dynamite, etc. etc. However, when the diversity of missions almost every time are built on the same circuit. We come to life in the far corner of the map, being dressed in camouflage diversantsky, seeing that any enemy opens the hectic shooting. In such a caller clothing is very difficult to live in this world, so that first and foremost we need to get some German uniforms. And since this form never appears on the level itself, we have removed from her previous owner, and so as not to stain the skin of the precious blood stains and does not turn it into a sieve machine gun. Disguised in the form of a soldier of the Third Reich, we feel much freer: most of the enemy soldiers are already taking us for their own and can easily walk to almost all levels, and only the officers and particularly vigilant patrols SS can solve our simple masquerade. Given that these supervisory people tend to crowd around the key points of the mission, we turn to the second part of the mandatory program: collecting officer's uniform.

In contrast to the readily available soldiers, the officers never walk alone in some secluded corner, so that the possession of the cherished form will have to spend a small tactical operation. But then comes the expanse, and the level remained very few enemies, quite astute to recognize an enemy agent, even in the officer's uniform. And now you're ready to perform any task.

Death to SpiesDeath to Spies
To open the door the enemy pays any attention. Why, our super-spy is not even close for an uncovered boxes! Viewing angle of your opponent - on the strength of degrees 60, and no peripheral vision.

There is nothing new under the sun

The game is an exhibition of achievements stealth-shooter genre, bringing together many findings from all of the outstanding games of the genre. The only problem is that the ideas taken from different sources, sometimes bad fit together.

The fact that the main character - a telepath. He was an unknown enemy's way of science feels everyone who is present at this level. Moreover, he perfectly knows their location and gaze direction at a given moment. All this information is displayed in real time on the magic map level. Thus, as soon as arriving in an unknown region, our hero is already thoroughly knows the tactical situation. It completely deprives the game of even a hint of surprise, making it just a tactical conundrum. The Soviet agent, there can be no doubt that he is supposed to be omniscient.

Because of this game in a fair degree turns in instrument flying. Magic map that displays over the three-dimensional images, significantly outperforms the latter in terms of informativeness. Because most of the time we watch it in a simple red and green triangles, crawling along the wire contour level being distracted by the three-dimensional image for the sake of making any concrete action (aim at the enemy's neck, broke the lock on a safe). Quite convincing landscapes almost lost for nothing - it's hard to feel and saboteurs and tourists at the same time.

Although the game is very bloodthirsty, and there always someone to cut, strangled and beaten simply, the viewer is nothing particularly terrible show. During the strangulation scene we see the back, and wide heroic spin almost completely hides what is happening from our eyes, a few seconds unclear fuss - and another body goes on the carpet. Blood can flow spill onto the walls, but all bodies are perfectly clean. Bullets do not leave on the enemy carcasses no trace, no krovischi, no openings. The same goes for knives, and in general any weapon. In this sense, a very strange looks ban the use of uniforms wounded or slaughtered enemy.

Death to SpiesDeath to Spies
Cost to stun the prisoner, as the camera instantly broke into the guard and began an investigation - turns out, the commandant of a German prison has no right to touch a prisoner. We can peek through the keyhole. True, it is not clear why the psychic need keyholes.

Country dumb

That game was not too simple, the authors had to compensate for the lack of surprises, just a cutoff of enemies.Guarded bridge turned into a teeming anthill Fritz, one pair of boots on nearly every two square meters.

Theoretically, under such conditions from the constant din of votes to be noisy as the train station. However, around us all the more silence. German fascist invaders (and all other too) do not talk to each other, and the only way their calls - it is to get them to contact us. And even in the latter case, they are very terse: "Halt! Saboteur! Panic! ".

Thus between them they still communicate: the bot finds the body of the fallen from our label bullet companion. He gets nervous and runs to the nearest teammate silently tells what had happened, then he too begins to anxiously fuss. Or this: sitting on the bench two apparently drunken soldier and swaying to the beat of something inaudible, probably own a missing singing. Do staff have mastered the Wehrmacht ultrasound? By the way, we, too, their beckoning whistle.

Death to SpiesDeath to Spies
Sometimes the scout may fail, not only in a figurative sense. Why go somewhere, if there is such a great landscape!?

Location grow hands

But most importantly, perhaps, the misfortune school - is remarkably clumsy game interface. Firstly, there thrives a pixel-hunting: to just open (or close) the door should come to her on a strictly defined distance. A little closer, a little further - and it is already non-interactive. Once we knock at the doorway, still found the right spot, have a separate button to open the Actions menu and the mouse wheel to select the desired out there (nothing to do, open the door, peek through the keyhole, to put the trap). Damn her to the door, she will will not go anywhere, but to stun the enemy, we need to crank out all of the same transaction. But the enemy, incidentally, is also inclined to move. So for a simple action can easily go five to ten attempts. And considering how often we have here for someone to defuse ...

In general the game has many flaws varying degrees of significance, demanding player will not stay here for long and will soon return back to Splinter Cell and Hitman. Or, for that matter, to Commandos.No school created for the imperial color, and this she gave the player off. Precisely because of this mood of the game is almost impossible to put down without going up to her end, and, of course, at the maximum level of complexity, because in this genre simply does not make sense to choose others. Spies must die, and we give them this help.

Death to Spies Brute-force
Theoretically, the game allows no hiding, and pass a mission, just attacking the forehead. Because of fallen enemies can take away guns and ammunition, then very soon our pockets begin to literally burst of grenades and automatic shops. First aid kits, however, the level is not decomposed. When treatment is the only one that we brought out of the front line, not wasted, just spent time. We must look for a nook or simply did not give the enemy a fall. If you respond quickly and in time to reload a weapon, then it's real.

On the other hand, the game still was not planned as a shooter, because this part of the rudimentary. Opponent can not use shelters, shoot from behind a corner, etc. He could easily throw a grenade at his feet and put the entire group rather quick response. And our hero is also moving with difficulty, and nothing like the A student of military and sports training.Because it is better to not build yourself out of a Hollywood superman, and continue alternating disguise.

Death to SpiesDeath to Spies