Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2

Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2

We are again incredibly lucky. Lovers of electronic entertainment has got a sweet, albeit slightly bitten, carrots - Exclusive PC-version of the game Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. Western krolikovody tearing their hair last and still nothing - they will have to wait for the fall. In all countries except our way of Russia, a sequel was released only in the console version.

Among Strangers

But here's a nuance - PC-version was a collection of her short of the 16 mini-games: no story laid bonuses and mandatory video inserts, parodies recent Hollywood premiere. Rollers, in principle, but they are of short duration and so confused that do not have time to laugh. So - hihiknesh and only.

Have to sacrifice principles and make a secret raid on the console area. Do not wait to see what happened to Reymenom when he left the gladiatorial arena. Shaggy Kapitoshka became a real undercover agents.

Socks instead of furry ears, red contact lenses, bandana and squeaky voice (the hero breathed helium) - Raimi turned into a carrot monster with mad eyes and moth-caries teeth.

Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2
Cooking chicken. To do this you need to eat some peppers and singe it with his fiery breath. Genghis Khan, viking, pirate or Raimi? The choice of character or has no effect - take someone you like.

Camouflaged the hero gets into a huge supermarket. Rabbits are used as a store of General Staff. Prepare their operations there and watch unsuspecting humanity. Raimi wants to thwart their diabolical plans and tries to sabotage the invasion of Earth. Following the rabbit, he will travel across continents, playing mini-games and simultaneously repair the furry rodents various dirty tricks and obstacles.

Brothers, Rabbits

How angry rabbit? There is nothing simpler: just start gab on the phone in the midst of film show or just behaving like a March hare, to thrash that is urine on the keyboard, a heart-rending scream and spinning on an office chair. The main thing - do not catch the eye of the head, to show the lightning fast response and the ability to anticipate changes in his mood.

We offered the most Nemudrenye fun, most of it making fire by friction. Have to work a mouse with a maximum speed. Most of the jobs is reduced to such a convulsive meltesheniyu. The main thing to Bat is not puffed, and his hand is not paralyzed.

Other fun and that easy: you're dodging the rabbit with a cake, bear tall sandwich, ride elektromashinkah on roof of a skyscraper - in these pastimes require minimal skill to maintain balance and time to click the mouse. Well, for little has its own entertainment: it is necessary to separate the red peppers on yellow or on the eye to analyze the contents of the flasks. And once again time to click the manipulator.

Naturally, all mini-games designed for multiple players. Gathered the kids in the evening, had tea with a cake - and you can play, measure their strength so dexterity. In the case of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 make it very difficult. You can, of course, distort and connect to the computer just four dzhoypada. Option four crowded at the keyboard to be disregarded.

Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2
After a few moments office turned into hell. Cruz keyboard and throws to the floor monitors. Hunting for dietary butterflies. Green - the most delicious and healthy for the rabbit's health.

Meaningless to talk about the convenience of management. After all, if the first part to actively use the keyboard, and a dance mini-games, it simply was irreplaceable, it is now possible to do only one arm, if you're playing in splendid isolation - the game is so elementary that the gameplay can be combined with a telephone conversation or a meal . We talk about the quiet amusements, and not the sadistic Exercise, where you have to rub their mouse very fast table.

Five kilograms of dietary meat

Completely deprive us did not. Yes, in Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 a total of five playable characters, and the traditional bonuses like concept art and additional suits are absent entirely. Yes, we are unable to travel the world, simultaneously opening up new mini-games (prefixal version of their 36). And for the Altair is unlikely to play as well as for Darth Vader to Indiana Jones. But we can while away a lunch break in the office, plenty of mocking the computer boss with a person of Don Corleone.

Most likely, the game is intended for casual audiences. Managers who simply do not have time to drive a horse in the King `s Bounty, or to become an interplanetary detective Spectra in Mass Effect. Learn to do it in a hurry, to entertain myself for some 5-10 minutes. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, as the office of instant noodles, do not bring much pleasure, but not a poison. You can amuse yourself.

Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2Rayman: Rabid Rabbits 2
Rabbit-naturalist. For this intelligent exterior is a monster. And again, "Indiana." The episode with the stolen gold idol.

The second part can not stand no comparison with the original.There was a hilarious comedy here - just a parody, a bad impression of the original game based on. One of the few of its advantages - the opportunity to see a comic version of the classic Hollywood kinostsen - like the scene where Indy escapes from rolling boulders or trying to steal the golden idol. Naturally, the rabbit of his kind - a golden statue of Liberty with long, hairy ears.

Many sequels suffer from one disease - the old jokes no longer seem so ridiculous. A rabbit is known to be the second freshness does not happen. Shock that we experienced from Rayman Raving Rabbids, a long time has passed, and the rabbits are already fed up with the order. It's time to switch to other rodents, such as wombats, or agouti. "Agouti from Mars to Jupiter against the wombats! A dozen of crazy mini-games and six hidden bonus! Raimi dresses up in Lara Croft and goes in search of a crystal carrots! "I'll have to remember.