No, still the first person to storm Omaha Beach is not so bad. At least you're here people bonded and are responsible only for their own lives. But when you throw dozens of soldiers on the enemy bunkers, mowing down their arms fire, and the message of the defeat of all does not appear, and the new transport everything comes so come ... think: "Maybe I did something wrong to do? A reinforcement then why give? "And then you realize that so it probably was then, at forty-four, only the numerical superiority and were able to take the damn building, and people were killed when a lot of good reason, and you, whether you are at least seven genius, a little blood can not do. And when gunfire suddenly fell silent, and you can not understand what you are made.

Yes, maybe nothing. Catching his breath, you realize that except for "red" - (the enemy) and "green" - (his) on the map there are some "yellow". They are exactly the same selected cursor and say «Any commands?» Same voices, but no commands do not want to listen. At first I thought it was dead troops, for some unknown reason, are not removed from the map. But after the capture of another key point, they suddenly came to life and ran off somewhere on business. It turns out - management should have read carefully! - We are subject are not all friendly forces. Well, in war, in general, the usual thing, when one operation commanded by several officers. "Yellow" act sensibly, and in some missions you can even after the intro on the engine for 5-10 minutes just watch.

The only trouble is that, when suddenly it is time for decisive action, you will not be able to coordinate with allied commanders. Convoy of trucks will not wait until you scroll to her escort, and rode to the point of destination - catch up! Of course, surprise - an integral part of this war, but not whether they should come primarily from the enemy?

Officers Descended from a distance
Long ago, when developers have called 3A Games, and the project - "Combat", we were promised three campaigns in the game - in Russian, Germans and Americans. A year ago, we learned that the release will get only two of them - American and German. And it became clear that the "officers" drop primarily to the U.S. market. In summer the developers decided to postpone the triumphal march of the Nazis and left us with some of the stars and stripes allies, and British troops on the sidelines and Russian on the third.

In the campaign, six bulk of missions devoted to action on the Western Front. You will take part in Operation Overlord "and" Cobra ", the breakthrough of the Maginot Line and the capture of Cologne. Campaigns for "Russian" and "for the Germans, and there, you never know, and multiplayer missions with the editor will wait for the complement. Unless, of course, the game "hits" in the audience, who already has Company of Heroes. However, before the game from the Relic of "officer", at least one advantage - lower system requirements.

Trees are made on the technology of SpeedTree, not just swaying in the wind, but also fall under the treads of tanks, while not particularly straining the CPU. Caen (Caen) France is not recommended to be confused with the Italian Kannom (Cannes). Before us is just the first - Italy in the campaign was not hit.

Bublichnye shackles

The Germans, however, also love to surprise - falling as snow on the head, usually in response to our same amphibious raid. Troopers - only one way to "outside influence". You can also conduct reconnaissance from the air, call in reinforcements, ordered an airstrike or artillery fire on enemy positions. Buttons for calling support, arranged in the shape of the cut bagel, and some are as easy to use. Game stubbornly wants to be a work of art, and with a heavy sigh, binds itself to the player interface shackles. Tab "Details", which, in theory, should detail the selected unit, gives a very strange details: Shooting (?) Is measured in "seconds / manager", and stealth - in percentage, while reaching the 7200 (where there Snake!) . Moreover, next to each parameter is some additional line, the meaning of which is also confusing and never explained. Maybe it had something to do with the improvement of the characteristics of detachment? Game manual mentions that "in the battle your units earn experience points, but how do you know the number of points and the current level of detachment remains a mystery. At least tickers health units and icons are clearly visible from everywhere, and a padded equipment additionally indicate which system is damaged - the chassis, the mechanism of rotation of the tower, itself a weapon or crew (the crew was not the system?).

There are in the interface is also a useful button, the pressing force which automatically takes the nearest shelter. Technique requires a button, the same dig. Directly caused by the aircraft can not operate, but you can translate the game camera to monitor the aircraft. It is a pity that there is a separate small window for such a camera.

Deck of cards staff

Management units in the "officer" is also at the secondary level. You can manually create a group, but the panel quickly jump to any squad, as in the "Second World", no. "Plant" the allied forces on the hot keys also can not, and yet it would be convenient to keep track of time than busy "yellow". More so that the function "cameras" in the game there, and watch out for allies is allowed, as well as a visible enemy.

Another flaw in the interface is connected to the scale of maps. I'm on the local landscape curvometer not skate, but claimed once 25 square kilometers is easy to believe. Only here the mini-map in the "officer" standard size, as a result of teams facing each other in a hundred meters are displayed on it almost the same pixel. Z button causes the map bigger, but - that's bad luck! - When you release the map disappears, and orders her not to give. The same with the plan lies in our "plate" - it stands for all the detailed strategic points and other signs of RTS-punctuation, but as they say, read only. To give an order to attack this or that object, we must return to the main screen of the "bird's eye view", although I always thought that commanders often poked his fingers in the cards, than fly over the battlefield.

Disadvantages of manual control is partly compensated ability to transfer troops to the "aggressive" or "peace" movement modes, giving your employees some autonomy. The first troops fired at anyone who gets in the way, in the second - on the contrary, avoid open flames.

Green Shield under the cursor means that the squad placed at this point, considered to be in hiding. In urban areas, for example, infantry can occupy the building. This view, in contrast to the "entertainment" can be called a "working". Helmets means infantry, armor plates - a technique.

Stew and soup

All the cards in the game are divided into sectors. Each of them has a strategic point, the capture of which means a transition of the sector at our disposal. While the troops and equipment are on their territory, they automatically replenish fuel reserves, provisions and ammunition from general reserves. Once the troops leave their native land, gasoline and canned meat begin to merge "to be honest." Accordingly, long forays into the enemy camp in theory could end in failure, but usually all conflicts are resolved before the soldiers began to moan in the stomach. The important point here is the total stock, but it is - at least at the beginning of the mission - it seems almost endless, 10-15 thousand (cans?) At the rate of several units in the second. A simple calculation shows that this should be enough for a few hours of intense fighting, but missions in the game is very, very long, so that the capture of enemy warehouses should not be neglected. On this, we clearly glimpse at the reports written, unfortunately, not very good Russian. They, in particular, featured "warehouse Germans (well, not dead Negroes) and bepripasy. The authors attempt to write an introductory text for the missions "high calmness" also no good to think. For example, an excerpt from a description of the battle near the town Mondevil: "Hundreds of armored vehicles rushed into battle, tons of molten iron hit from both sides. It seemed that no one can survive, because what the hell got up from the ground and filled up all around ... "Authors comment on the text in files script speaks for itself:" I'm not too far? Make a fool to pray to God ... "

Trying to give the soldiers some "humanity", with English voice acting is also a bit overdone. Thus, in addition to discussing policy of Stalin and of complaints of the hardships of life, very often floats the phrase: "I saw someone my rat?" We see visible hand of producer Vitaly Shutov, author of the unforgettable "rule of law"! It happens that the phrase is repeated twice in a row and get bored very quickly.


Top shows all

I would like to do without criticism even to the graphics part. The game is really very exciting and entertaining. The authors of the popular movies about the Second World already be built into all the developers. Sudden landing of enemy troops is really scary, and sunrise - was still a childlike wonder.

Runs a successful attack, and want to shout "Hurray!" And caught in the crossfire - cover his head with his hands. Wines of the authors only in that perfect emotional component is in contradiction with the actual playable. "Officer" did not want to miss the rough hands, pulling at each unit separately, but only gradually set the overall course of the process and admire the result.Best game looks like a bird's-eye view.