First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918

These aircraft fly at about the same speed with which the storm desert suburban highway scorcher on tuned cars. Two wings are very very difficult for a review, the wind roars in my ears incessantly. Severe minimum instruments in the SPAD middle of the dashboard only set the dial - the chronometer. Cuckoo-cuckoo, how I would live?

No radio no parachute, by the way, too - if the middle of the blue you suddenly shot down, try to quickly grow wings. Shiver shakes the car, around the blooming buds dark tears - anti-aircraft enemy troops wearily welcomes our link.

First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918
Before the eyes of the pilot all the way looms chronometer. The cockpit is just as beautiful as they are useless. It can be seen, like, far away, and the opponent is almost always appears suddenly. Turn, the motor noise, panic.


Very curious about the game procherchena front line. In the courtyard World - on long confrontation, when troops from both sides took the fortified positions, and try in vain to each other with their beat. From the air war zone looks like a wide gray-brown stripe, istykannaya many craters. And because these craters bird's-eye view is very reminiscent of the craters, then the whole front looks like a typical lunar landscape, the more strange that on both sides of this space the band stretched endless blooming meadows, gardens and other pleasing to the eye but a few monotonous rural idyll.

Unlike all the WWI-aviaigr, coming out in recent years, FE - not arcade, but a real simulator, only prefix retro. Flight model looks quite nice if we compare it with aviasimami past and present games from Microsoft. And while the national school aviasimulyatorostroeniya during this time to come off the era ahead, we have not yet received the domestic WWI-flight simulation, so that FE is compared rather with the museum last mastodons than with IL-2 or the more Lock On.

First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918
Tives of the pilot is defenseless - the viewing angle is almost zero, and willing to turn our biplane in a sieve to spare. In the boxed version of the game was not a plane, shown in the foreground, nor, for which he hunts, no landscape that awaits the loser battle at the bottom.

Hells Angels

The game has a full-fledged campaign, all as agreed in the best houses, the four warring sides: France, Britain, Germany and the USA. In this case, the four actors are only three playable aircraft - a curious move, is not it? True, model airplanes are made very carefully, and above all it concerns the quality of the cockpit, which is perhaps the most important ornament of the game.There are all the main types of tasks - reconnaissance, free patrol, ground attack, escort, hunting for enemy balloons and protection of their own.

After the battle, you will submit a full report - who, when and where to shoot, from which weapons and how many times, and what it all led. Percentage of hits and the number of emigrants to the cemetery. If the destruction of the tank is fixed, while the enemy losses were not incurred - hence, it was his. In a hurry sometimes quite difficult to see markings. Especially when in a tight wad air converges couple dozen planes of dark-green shades, from which their is not more than half. In this case, it is very difficult not to burn with fright at anything that catches my eye. Therefore, the bright tropical colors aircraft often save you from unpleasant surprises - the enemy-that nevertheless, he cybernetic.

Damage model is that with the first hit, most likely, not lose, neither you nor you, but each queue can shoot a stabilizer or shorten the wing. There are also just a problem - for example, a jammed machine gun in the middle of the queue is very visual adds to the already chaotic dogfight.

First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918

After the assembly process with a file

In fact, the box is not so much a game as theme designer. Architecture of the game wide open for any external interference. Of course, allowed to vary as the color options of existing models and types of aircraft. Allowed to add other cockpits to existing models and to change the flight model. A huge amount of detail the game changed by editing a text file with appropriate parameters. For example, it is not forbidden to make pilot's head (and the camera with her) alive to everything that happens with the airplane.

In the first weeks after the release of activity turned serious. First of all, the players completely changed all the textures of the relief (see the screenshots, the first version looked really unappealing), replacing them with torn from the past Microsoft Flight Simulator. In addition, the game added a winter landscape along the way providing rapid switching between these two sets of textures.

Players have altered fireworks that of the wrecked aircraft was falling thick black smoke that the fire was whipping in all directions. Do not avoid surgery and more important organs of the game - for example, added a new ground and aerial vehicle (even a blimp appeared, albeit non-volatile), much enlivened by the front line, which is now under way hotter battles.

This game is like no other depended on the quantity and quality of custom modifications, and now we can say that the start was taken very good - to improve the games run multiple commands, providing a constant flow of new filling. The Future of the same game depends on whether the user does not dry up inspiration in the near future. We predict the future do not take.

First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918 Simulators
WWI flight simulation trickle has dried up in the last century, the last "mogikanin" appeared already in the distant 1998 - it was the Red Baron II (after a while the game has acquired a Direct3D-patch, in connection with which changed its name to Red Baron 3D). Over the past since then eight more years releases in this sub-genre is no longer there, and while some projects are currently under development, before birth did not survive one. Ecological niche is empty - the nature, as it turned out, the emptiness tolerate easily.Since the industry has refused to entertain the fans of early aviation, they began to amuse themselves, and the activities unfolded neshutochnaya.Postoyannym alterations suffered the same Red Baron 3D, and the game has managed to acquire not only the free modes (Hell's Angels Superpatch), but also paid (Full Canvas Jacket, costing as much $ 28). There was also a WWI-simulator based on the Screaming Demons Over Europe, created a multi-user project Richthofen's Skies (based on Targetware, spawned a few mods on various pages of combat aircraft), and the latest innovations - mod for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3, entitled Over Flanders Fields, etc. and t.p.Esli remember about all this, the proposal by the players to gather flight simulation on the basis of FE does not look so much and strange.

First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918First Eagles: The Great Air War 1918