Enemy cohort distracted by cleverly located on the field, a rice ball. Full speed ahead!
Pinball in which the ball can not be beat glasses? Strategy, where the units are not subject to the omnipotent and omnipresent cursor, but only the voice of a player? That for one of the genre - the madness, the two immediately - Odama.

Odama action unfolds in medieval Japan, when, as you know, giant fighting robots have not yet invented. They were replaced, according to Sony, giant fighting crabs, and according to Nintendo - giant fighting balls pinball, called odamijat.

Specify: odamijat belongs only to you, governor, military leader, seeking to regain his rightful throne. And it odamijat able to lead to victory: after all, your army is small, and your enemies can not even count! Driving huge flippers, you ride Odamu on the battlefield, but beware - running the ball awkwardly easily roll out the pancakes and your own army, which is bad impact on the morale of the survivors.

The focus in Odama - a sacred bell, move the team invulnerable porters. Clear the path for them is the goal of your soldiers as enemies try to push the porters ago. If the carriers will be pushed for the flippers, the battle will be lost. To win in combat is essential that the allotted time (before sunset) bell was zealously guard the gates of the enemy. And in the next battle you are allowed to use only those resources that will save the current. With respect to soldiers, it means only the accompanying bell command: how many soldiers have passed through the gate, so much and will be available in the coming battle. The only way to get new footage - "move" of enemy soldiers Divine odamijat. Odamijat transformation from simple to divine by means of items that can be detected in the lethal ball mercilessly destroyed homes.

Near the soldiers look not just bad - terribly! Odamijat crushes its own. Morale falls, increasing defiance.
The entire game consists of only a dozen levels, each with proper skill and luck can be completed in ten minutes. The question, however, that this skill you will need to purchase by very numerous trials and errors: Odama - the game is not easy. However, no multiplayer mode, or any standing bonuses, nor any flexibility within the same level is not found. Only you, your army odamijat yes, smashing everything in its path.

Against this background, visible and, in general, significant shortcomings flaunts an unquestionable advantage - a truly unique gaming experience. In any other game you do not happen to give out orders are not buttons, and a voice like a commander, not anywhere else you can not destroy a huge ball of enemy armies, freeing the path of his soldiers. Impression of ambivalence. Odama - the project is too extraordinary, just to pass him, but at the same time having enough problems to close to their eyes and put a decent amount of game.

Odama Authoritative voice Shogun
The game has a set of voice commands (included with the game comes a microphone and a special mount for the gamepad), which are controlled by your players. «Advance», «Fall back», «March Left» and «March Right» responsible for the movement, a quick dash to the goal by using the command «Press Forward». At flecked rivers level can be ordered soldiers to control the gateway: «Open the Gate», «Close the Gate». The key command is «Rally». It you tell the soldiers to the most important items on the battlefield, whether it's raising the morale of a rice ball, a ladder to overcome obstacles, enemy flippers or affected odamijat General giant.