Three small white mouse. Birthday Marine rat

Melkopakostnaya rat nepedagogichna truth. Each mouse is well known that the bite, steal, and throw things - it is possible. If caught, it is necessary to squeak, bursting into tears: "I am a little mouse, no one understands me" - and still cry away. Remember, adults: all mouse press on a pity! Question - whether the suit in the mouse friends baby?

Three small white mouse. Birthday Marine ratThree small white mouse. Birthday Marine rat
Said someone ate elephant and put pencils! Afraid of old age poisoned mushroom.

Three small white mouse. Birthday sea rat "in contrast to the first game of the trilogy," Visit of the marine rat "- a deliberately didactic. Everything - from mouse to Martha's narrator (Boris Repetur) - something to explain and something to teach. For example, overeat, forget the birthdays of relatives and throw things - not good. And to help others - a worthy lesson. So the game begins with the fact that the young guest of the puppet world, created by Natalia Fadeeva, compelled to correct others' mistakes.

Aunt Emma was forty years old today, but no one remembered the anniversary, and more - someone had torn to shreds tetinu card. It turns detective story for fun, which is one piece of evidence, and none of the guilty.

But while the young detective of all cases can not be undone, to search for the perpetrator was not allowed. In the mouse house so much trouble! Mom on the farm - to help her aunt - calm, Martha pencils - to gather. That vozimsya with parts of the marine maps, applique, scattered collection of shells, butterflies and even a puppet pazlotortikom. Is this not the most beloved children's (by a fluke - and mouse) occupation - to collect? Another favorite pastime - painting. Great and unexpected gift - Coloring - hidden in the room, and Martha Nelson. Another interesting and familiar to all the newspapers with crosswords game element - an underground labyrinth.

Three small white mouse. Birthday Marine ratThree small white mouse. Birthday Marine rat

Play "The Birthday of the marine rat" is nice because everything is done tastefully. Player of praise, self-assessment increases - as much ashamed! A mouse and the narrator will explain a lot of useful things: a child learns new concepts, will feel the difference between similar-sounding words, learn the basics tsvetokompozitsii.

There is also a negative point - buying gestures.I wonder whether your child will watch as the mouse repeatedly make the same movements - chewing, but recline, but legs are bred? A hedgehog general dereveneet!

Three small white mouse. Birthday Marine rat Whose going?
While Mrs. Morzel begins to look for the glaze, you live in full confidence that the main character - Nelson. The first task will be executed for the mouse, then it disappears, and you're playing as if on its face. But when my mother fumed: "Who took the icing?", And Nelson said from a corner, which hid all this time that he did not take the glaze - the question arises: "Who am I in this game?"