The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure

The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure
Advertising Lost Crown for a long time decorate a gaming publications. However, it can be done early and quite wrong conclusions about the content of the game. Girl with a bleeding eye sockets, compressed in a fist brutally tortured a crow, has nothing to do with any in-game graphics, with any content. The impression is that the designers did not read the name: it lost the crown (crown), but not a crow (crow)!

Here it's the need to look for. But not a girl, but quite a mature three-dimensional "blockhead", adorned with the famous Jonathan Bouksa texture, the legendary independent igrodelov, alone and in collaboration with other enthusiasts gives to fans all new projects in the genre of horror adventure.

Madame Bovary - that's me!

Today bouks-zateksturennogo protagonist named Nigel Danvers. He is the designer. Bedolagu both got work in an office that one day, on the eve of May Day, he just got into the first train, and drove off to the East Coast of England, the North Sea, the tiny town of Saxton ... is not the place where you can find peace. Not only that the spring thaw train stop a few miles from the city and the rest of the way the locals have to travel on shaky bridges in the marshes (and how could the tale of universal prosperity of the European countries, as opposed to "beggar Russia »?)... Moreover, since the whole town is going God knows what: the annual tide bared bottom, locals and visitors crowd enthusiastically seeking ancient treasure, according to legend, hidden somewhere in the caves beneath the city. It would be nothing, but the only places in the hotel of the city there, and the hostess offers Danvers stay in the semi-abandoned house at the edge of the pier. The first night it becomes clear that the house is packed full of ghosts, like a barrel - herring. On top of troubles to its low poly head Nigel why is calling and repents that ran out, Mr. Hadden, the employer. He thus mysteriously assures us that in the course of all, because "there are many old ways of finding out the unknown", and offers Danvers deal - he forgets about his misconduct, if Nigel agreed to take him to the study of paranormal phenomena Saxton. Tomorrow, de, in the name of the fugitive will come to the premise equipment, and he can begin: fixing the traces of radiation, the sounds that emit a ghost, pictures and even shoot video. Nigel somehow agrees and engaged in a complicated story, all the threads that lead to the legendary treasure of this area, the famous crown of Anglia.

The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure The prototype of the town of Saxton
The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure
The prototype of the town of Saxton was the ancient settlement of fishermen Polperro (see photo). You can tell the creators shalyavili - have already prepared a pier, and even a little white cottage near him. In some locations used in rendering, and in some places and just photos.

The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting AdventureThe Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure
The same house with ghosts. In a pile of discounted comics past years can be found here such scanty self-promotion.

And the road dead with braids standing ...

Past performance Bouksa, Barrow Hill, has exposed the tendency - the author is prone to exaggeration. And Lost Crown confirms it. So many ghosts per square meter of gameplay was really only in the cities of the dead from the Heroes of Might and Magic. Values ​​that are close to the army of undead in the chamber Saxton give the opposite effect. However, it is difficult to guess whether the authors would like us just to scare. On the one hand, it pushes the "traditional elements» horror adventure: nightmares, ghostly visits of individuals and threatening letters, the mad professor, poltergeist ... on the other hand, all this so much that eventually becomes ridiculous. If the ghosts in the city are more common than stray cats, how could they cause the most terrible fear - fear of the unknown?

Another facet of exaggeration - the excessive love Bouksa designer to detail. Countless close-view with insignificant at first glance, the objects very quickly tire. A decision on the possibility to ignore them (especially since the individual images have migrated here, it seems, from the previous games in Mr. B), comes almost immediately. But, unfortunately, they're mostly moving plot. And if from, say, 34 position in this episode of "scrutiny" you missed one, but it proved to be the key, the story perfectly still get up!

But does nothing for the player is not happy in this ghostly pursuit of a mythical treasure?

The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting AdventureThe Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure
"Beware of trains"! Yes, in this game you will fall like an aggressive and obsessive railway equipment! But this piece as if passed by inheritance from Barrow Hill. And the dolmens here too there - you just walk up the track!

The black-and-black town, black-and-black street ...

Here is the style. In keeping with the tendency to exaggerate, the style is more than enough. Among black and white, or more precisely, to varying degrees of gray landscape here and there conspicuous bright patches of color - marsh flower, dragonfly, fire in the fireplace, the picture on the wall ... Design decision made ​​the call and ennobles photo collages, three-dimensional rendering of the modest virtues sparingly animated character models and amazing details of local life. Everything creates a single image, merges into a seamless, consistent, although in English is extremely boring now. Be cautious in taking over the game! And not because you can get scared. However, some attention to detail even like it, they think it is the essence of the genre and put the game the highest evaluation in all polls. No visitors Saxton just will not.

The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure Jonathan Bouks
The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure
Jonathan Bouks - widely known in narrow circles of the independent game developer, designer and photographer. He spent his childhood in Kent, which is called "Gardens of England" for the beauty of landscapes and natural wealth. Land Kent, anciently known not only to gardening: old country towns, historic buildings, old cemeteries and abandoned the church - the source of many stories of supernatural phenomena that are attracted to Jonathan's childhood. Since then, as Mr. Bouks grew up, he endlessly reveals that exciting (it, at least) side of life.

From an extensive list of games to which Bouks a hand in Russia coming out: two of the series Dark Fall, a story about being alive dolmens Barrow Hill, scary story about the sins of family researchers in Africa Scratches (incidentally, the last Bouks has only an indirect relation). And the game itself is easy to detect announcement: soon we will have the third part of the series about the "dark drop".

The Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting AdventureThe Lost Crown: A Ghosthunting Adventure
Of all the animals were successful creators of the best dragonfly. Worst of all - the horse. Pictures of real household objects ripe old age - the best part of the game.