Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

Do not take a genius to figure out where to go this time. But if the film showed a small piece of the legendary underground kingdom in Mines of Moria heroes will see it in all its glory. Overhanging arches, dark tunnels, coal mines, fire waterfalls, artificial gardens and majestic statues - is only part of the local attractions. Familiar parts of the books, such as the bridge where Gandalf fought Balrog, also on site. Moriya is huge and can lay claim to being the largest dungeon in the genre of MMORPG. True, and easier to get lost here as dirt. This is a real maze of long corridors and dark corners full of monsters.

Lord of the Rings Online - game, based primarily on the plot, and Mines of Moria has continued the epic saga about the adventures of the Guardians unit. For six new chapters, players will not only help Frodo cross Moria, but also assist the dwarves who want to clear their past ownership of goblins and orcs. Even get inside the cave is not so simple. Keepers of the Rings, with fights breaking out, left behind a huge obstruction, so I have to do the dirty work, roll up their sleeves. But the main obstacle to Moria will guard the Black Lake (in the classical translation Muravieva he called the Deep Warden). Able to overcome it, if we collect more cohesive group. In general, the authors did a great job over the boss, so bored in the battles do not have to.

Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of MoriaLord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria
Turbine strictly follows Tolkien's books and to get into Moria, players will find a way to unlock the gates. If the keeper of wisdom derives its strength in nature, rune-keeper weaves spells with runes.

Familiarity with monsters and villains will be held in a dozen new instances designed for a group of three to six people. Turbine listened to the fans and did not do like Fornost, where the players suffered long hours. New dungeons to the best short and difficult, but everyone has a mode «Hard», in which the monsters are aggressive, but players can go to the main boss, bypassing others and build with him a lot of trophies. It saves a lot of time when all the quests in the cave has long passed and you're back just for the sake of valuable trinkets. Particularly interesting to look session instances. If you carry out quests in the Shire, you probably remember fun races, when the character was turned into a chicken and had to warn the inhabitants of the hen house of an invasion of wolves. In MoM developers to develop this idea, but instead of a bird can take on the roles of key characters and their eyes to watch the historic events.Worth at least a first encounter with the Balrog during the expedition Darin!

Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Things to Moria
Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

Gates of Moria - dwarves for centuries dreamed of opening the gates and return to his kingdom. Quite a few expeditions have visited the legendary palaces. Some wanted to pacify the evil underground, while others simply go through the dark tunnels and get out of them alive - although nobody has been able to avoid huge losses. But the difficulty is never scared of gnomes, and they outfitted a new expedition, sent to the gates of the next brave.

Path Darin - named in honor of Darin's long beard, this room is in the northern part of Moria. That's it crossed the Ringbearer, fleeing from the Balrog and the hordes of orcs. Now the minions of Saruman inhabit it who are trying to win over independent clan Mazog.

Flooded Cave - in the southern part, between the darkest halls of Moria, is a huge, water-filled cave. Here are rarely dealt what else sounds as low shallow fog hides the Pitfalls in the water. This is where you can see the most ancient buildings dwarfs, showing the great deeds of their ancestors and past battles.

Flaming depths (shown) - the most remote part of the dungeon, which lies at a depth where the end Mithril deposit. Once gnomes created here huge mines to extract precious metals from the heart of Moria. Unceasing roar of the mechanisms eventually awakened Balrog, long-bearded and were condemned to exile.

Twenty-first room, located on the seventh tier, was once the main place for gnomes fees, but since the fall of Moria there is silence, sometimes only broken by a terrible roar Balrog. Lord of the depths tirelessly looking for a worthy opponent, but after the death of Darina and Naina such a little remained.

In addition to the ancient kingdom of dwarves, the players opened two new locations: Eregion and Lothlorien. For those who do not know by heart the works of Professor Eregion - one of the Elven Kingdom, who fell under the onslaught of forces of Sauron. It is here that once were forged rings of power, but now it is in ruins. In addition to the hungry monsters in the District can meet the few who survived the war. Lotlorienu fared better, but even in this golden woods can be heard echoes of the battles.

To fight the "bad guys" were fun, the developers put into the game's legendary weapon. It's almost a living companion, who has the experience, levels, and the magical properties that depend on the inserted stones. For example, you can increase the damage done to add or beneficial effects. "Legendarki" sometimes podkidyvayut master quests. The first such artifact will hand before passing through the gates of fleece and is very useful in the battle with the Guardian. Once players have a unique weapon that can be pumped and to improve the taste, the usual "epic" look gray and dull. It would not be surprised if the creators of other MMORPG pereymut idea Turbine and add their own variants of the legendary things.

Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

Thrill-seekers will enjoy two new classes: rune-keeper and the warden. They each have their advantages. Warden - Melee, fishing with a spear, like Amazon, and dodge is better than any ninja. Its main feature - gambits, bundles of skills which, when applied in a particular order, will give a powerful effect (something like a fighting game combo). Rune-keeper - a hybrid of physician and combat mage. The more he Lupit offensive spells, the better it is treated, and vice versa.

Since the strap maximum level rose to 60, old characters also got interesting "buns." For example, an attacker can now remove the effect of decay imposed by monsters of Moria, a hunter gave slowing shot.

In addition, Turbine has changed the system a little bit of talent (traits) - upgrades and abilities that the characters receive for various accomplishments. Now one can make sets that radically changes the style of play. If the keeper of wisdom wish to specialize in pets, little animals alone would tear any orc, a second set of "Master of the natural anger will increase his offensive spells, and the third is associated with attenuation. I remember, the developers promised to give the characters more individual traits. The new system of talents - a step in the right direction.

Another improvement, which has long asked the players affected production systems. Not only that the crafter have the ability to produce new objects of rank superior to all I have seen before, they are now able to join in craft guilds, which increases the chance to create the perfect little thing and get a rare recipe.

Alas, the addon is almost not affected PvP-mode - the weakest point of Lord of the Rings Online, and added a new hobby. But Turbine recalled that both content patches start coming out immediately after the release of Mines of Moria, so ahead of us still waiting for a lot of interesting things.