Overlord: Raising Hell

Overlord: Raising Hell

Old Master is defeated, the tower is rebuilt, the wife is completely satisfied. What to do deserved a scoundrel? Solve scanwords or sit down for memoirs?

"Evil is even angrier - disgusting tautology haunting me for a whole week. All this time, leaving the duties, I selflessly researched Overlord: Raising Hell. The new "hellish" addition to or, in the language official, the content pack. The old form was filled with fresh content. Now each of the four local worlds expanded by more infernal location - the Abyss.

Hobbit from hell

Remember Melvin - xobbita-overgrown, overfed to epic proportions? After the death of this zhirtrest went into his own personal hell, and we have yet to talk with him, namyav heathens side and proving his villainous profneprigodnost.

In the Mellow Hills miraculously lined chapel. Local farmers zasobiralsya to heaven: "I want to become an angel, buy his wings!". Sooner overjoyed. Brave the object of worship was a portal to hell, and our naive idealist caught in the company of skeletons, ghouls alive, rebellious spirits and other evil spirits. Sinners there do not favor, burn Hellfire cast among thorns, and then forced to work.

The lord will all understand. For a start - to discover the source of hellish damage and determine that the unknown Sinister is behind these outrages. I do not rival it?

Each Abyss hides on the artifact, but find them extremely difficult. Keep track of locations and subjects. Magic Axe is in Mellow Hills, Evernight while hidden Mace. Having gone to Heaven's Peak, you can find a helmet and armor to be found in Golden Hills. Rumor has it that treasure so much more. Strive, seek, and never give up!

Overlord: Raising HellOverlord: Raising Hell
See the dark lord. Looks impressive and stylish, not worse than Sauron. Hell is not just red. It will come in handy blue minions.

Jokes humor

The original version has a distinctive negodyayskim yumorkom. On the background of solar pastoral landscape gay ugliness ensued. Hangers-on, as befits the demons and goblins have sinned recklessly: drunk and overeat, urinated in the wrong places and frightened peasants. In Overlord: Raising Hell and more serious. Who was in hell, he does not laugh at the circus. These fiery little catacombs have the fun. Enemies have become more tenacious and tricky. Some, like a ghost (in the original - wraith), can call for help of the skeletons. To win the next boss, you have to invent our own unique tactics to use the skills of their minions.Simple one fell swoop is not enough.

There is also a puzzle. In general, the simple and standard - such as puzzles with twelve breakers where they needed to switch in the correct order, or in situations where the henchmen need to roll, pull, rotate different objects.

Overlord: Raising HellOverlord: Raising Hell
Lads, do not bite each other! To us in the tower of this old man lived.

Square rolls

Manage the gang as uncomfortable as before. Incorrectly implemented the exact function of orientation, when you pinch just two mouse buttons and trying to put their arharovtsev on the next target. Millstone, lever, or even some squiggles. In the console versions of these problems can not be, but we do not have a joystick, and mouse.

Achtung! Attention! Attenson! Never remove the old Saves remaining from the original campaign! Otherwise you'll have to start all over again from the moment you wake up. In an extreme case, you can download Saves from the Internet. Good Samaritans have shared the link.

Decidedly not understand why the game has not appeared Card. Some of my fellow sufferers simply lost in this infernal maze. In hell No Path, at every step lava, poison or groundwater. It is clear that any obstacle is focused on the use of minions, but lost is not difficult. Especially after a good battle monsters in fifties.

Overlord: Raising HellOverlord: Raising Hell
Preparations for the final battle. By the numbers - to calculate! Access to the apartment of another Lord.

Darkness at the end of the tunnel

For this merry devilry unnoticed two content pack. Restoring justice. First, Challenge Pack, includes seven multiplayer maps to play on the internet, plus two new online modes, pretty funny. Likes to chase the pretty peasant? It's time to arrange a competition for catching girls. The game is called - Capture the Maiden. Another way to relieve stress - mode Protect Your Power.

Like Overlord? Enjoy it and continue. Always nice to return to their hearth and home, to walk into the underground, pet owner and give a couple of one-track slap servants. The game continues, the evil ineradicable. Evil is Good.

Overlord: Raising HellOverlord: Raising Hell