Tomorrow War

Tomorrow War
Introductory video: "has come XXVII century. On Earth, peace and tranquility "- says the announcer in this mock-pathetic voice that wants to pre-game kiss on both cheeks.

Russia - the native land of elephants, Aviation, one hundred grams of the front and the most superstitious pilots in the galaxy. Russia - the center of the universe, so that the galaxy becomes a sort of near-abroad, in which so freely feel like Russian nesting dolls, playing on and washed down with vodka, balalaika. Shiroka my soul my own, much of it forests, fields and rivers.

Brakes thought a coward

Surprising Future of the game "Tomorrow War" seems not to complete the triumph of all novoimperskih Russian beginnings, not for the brutal satire, making fun of the current rise of the red-orthodox collective unconscious - as you prefer to count. Filled with inspiring martial storyline, poster heroes are not so much people as self-propelled stereotypes, playing a piece about the formation of a young soldier, in the process turning into a veteran of the universe - and all this against a background of constant jokes in the dialogues, sometimes more successful ( "and those who fail the task, remove the fur inside!"), sometimes less ("I'm your ass is not found in the garbage!"), but always fitting into the style of play. Zaboristy like this style, of course, not all, but ill and at the same time very charming child he does not hold. There is only through the region: if even in the game appears product-placement, do not shy naleplennaya somewhere at the side of a trademark, and glavgeroy closeup, uttering slogan and rolls his eyes. Monstrously ridiculous and, as the saying goes, all they have so.

In general, the plot is definitely the best thing in the game, and can cause many players to get to the very end, in spite of various difficulties. And to meet these challenges abound.

Tomorrow WarTomorrow War
Flying systems - the main lesson of the military. If someone did not get up in the system, others are waiting for him, still hanging in place. Sight very strange, especially if you are fighting off the enemies and your teammates froze nearby. The Game. Dzhibsov guns shoot at a point just before the ship, as it slowly you go flying, so that, despite flashes of enemy shots, no danger.

It is better to lose a day

In words, there are already three different versions of physics: Arcade, arcade with inertia and the simulated addition. What is the arcade mode, it is easy to guess: it's flights into space from the usual dense jelly. While we press the button of gas, moving forward, you release - stop. If the button does not let go, then we are rapidly gaining a limit for the vehicle speed. In general, the traditional fiznabor.

Mode simulator gives us a real Newtonian physics: the inclusion of the engine does not give the speed and acceleration, top speed is not restricted, and to slow down, turn the engine in the opposite direction of movement, and braking will have exactly as much time as we were dispersed.In theory, Newtonian physics gives us the opportunity to perform various maneuvers are amazing: You can fly backwards and shoot at the enemy, which we decided to sit on its tail, it is possible to evade the fire, unpredictably moving in different directions, you can ... But no, it is impossible. In fact simulyatornom mode made exclusively for show and the game is not suitable. The fact that Newtonian physics of a ship becomes uncontrollable. The slightest attempt to maneuver leads to unpredictable freaks. To repay the lateral velocity, we must oppose it with the engine in the opposite direction, and off it should be before the vehicle stops, and this time it is impossible to catch. In the end, our ship turns into a pendulum with ever-increasing speed. This is not a spaceship, it's just a box with motors. It would seem that the court of the XXVII century, and this means that the system of fly-by-wire is already seven hundred years.

Tomorrow WarTomorrow War
Price list for donor services: "Blood: 1000 Terry tissue of bone marrow: 1000 Terry Eyes: 50.000 terrorism." No, the eye will not sell! All interiors in the game, three-dimensional, but at random (like in shooters) can not move, but clicking the mouse on an object of interest or character.

Pepelats hussar volatile

And you know what find a way out? As the lifeline of the autopilot had been thrown. No, seriously: the developers themselves admit that 90% of the games are held on autopilot. We distinguish the mouse button and click on the master key "to get up in the system." Or select an aircraft carrier, and click the button "to sit on an object." At some point, there is a feeling that we did not play in kosmosimulyator (well, kosmoarkadu), and in the quest.

By the way, funny story: with simulyatornom regime could not handle even the autopilot, absolutely smashing our fighter on an aircraft carrier in the first mission. Even in arcade mode, a bunch of physics-based management leaves something to be very ... As a result, fights, of which we are quite a few, occur in some chaos. Sometimes we survive, and sometimes - no, but somehow it seems that it depends not only on us, but on luck. No we are not familiar tools provided. Radar formally exist, but so uncomfortable that sense from him, in fact, no. No data on the selected objects, except for distances up to them, is not displayed. No system of equalizing our speed with the speed of the selected object, it would be very useful when maneuvering capabilities local crafts. Generally there is an impression that the authors decided anew, from scratch to reinvent the wheel, out of my head the whole experience that was accumulated by genre for many years.

A few scant plot with obvious signs of polygonal failure, however, quite successfully fulfilling its role. During the flight space around us the most incredible colors - as is customary in our time. In the premises the same rustic graphics paradoxically played into the hands of the project, because the wax modelki people who have the paralyzed persons (body language is not at all) if highlight the deliberate one-dimensional characters.

Tomorrow WarTomorrow War
When viewed from the cockpit of the space surrounding the vessel become somewhat hazy matte finish.Appears to be extremely pastoral, especially in combination with a wounded pilot, lounging in the foreground. Far left - none other than Alexander Pushkin, has the same cadet, as well as looking at him Rumyantsev. All four are seated at a table in a very sad mood, but the scene is arranged so that it is impossible not to laugh.

Talk to me

Still in the game now and then have difficulty understanding the player. We give the job to crawl asteroid belt ... but how? Where is the scanner? He has all the time, or we simply can not find it? And at what distance does it work? The game gives the task to sit down on the asteroid and to drill. Autopilot with asteroids refuses to work, so we make a long painful hand landed on a giant angular cobbles ... and successfully sat down, and immediately explodes - so much here wayward shortchanging collisions. And then, empirically it appears that the land could not perform, and discharge drilling derrick with a minimum height ... and why not tell us about it immediately? And God forbid, accidentally throwing two towers instead of one - this turn of events throws script confusing.

The game interface is not obvious name, but the electronic manual on the disk is not present, and training mission lacking. Even after the release online game developers have to explain how to navigate using the shotgun ... We will not ask rhetorical questions.

Tomorrow WarTomorrow War
Fluggerov - aircraft, equally suited for movement in space in zero gravity, and in an atmosphere of a planet's surface. By the way, not only technical innovation in the game. Landing on an aircraft carrier space: the landing gear alignment, touch, passed and stopped. In a vacuum, and weightlessness.

Believe in yourself

On the one hand, the missions are many and they are truly varied and unpredictable - often the task is not completed as expected plot of avalanche descend when they least expect, and the outcome of the case can not be foreseen. But are themselves the mission carried out in the Spartan spirit. Our share drops everything, but quite a bit. Little friends, little enemy, a terrible weapon looks like a handful of brooms, boom, likened to the classic attack on the Death Star, became a momentary thing: two steps into the tunnel there, two back, all the small and seemingly for fun. Space war epic in scale 1:10000.

Game in general tend to try to pass himself off as what it is not, though she does not believe in the forces. What sense to talk about a set of star systems and move freely in them, if the game is linear, like a lamppost (small branching in the side missions do not count, based on the story, they are still not affected) if all the events carefully scripted, and resolutely suddenly we explore the world on their own, instantly find that it is completely empty. They say that the game engine is able to create landscapes on the fly, so that all of the visible world we are real objects, and at any point you can make a landing ... but why, if there is still absolutely nothing?

As a result, in the depths of the wild realization lost a lot of really good ideas: from the concept fluggerov and ending meteor shower and an unusually convincing ring Saturna.Vsya hope for a sequel.

Tomorrow War Etherlords
The game "Tomorrow War" was created by a fantastic trilogy of Alexander Zorich (novels "The War Tomorrow", "Without Mercy" and "Time - Moscow!"). In addition to this trilogy Zorich has created such works as "Conan and the Death", "Children of Onegin and Tatiana," "Combat Vehicle of Love" and others.

The book and the game show the same events but from the perspective of different characters. In the trilogy, we see the world through the eyes of Alexander Pushkin, and the protagonist of the game - the pilot Andrei Rumyantsev. In this case, the delight of fans, readers of Pushkin briefly appears in the game, to the delight of the players Rumyantsev appears in the episode in the third volume of the trilogy.

"Tomorrow War" - not only experience Zorich in the gaming industry, as well as a writer he was involved in creating games, "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Behind Enemy Lines 2.

Tomorrow WarTomorrow War