Viva Pinata: Party Animals

Viva Pinata: Party Animals
Successfully invented character - that hundred dollar bill, it will almost always find a use. But if these characters quite a crowd? In this case, the developers opened a considerable scope for creativity, because a specially prepared landing from a favorite with the same success can be sent and to conquer the heights of role-playing, and sparring championships in any three-dimensional fighting game like Super Smash Bros. However, the authors Viva Pinata: Party Animals decided to start small, and therefore familiar to the original Viva Pinata colorful beasts, as is clearly the name suggests, made its debut in the genre of party-games. Thus, Microsoft is not supported too well-known studio Krome tried to ensure that the Xbox 360 a sort of analogue of unfading Mario Party. But here may be considered a successful attempt?

Viva Pinata: Party AnimalsViva Pinata: Party Animals
For the sake of the piñata are ready to go at all - even at the risk of breaking your neck. Who is faster - a paper horse or paper fox? Party Animals surely knows the answer to this question.

On clothes meet ...

The first thing that attracts attention Party Animals, - a wonderful, incredibly colorful graphics, look at that is a pleasure. Style, given one and a half years ago, the British Rare, seasoned perfectly: the heroes really most resemble assembled from pieces of colored paper toys, and each character is drawn, not only to the last detail, but in addition, perfectly animated. Most of what is happening on the screen looks like a cartoon, and the similarity of this carefully underlined a variety of little things, here and there, flashing in the frame. Advertisement Party Animals vain taken as a basis for the animated series Viva Pinata (out, in particular, has removed the four main characters, twice due to special "female version"); similarities striking - and if not for the monotony of scenery, and even a couple of minor technical errors to distinguish the subject of this review of telesobrata would be impossible. Alas, proposed in the Party Animals mini-game situation is not so rosy. In spite of a sufficient number of role models, team Krome was not able to build a truly fascinating attraction for convivial pastime, although some interesting ideas from developers certainly were.

Viva Pinata: Party Animals And at this time ...
Fans of the original Viva Pinata (and their number is owned and writer) certainly drew attention to the unfortunate fact that the authors of the game, the British studio Rare, in the creation of any Party Animals did not participate.What, one asks, the British were so busy that the cast of precious piñata to their fate? For starters, they are working on the third part of a well-known platformer Banjo-Kazooie, which premiered to be held later this year. And secondly, Rare makes the new Viva Pinata exclusively for the Nintendo DS. And we are talking about full-fledged "portable" version of the twin 360 - again we have to dig into his own garden, there to lure animals and hold them paradise. Technologically, the game will certainly be simpler. But its authors intend to its fullest advantage of such features of the platform as a tactile screen and stylus - it is beneath them will radically alter management, so users with maximum comfort.

Viva Pinata: Party AnimalsViva Pinata: Party Animals
From time to time piñata competition attracted spectators. Which, unfortunately, do not take absolutely no part in the process. Flying Bear? In the Party Animals is possible and such! This dream of Winnie the Pooh.

Pursuit of Happyness

Kernel for Party Animals, oddly enough, are not mentioned mini-games, and racing races (vehicles do not enjoy the characters, moving exclusively on its own four), with these same mini-games interspersed. Before starting the competition, you are entitled to ask the duration of future trials, and our advice to you - choose the least time-consuming options. After all, the longer the conventional "chain" of the races and different tests on accuracy, speed yes uptake, the faster the Party Animals from burdensome entertainment becomes a tasteless cud hardly standing the requested money.

The mechanics of the competition is simple and repeated again on the times. Choose a character, ask athletic program and try to force the first race. Regardless of the outcome thereof, proceed to participate in the group of mini-games (in the settings match the size of this group can reduce or increase), then check again, which of the piñata is running faster and turns quicker and smarter. After several such rounds invisible arbiters inciting a grand total, the winners receive a prize and the loser - a portion of caustic comments and banter. By the way, about the awards. Piñata - being extremely selfish, and medals, Kojima practical application is not found, prefer sweets. That's sweetness and make the prize fund for each mini-game: the more they can earn, the higher will be the end result. It is worth noting that the racing is not handing out candy, but it is not a reason to run in polsily - just the opposite. The reward for the race becomes a "factor" and its value directly affects the amount of candy received following the race mini-game. Able to reach the finish line faster than anyone else? Excellent - hence, there was a certain reserve of strength, a kind of insurance in case the luck suddenly turns away from you. The idea, to be sure, curious - sorry, to build your own mini-games in the Krome came less creative.

And the trouble not only in the fact that many of the events suddenly become boring - a fair amount of them, moreover, is repeated. Of course, to run four to close the arena, trying to build something before opponents or hit a given target may seem pretty cheerful occupation at first. And even on the second. And if you do not have the patience to hold, then a third. But this is not limited, and Party Animals repeatedly slips you the same thing, but under a different sauce - apparently counting on complacency and simple tastes audience.

Viva Pinata: Party AnimalsViva Pinata: Party Animals

Sweet mustard

Frankly, to estimate Party Animals properly difficult. On the one hand, there is enough ticky-tacky approach to everything that is not the graphics (largely created by the previous command). On the other, against the background of the majority of fellow genre brainchild Krome do not think this is cheap. Again, somewhere in the depths of his soul glimmer of hope that in front of us merely the first attempt to conquer new horizons for the efforts of the piñata. Perhaps the following will not be an example of better.

Viva Pinata: Party Animals Opinion Artem Shorokhova
"Funny Animals" - the game is good. True. Troubles in her only two, okay, two and a half. Time: the absence of any playing background directly around the mini-games. Party Animals can not "pass" every time it only builds the tournament grid of the same mini-fun, and it's really all. Two: those same mini-games for some reason can be repeated within the same tournament two times or more. This is especially noticeable in the beginning, when most of the competition is not open. And finally, two and a half: "Funny Animals" is obviously made for kids. It's not bad, it does even cool (really good children's games oh how little!), But here for us is, rather, the lack of, have some fun in Live evening or two, and only. But if you're looking for, what would this play after working with the little son or daughter - buy safely. Excellent Russian voice, lively cartoon characters, stunning picture and not a bad set of mini-entertainment - for you.

Viva Pinata: Party AnimalsViva Pinata: Party Animals