Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

Over the last five years in computer animation lit up so many motley beast that is enough for a dozen of the Moscow zoo. On the screens shone cowardly lions, dancing penguins, rats, chefs and even a prehistoric squirrel with a manic passion for acorns. But the panda lost sight of. Recently craftsmen from DreamWorks Animation have corrected this oversight by releasing a movie and television screens animated film "Kung Fu Panda." Naturally, the accompanying computer fun no one forgot.

As befits a typical game after, "Kung Fu Panda" noted at all conceivable platforms including PC, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS and mobile phones. Unlike the infamous The Incredible Hulk on personalki got quite a decent version with the latest consoles, but not dull port almost from the mobile phone - to inadequate resolution and polyphony instead of music. Best of all, that the charm of "Pandas" - not only in a stunningly realistic fur Chinese martial bear.

Kung Fu PandaKung Fu Panda
Giant food processor from the second level - perhaps the most difficult boss in the game. And these guys with a sly squint soon go on the bags.

Soyuzmultfilm "is not

Although the first thing is captivating picture. At one of the first levels of cinematics on the engine repeats the little episode of the cartoon. Sure, processed and recorded on film clip, which for weeks was polished powerful graphical workstations, unlike nicer. But if we recall that the interactive adventures of pandas in the tall resolution are calculated on your computer, all in real time, fascinated observer's gaze immediately rushes to the collective Beenox Studios. The game has fewer parts, easier to put the dance of light and shade - but just enough to ease the torment video card and processor.

Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda
Water-Lilies linger on for longer than three seconds is dangerous to health. Let rafting on mountain stream has little to do with kung fu, but it captures not a child.

Himself guilty triumph of special effects from a right heel and to the left ear is drawn and animated beautifully. The same applies to the environment and other characters - cute, colorful and stylish. The plot of the way, I do not casually ignored. Nothing to tell: all attempts to reduce to the "tale of how clumsy panda By a miracle came in the old school kung-fu and strength of will and belly helped defeat the legendary soldiers of" Furious Five "treacherous snow leopard Tai Lung." Toys should be simplified scenario cartoon and slightly dilute its details secret life by.

Pandas also cry

The life of pandas is amazing and diverse. Despite the fact that it runs under the monotonous music and commented on the actors of questionable talent. Of brilliant tracks by Hans Zimmer was gone, as well as from the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie. But pleased with the Russian version. Localization might be called exemplary, if not disgusting fonts.

Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda
For someone to come with the bomb, the one on her and fly away. Now we know would look like a Persian prince, he abused his fast food.

"Kung Fu Panda" is not trying to fool the user the illusion of freedom - the game world is built out of 13 extremely linear levels. In particular ramkahkazhdoy location will not clear: the goal, as a rule, leads one single path. So where, one wonders, lauded the diversity? It is inside.

Gameplay disclosed timidly, slowly, like ... let it be lotus bud in the morning. First - a powerful fighting game with a decent amount of combos and force Chi instead of the usual fury. Then, start simple platformer with a collection of coins a la Mario and open up new characters like Tigress and Master Shifu. After a few levels there is a real acrobatic and intense battle with the bosses - and so at an exponential rate until the final credits. Just like in Devil May Cry 4. But there are also immodest collection of bonuses!

"Masters of Kung Fu are not born ..."

Kung Fu Panda
Merry and diverse multiplayer came to the place.

On the way to our Zen chubby hero is able to improve.Upgrades are separated into two categories: basic characteristics (health, strength, Chi, different types of attacks and the effectiveness of the unit) and special skills (a powerful punch belly top, mastery of a wooden stick). Each indicator of several levels of development. The higher the degree, the greater the required coins. Effortlessly to the last mission fully developed approximately half performance, as if in search of coins go through each hole, then that's all. Unfortunately, experience shows that the sense of unpretentious little role-playing system - pumping almost not noticed. Better to buy the luxury suit the Warrior Dragon.

Kung-Fu on the keyboard obviously will not bring you peace. No gamepad "Panda" is better to be avoided. Supported by the joystick on the Xbox 360 and devices easier. However, from all the problems of the device does not deliver. No matter how bewitching, and aiming to teach panda to jump - an impossible task.

Raging quadruple

For dessert in "Kung Fu Panda Multiplayer proposed in the ancient and classical form - co-op for four persons. Looks so fun: the computer connects an additional controller (with the second keyboard will not work - remains a gamepad), and preferably three. Around the monitor in equal proportions arranged chairs, friends and Coca-Cola.

The choice - just a few modes: the simple battles against each other to co-operative mission to protect the hares, as well as mini-games in the spirit of popular kazualok. By the way, if the monitor less than 19 inches diagonal to the cries of joy and cries added thud four constantly colliding foreheads. Just like the good old days "Sega" and "Dandy."