Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Drawn wallpapers from the original replaced by a CG-rollers very decent quality.
With the appearance of the original Valkyrie Profile was six years old, and during that time, the game managed to gain cult status. About her enthusiastically remembered for online-forums, collectors bid up prices for a drive on online auctions, journalists ruefully sigh: "There were games in our time ...". And no wonder that, hand in re-Valkyrie Profile, employees Square Enix decided not to change anything (but become generous to a dozen smart movie). In general, people remember the game on PS one, hardly can find out something new. The gameplay, the combat system, story - all this has remained the same. Even the schedule, and that did not modify or improve, unless, of course, do not take global climate change widescreen (corresponding to the screen PSP) picture. A pity. Many decorations would not prevent additional details and colors, character animation, though infrequently, either limping on his right foot, or on both at once ... Well at least, get rid of the pixelation, spoils the impression of yore. True, and there are not tried: just smeared, where required, malicious pixels, because of what the picture sometimes seems too "zamylennoy. However, and quite a few pleasant. For example, a very nice looking special effects during battles. Many monsters, incidentally, is also drawn to cheer - sometimes even better than the protagonists themselves. And yet, if we put the game evaluation, focusing only on its appearance, be Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is just a "horoshistkoy": Do not forget, we are finding fault (mostly small things) to one of the best quality and nice looking games in 1932 -bit era.

Valkyrie Profile: LennethValkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Numerical superiority does not always ensure an easy victory. Monsters lose hit points by the thousands. However, many of them are quite tenacious.

Few of the divine

And the gods have from time to time to fight. But if people are plotting war, as a rule, for the sake of wealth, land, or because of personal grievances, the gods are at stake, neither more nor less than the fate of the whole world. Ragnarok is approaching, and the ruler of Asgard, one in dire need of recruits. But where to get them? Oddly enough - among mere mortals. But even here there are difficulties: not every deity can bring a person to Asgard - is only by a valkyrie. In one of them you have to play most of the time. For short term Valkyrie Lennet must gather for one whole army, and incidentally to find answers to some very interesting puzzles. So get ready, you expect an epic story about the hard fate of the gods and the people that intentionally or accidentally got involved in the affairs of the Office of the sky.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth What is it all end?
The game provides three endings, with only one of them can be regarded as the present - the other two leave the story open. To reach the desired final, will have to work hard. First and foremost, resist the temptation to conquer the world of people on the difficulty level Easy. Plays a significant role as your successes on the battlefield and devotion to Odin. Do not send just trained soldiers at the right time or pocketed a valuable artifact (and you know that all the artifacts under the law rely ruler of Asgard?) - And your chances of success are significantly reduced. However, to see the "correct" ending, one little diligence. Need more skill to be provided at the right time in the right place - which is not so easy, given the nonlinearity of the game and the shuffle of many episodes. By the way, the ending is A (the same one present), but also gives the opportunity to visit a secret dungeon Seraphic Gate, crowded most wonderful things and the most powerful heroes in the world. Here live the most horrible creature, which only has a Valkyrie Profile (except, perhaps, a couple of bosses) - hamsters ...

Valkyrie Profile: LennethValkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Heavily in the teaching of ...
I must say that the authors of Valkyrie Profile not really care about you, but because the regime Tutorial, presented in the game, came out very conditional. Yes, the goddess Freya explains how to enter a trance, to find the dungeon, and gives some advice in battle, but this case and is limited. Meanwhile, your self-study left a lot more - from the "materialization" (read, create) objects to acquire new skills and training heroes. So often have to act at random.

Recruitment office in odinovski

The gameplay mainly consists in finding recruits for the Army of Asgard and to further their training in very handy located here and there dungeons. Actual search takes place in the semi-automatically, almost without our participation. Valkyrie is immersed in trance and tries to hear, where is going wrong. Leaving only to arrive in selected hot spots, see a long string of narrative scenes of the tragic death of the future einherjes (einherjar) and get a newfound corpse under her top. Next comes the turn of difficult field tests designed to prepare soldiers for the future, even more serious clashes. Requirements for recruits in Asgard very, very severe, and the closer the final, the higher the bully plank. We have to follow the progress of the wards, paying attention not only to bodily qualities, but also spiritual education - why you need to wisely allocate between various characteristics of the so-called heroes of Capacity Points. And do not forget the time you oh how little, and spend it in vain just criminal!

Walk the underground bears little resemblance to the classic RPG - more like a game here on platformer. Move, basically, allow the left and right, but somewhere along the way you can "leave" ahead or back. Abyss, as expected, to jump - if the distance allows, if not - will have to find workarounds.But do not forget about the special features Lennet. Thus, the valkyrie can at times freeze enemies and create a kind of ice "stage."

Valkyrie Profile: LennethValkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Number of settings and bookmarks on-screen commands at first frightening than the worst monsters. If the gap is too wide, you need to look for a workaround. Or wait for a suitable vehicle.
Turn-based battles, but so rapidly that it sometimes seems as if we face is not RPG, and some fighting. For each of the characters is fixed a certain button (which is, you can specify on the page of Party) - in combat, you are free to push them in any order. Another thing is that not the right course of action (as well as excessive tardiness) is likely to anything outstanding will not lead, if not ruin the whole thing. And vice versa: given the team quickly and as expected - got a chic combination of adverse shocks and special moves that make cough every evil. As a separate award for achievement - techniques called Purify Weird Soul. The strength of this is that even well-protected opponents are likely to be unable to escape the wrath of valkyrie and her gang. Against this background, the magic and use various objects look like a lame and unnecessary - is still the main role in the battle allocated outstanding combo system.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Time does not wait!
As we have said, in-game time is limited. To deal with their own problems and to collect one army, valkyrie allotted 8 chapters and 24 "period" in each. Periods spent on vacation, visiting the city and walk into the underground. And if clumsily order given time, you simply can not manage to fill up the team and how to pump. As a result: stuck at the final boss, will miss something interesting, and all that jazz.

Valkyrie Profile: LennethValkyrie Profile: Lenneth

Gates of Asgard not open to all

Of course, Valkyrie Profile as she was, and remained a game "is not for everyone." Even among those who are seriously interested in RPG, it will have plenty of critics - although it is true, hard-nosed supporters typed enough. Creation Square-now-already-Enix is ​​still a unique and unparalleled among fellow genre. But if you are happy with this uniqueness, or not, decide for yourself.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth SECRET!
  1. In the Voice Collection (if you have collected all the records of votes corresponding to the character), click on the name of any character button "square" to see an illustration.
  2. To open access to the dungeon Seraphic Gate, keep on seyvpointe right before the last boss. After that, the main menu appears, allowing it to get into the secret dungeon.
  3. Bonuses for multiple passage Seraphic Gate:
    • Angel Slayer - go through a dungeon 10 times;
    • Book of Riddles 1-8 - go underground 9 times;
    • Tri-Emblem - go through a dungeon once.
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