Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition

Resting nicely

Burnout - on personal computers. These words can write a great script for two a turn, put nine points and burst into tears of happiness. Because we have long lost hope: EA is so prized console exclusive series, what about porting to the PC could not be considered. Had to be content pipeline called Need for Speed ​​and envious glances at the magnificent Burnout, which with every new release and only get better.

The secret of success, oddly enough, in the accident - the most exciting, entertaining and realistic in the history of video games. Burnout simply and elegantly turning the dreams of any normal man of our age with you: rasfigachit expensive supercar in tatters, the flesh, the broken glass and strained metal - all of it necessarily in slo-mo and the accompaniment of c expressive name Killswitch Engage.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition Tchaikovsky Live
Burnout series has always distinguished high-quality soundtrack for all tastes, and Burnout Paradise holds the mark. An extensive collection of heavy metal music (Seether, Faith no More, Jimmy Eat the World) is diluted with the song Avril Lavigne and weird remix of Depeche Mode (actually, many tracks have moved the game from Burnout Dominator, but what we, in the end, the difference? ). In general, the "Complete Edition" and is ahead of the rest: the developers decided to make a surprise for gamers and included on the soundtrack of the excellent collection of classical music - Tchaikovsky, Bach, Vivaldi and many others take this opportunity to convey greetings to Test Drive Unlimited.

Burnout Paradise: Complete EditionBurnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Motorcycles are made great, but they can not be beat. Here it is, the inevitable tribute rated Everyone. Night traffic on the road becomes less and likely to descend in the dark on some awkward angle - more.

Two hundred on the counter

Crednestatistichesky race in any Burnout looks like this: We presses the gas pedal, turn into the opposite lane, a virtuoso wags among the traffic (for traffic violations charged nitrouskorenie) and at a breakneck speed ram one of the unlucky opponents.Then another and another and another ... The camera catches the right angles, the contestants take off beyond the tracks, cars spectacularly crumple into an accordion, speak to each other and go on a nice date with a safety fence. The screen filled with a huge inscription like VERTICAL SUPER TAKEDOWN X5, in columns squeal Gun'n'Roses, on the face - stupid expression of happiness.

Burnout Paradise came out a year ago to the current generation of consoles. The game brought into perfect formula Burnout-euphoria a significant new component - an open city. Paradise City - a large, carefully crafted metropolis, which definitely has something to do. Menu with a choice of events and plotless campaign of the previous parts went into the trash. Now, to start the race, enough to stay at one of hundreds scattered across the city lights. In total there are five types of competitions, each of which begins at the chosen traffic light and ends when one of the eight finishing line of the city. These lines are located near the recognizable landmarks such as wind power or the observatory. Well, details of the route before the race explains local radio DJ (the same guy at first helps to understand the game). No artificial limitation of trails! You are free to choose any route, cut off the path of alleys, on roadsides and even on the roofs of houses. Set of detours and non-obvious road to the finish line - in this whole Paradise City. In addition, the city quickly remembered, and orient it with every race is becoming easier.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition Instead of the heart
In between the release of new games in the series BurnoutCriterion developing its own multi-platform engine Renderware. On this basis, for example, made all three-dimensional GTA until GTA4, and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Bully, Cold Fear, Crackdown, kill.switch, The Movies, The Sims 3rd is not all customers Criterion Games! Of course, playing the Burnout series made specifically for Renderware: engine now grown to the fourth version.

Burnout Paradise: Complete EditionBurnout Paradise: Complete Edition
"Excuse me, sir, I'm all fixed!" Two similar crashes do not happen every crash is unique.

I race towards the sky

The base type of competition - Mode Race. Here the main goal - at any price to reach the finish line first. To do this, you will need a lot of nitrouskoreniya, which, as you already know, is earned by various gay ugliness: it is necessary to break as many rules, damage city property, and - of course! - Turn the car rivals in helpless scrap. Accident - the card series. They had looked great, but in Burnout Paradise have achieved some really quite unattainable heights. The point here is that the deformation of the body are calculated by a physically accurate and in real time: the car crumple, flies into the air, deprived of glass, doors, wheels and with a horrible roar cut thousands of sparks.

Apogee of road madness - arrivals Road Rage, which goes by the tens and hundreds of accidents. The route, as such, there is no - there is no finish line, and the prizes are distributed by number of messages to the other world contenders. Race can be completed at any time, satisfied with gold or silver, but you can continue to bring the negligent drivers - because there is no limit to perfection, as there is no limit and counter accidents.

Burnout Paradise: Complete EditionBurnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Version of this article from the ideal parallel reality - five reversals like these screenshots. Fog cruelly reduces the range of visibility. Have to be very careful.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition Electric Barack
Burnout Paradise recently learned how to operate the system in-game advertising. In the PC version all the textures of billboards was originally incorporated into the distribution game, but theoretically could be updated via the Internet. So, in the midst of America's presidential campaign in the game there were posters calling ... vote for Barack Obama! Such an unusual publicity stunt is not only caused a stir in the media, but also indirectly added to Obama Voice of America gamers. By the way, the president himself admitted that he likes to play with his daughters on the Nintendo Wii bowling. And it turns out he is much better than on a real track.

A fundamentally new regime for the series - Marked Man. Here, all the opponents if conspire to keep you reach the finish line alive. A great way to avoid their aggressive rams - to move from defense to offense. Or, if you are confident in their abilities and speed of the machine, you can try to escape from his pursuers, cutting path or kerf nitro. The main thing - to survive.

Burnout Paradise: Complete EditionBurnout Paradise: Complete Edition
In multiplayer, there is a strong desire to attend the first lines of an increasing number of charts that appear on the screen. For a sense of speed in racing games, we owe a lot to technology motion blur. But even with muted blur Burnout Paradise will give odds to many projects.

It is quite another matter - it's race Stunt Run. They want to get a certain number of points for most dense combo of different tricks: from drifting and crashes before jumping and knocking down billboards. Finally, the most peaceful of all events looks Burning Route - a simple single check at the time. There were no distractions: just you and the road.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition The saving keyboard
Burnout is controlled from the keyboard with confidence, although a little unusual. Responsible for gas A, for the brake - Z, by pressing the Shift include nitro. Taxi offered by arrows or numeric keypad (in the second case, the turns will be more accurate). Not so simple and the menu - switching between tabs have the keys F1-F2. We asked the developers why they chose such a bizarre control scheme: the averted his eyes and was assured that, well, you'll quickly get used to. But we still recommend to connect the gamepad or steering wheel - so play is more convenient and more fun, good game supports multiple devices and the effects of reciprocal benefits. And, of course, all the buttons can be reassigned in the settings menu.

Speaking of machines. Them in the game are three types: Race suitable for racing, Aggression - to destroy the enemy, Stunt - in order to effectively combine different tricks. Differentiation of the classes would not be so pronounced if no one interesting detail: the "stuntman" nitrouskorenie recovering faster just for tricks, the "aggressors" - for downed opponents, and the "riders" - for fast driving on the oncoming lane and overtaking other machines. So if you have something went wrong with the passage - note that you've picked up the car.

You can change the car, stopping in the garage - there appear all to win (and in the future and purchased via the Internet) means of transportation. Cars in Burnout Paradise is not licensed and fictional. It is not surprising: not only what the manufacturer of cars like it when it shatters the best models. However, this does not prevent all of the machines to look at least like the real prototypes, and sometimes even copy them without remainder - except for minor details, saving Criterion from lawsuits for copyright infringement.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition The best, of course, ahead
Criterion Burnout Paradise will support the latest updates at least a year, and set future fee amendments impressive.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Legendary Cars

The first of the planned set of machines called the Legendary Cars. As you can guess from the title, it will bring to the streets of Paradise City four very well-known machine prototype: Manhattan Spirit (ECTO-1 "Hunting for ghosts»), Cavalry Bootlegger (General Lee, motion picture "The Dukes of Hazard»), Nighthawk (KITT of a remarkable series of our childhood "Knight Rider") and, finally, Jansen 88 Special, copies the entire famous DeLorian of the trilogy "Back to the Future."Yes, he can fly!

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Toy Cars

Again, the name speaks for itself: Toy Cars will add to the game right nine toy cars that are based on prototypes of the game. The most interesting thing that is still unclear how big are these cute toys. For some reason we tend to believe that huge.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Boost Special

Very discreet content pack. Only two cars, but what! About one knows it all: the code name Carson Extreme Hotrod, the fastest car in Burnout Paradise, completely devoid of stripes nitrouskoreniya. It it simply does not need - this monster accelerates to the maximum in seconds, and the better to keep him on the road would improve the suspension. But the second machine is top secret. About it, it seems, did not really know even the developers themselves.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Big Surf Island

This set of content to add into the game a whole island full of places for entertainment and gimmicks. Developers have left no loophole for this add-back in the release version of the game. Since its release you can finally find out where the bridge is closed in the east district of Downtown. Screenshots look very tempting: there are construction sites, filled with comfortable trampolines and huge blocks for study, and even streamers that allows you to call in on the roof. And palm trees, beaches and yachts. Beauty!

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Cops and Robbers

This add-on, announced just before sending the numbers to press, threatening to shake the foundations of a series pohlestche flying cars and toy monster trucks. The name is not cheating - in the game there will be police cars (in "full edition" already have one, but it is not easy to open), which will behave ... like police cars. That is, chasing violators of traffic rules and ram them gently to a complete capitulation. There is little information, but it makes clear that there will be lots of fun. Certainly better than the recent NFS Undercover.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Premium Pack

Unique set of content, which is not known absolutely nothing: no content, no release date, not a single screenshot. One thing: Premium Pack worth waiting for in 2009.

In the world that never ends

The Ultimate Box is not for nothing called in Russia "full edition" - it includes three major content pack, significantly changes the game. First update - Cagney - «just" added a few new vehicles, three multiplayer modes and 70 (semdesyat!) of new arrivals. Well, on Criterion began, they say, to fully disengage. Supplement Burnout Bikes brought into play again and motorcycles - 70 (in words: seven de FNF) routes for two-person friends. Riding a motorcycle is very different from the usual racing. There is no nitrouskoreniya, no "teykdaunov. There are only a breakneck speed and the two special modes of play. Another radical innovation addon Burnout Bikes - dynamic weather and a full day-night cycle. From now on, the settings you can specify what time of day you want to skate. If desired, you can arrange to Paradise City eternal day or permanent beautiful sunset. However, nothing prevents synchronize virtual time with real or greet the dawn every two hours. Back in the game there are very strong fog, haze and partly cloudy. For a complete happiness is not only enough rain and snow.

Burnout Paradise: Complete EditionBurnout Paradise: Complete Edition
For such yellow barriers are hidden detours, trampolines and other attractions. A police car - almost museum piece, as well as a typical representative of the class Agression.

Even a year after its console debut of Burnout Paradise is one of the most beautiful racing arcades. Elaborate a huge city, soft lighting, beautiful special effects and models of cars - all this is perfectly optimized and carefully ported to the PC. Also among the advantages of a computer version of an advanced motion blur, high-resolution textures, support for all existing permits and smoothing mode, work on multiple monitors simultaneously. It is in the PC version will debut the advanced shader technology SSOA (Space Screen Ambient Occlusion). Translate it into Russian we find it difficult, but the essence is this: technology adds objects up and completely kills the performance, although the difference between active and otlyuchennoy options is very small and visible only in statics.

Burnout Paradise: Complete Edition About Us
2001 Criterion Games released Burnout, a pre-existing code-named Shiny Red Car.Enthusiasm Newspapers and the World love attached.

2006 On the Xbox and PS2 appears Black - one of the best shooters for consoles last generation with the Chechen terrorists and unprecedented for those years, graphics and destructible.

2008 A year ago, in February of 2008, the counters goes Burnout Paradise - the first game in the series with a huge city Paradise City.

Well, if you get bored of playing alone, then it's time to call friends and try to Party Mode. Here, players take turns competing in skill traffic violations and other follies. This mode is the familiar old fans of the series, was removed from Burnout Paradise, but with the release of the Complete Edition "justice was restored, and offline multiplayer once again played the colors (oddly, pink). Not without its usual online, which is made of a very high level. By pressing one button, the town is filled with lively racer. They can compete in all disciplines, race set records or fun to ram his neighbor. The game is actively used by voice calls, and if the participants got a webcam, then during the accident will be on display (not very happy) faces of virtual racing. Owners of laptops, you be careful out there: this option is enabled by default.

Burnout Paradise: Complete EditionBurnout Paradise: Complete Edition
Party Mode is not only weird color interface, but often high demands on the skill of the players. Try and then at the first attempt to perform a barrel! A large map of the city need to once in the eye to estimate the route and give it voice proprietary DJ Atomica. Well, a small GPS-mini-map works fine with everything else.

Word of Truth

Burnout can not be estimated without bias (although we do try). The game is persistent addictive and can prevent sleep unprepared person in minutes. Sowing for Burnout Paradise in the evening, you risk losing the accident, the new machines, the letters of the virtual driver's license - and to wake up early in the morning, I caught myself thinking that just travels around the city, enjoying the sensation of speed. To adore Burnout, not necessarily to love the race. Moreover, the racing game is only a formality. This is pure drug, the best in the universe simulator car crashes. Now on the PC.